Printmaking and design craft kits

Printmaking and design workshops and classes across the UK. Want to learn lino-cutting, block printing, cyanotype, mono-printing, etching, collagraph, eco or natural printing? Look no further!
platinum badge
Print-making & contemporary Rainbow junk journal bookbinding kit from The Arienas Collective with local artists Cass Barron and Lou Davis
gold badge
Lino for printmaking, mixed quality 3 piece pack size A6 (10x15cm) blue softcut + grey mid density + traditional hessian back
43 items left
gold badge
Luxury linocut & print kit, gift wrapped with handmade card from Artist
5 items left
gold badge
Japanese bamboo baren for printmaking
47 items left
silver badge
DIY Kit: Botanical Napkin Printing
bronze badge
Gel Printmaking
Printfolk lino printing kit for handmade Christmas cards
2 items left
I Know, lino printing course & kit
95 items left
Gel plate printing starter kit with handmade A5 gel plate, instructions and videos
2 items left
Printfolk: creative stamping kit coastal letterpress collection
1 item left


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