Weekend BEGINNERS IN-DEPTH WORKSHOPS - Bobbin Lacemaking Workshops (Effingham, Surrey).



Whilst my other classes & courses welcome beginners they will take their turn with other students wanting for help. Whereas, this is a two day intense course, that is kept to no more than 2/4 students and aims to teach you the basic stitches and give you a good grounding in lacemaking activities that are needed, but you do need to continue to practice your stitches. Once mastered there are some very good books that I recommend, which will help distant travellers to progress and master additional techniques. Remember also that I offer email & phone support (after 4pm) to any of my students that need additional help between classes. This course runs on the highlighted Saturday start dates shown, for two consecutive dates (ie: Saturday & Sunday), unless you request otherwise. Why not learn a new craft that is a calming and therapeutic hobby, while spending a weekend with creative like minded students, which offers the opportunity to make new friends as well as opening new horizons. If you have ever thought about making lace, and/or at any time your relatives have made lace, then please come and experience it for yourself & test the skills you may be unaware of. Do not be put off by the number of bobbins you see people use. These are equivalent to stitches on a knitting needle and like knitting there are only two stitches. Just as a pattern on a jumper is formed by how you use those two stitches, this is also true for lacemaking. Equally as you use two needles in knitting, so you only move two bobbins at a time in lace and you very rarely work across all your bobbins at once. Therefore if you can knit, or do other crafts, such as; crocheting, embroidery, or weaving, then so you are likely to also be able to make lace. However, do not expect to run before you can walk, as unlike many other crafts, lacemaking is not something that will happen quickly. You will need to really practice the basic stitches & techniques by producing a variety of Bookmarks & other patterns using both multi & single coloured threads, gradually adding additional techniques, until your muscle memory is well established. Once mastered, you can progress onto simple patterns learning further techniques as you go. It is therefore important to understand that lacemaking is a journey that can take in different direction as you get more experienced. You will also be shown examples of completed lace projects to look at close-up, so that you can see the importance of these basic stitches and how they form the basis of the all subsequent designs when used in combination. This, therefore, is very much a bottom-up progression and is intended to give you a good grounding for when you progress onto patterns that you would like to make and enable you to then draw upon your past learning experiences. During the session Tina will teach you how to prepare your bobbins & prickings, learn the basic stitches & techniques, and how to tension your work, together with additional housekeeping activities. This will lead to you producing your first traditional bandage of lace and go onto incorporating different techniques during the course to produce one or two additional finished pieces. Each student will progress at their own pace, with plenty of time to revisit any necessary areas and ask questions. You will also be given a booklet covering the stitches, techniques & house-keeping that you have learnt, as a reminder while practicing at home, or in your groups. Tina always offers complimentary help & support to all her students between courses; via email & phone (after 4pm), so that students do not find themselves in limbo between sessions. Class Size: 2/4 Students (max) so that help is always available and to ensure that you receive the right level of personal tuition & guidance. However, this course has proved extremely popular during this year and anyone interested are advised to book early to avoid missing their preferred dates. If you can not make any of the above course dates or wish to suggest a different date, then please do get in touch. Please do not buy any equipment prior to the course, as many students who have done so realise that some kits are inappropriate, if they are serious about lace making and want to progress. If you already have your own equipment, then please bring it along. Otherwise, Tina does have a wide range of very good quality second hand equipment for you to use, to see what best suits you, to either; purchase or borrow, and she can also offer advice on buying new equipment & suppliers as required. Tina has passed her City & Guilds teaching qualification and has over 30yrs lacemaking experience, learnt over seventeen different laces, experimented with colour & different thread types, including metallic, loves to adapt patterns to reflect nature and has adapted old patterns for modern uses. In 2019, Tina was engaged by Pinewood Studios to make lace, teach the actresses, and provide consultancy for & during the filming of the BBC Black Narcissus series. Tina is an enthusiastic & prolific lace maker who loves this heritage craft of Bobbin Lace and a samples of the wide range of her completed works can be viewed within the workshops & classes listed here on Craft Courses. To help extend your Experience & Skills; Tina will also advise on other follow-on courses & their availability. She runs Seven regular Classes on a weekly & fortnightly basis, Workshops during holiday times, and also runs other workshops & helps at other lace groups within the South East. If you have any questions do please get in touch for more information. Tina has Covid procedures and protocols in place when necessary and is willing to share these with anyone interested in booking this course. Effingham is accessed from the A246, M25/A3. There are bus routes from Leatherhead & Guildford. Local train station of Effingham Junction is 2 miles away and pick up from there can be arranged upon request. Tina will send detail direction Maps & Instructions to everyone attending. If you can not make any of the above course dates or wish to suggest a different date, then please do get in touch. Unlike other course providers, there will be no paperwork for you to fill in, however I would appreciate feedback and for you to leave a review for this course.

What's included in the price?

Booklet showing how to make the stitches & incorporate the basic techniques, as well as housekeeping activities used on the course and for use at home afterwards, whilst practicing. Directions will be e-mailed to you prior to attending. Advice as to next steps to follow, if you wish to progress your lace making, and equipment you may wish to purchase. Refreshments (Tea/Coffee) are normally offered, but when Covid restrictions are in place please bring your own drinks. In either event do remember your own packed lunches and any other requirements you may need.


2 days

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Easy - Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts


Tina began lacemaking in 1992, and now teaching the principles of 13 different lace types (English & Continental) with technique sessions in each lace, for private groups, & classes at;- Addlestone, Branham, Bookham, Cobham, & Effingham and holds workshops over a number of days. She has worked with Pinewood Film Studios, been invited to hold a Russian/Chrysanthemum lace workshop at Upper Beeding and also gives talks & demonstrations when asked. Tina wants to help keep the craft alive, help those wishing to develop their skills, & anyone wanting to learn lace making.

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