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Lace making courses

Find lace making workshops around the UK and learn the traditional skill of lacemaking. Lace can be made using a wide range of techniques, such as bobbin lace, needle lace or tape lace, and uses skills similar to weaving, embroidery and knitting. Once widely practised, lace making is now a specialist heritage craft to be preserved.

Join a one day bobbin lace making workshop. Tina has 26 years experience in making bobbin lace, able to teach in Binche, Bedfordshire, Crysanthemum, Flanders, Honiton, Idrija, Milanese, Russian and Torchon. Why not come along and work on your existing project and have help/guidance with any problems that may occur ? Or have you always wanted to try one of the above laces ? Tina is willing to start you off on a new, or...
Dorset - Next course on 7th March 2019
This workshop is ideal for anyone who would like to know how to make a basic Dorset "cartwheel" button, or to refresh their skills. During this half-day workshop, students will be taken through the four stages of making these traditional buttons, unique to Dorset, and leave with a button they have made themselves.
Surrey - Next course on 30th March 2019
Idrija Lace is a tape lace, which is still made and taught in Slovenia. It is made using a cotton thread (Nr 30) and with as few as 5 pairs of bobbins. The tape can be made using cloth/whole stitch, half or cloth & twist stich, sometimes with a foot-side edge. I enjoy making this lace as light relief from some complicated lace, great to make when on holiday, or demonstrating, and also very attractive...
Suffolk - Next course on 15th September 2019
One day bobbin lace workshop with Linda Haylock at Flatford Mill, run by the Field Studies Council. Learn basic techniques in bobbin lace to produce a wearable piece of lace (brooch/pendant). Techniques include preparing the equipment to start, starting, working and completing a piece of lace and finally mounting the finished piece. Linda was first inspired by bobbin lace in the early 1980's when she watched a demonstration at a local agricultural show and started...
In this workshop we will be experimenting with water-soluble fabric to create our own lace type fabrics using machine embroidery. It sounds complicated but is in fact completely suitable for beginners. The workshop will start with a basic introduction to machine embroidery and end with you submerging your embroideries in water to reveal your lace! We will leave the lace to dry over a bowl to create our delicate textile structures Get in touch for...