Felt arts courses, craft kits and handcrafted gifts

Felted art courses, kits, live classes & online workshops from UK makers and felt artists. Discover the versatile world of felt art and learn to create unique clothes, art and jewellery. Learn wet, needle or nuno felting with our community of felt-makers.
Wet felted spiky scarf with Mandy Nash
Painting With Fibre
500 items left
Making a Felt Cord
499 items left
Making a Felt Ball
497 items left
Using a Blending Board for Fibre Preparation
500 items left
Making a White Piece of Felt
500 items left
Wet felted resist fish
20 items left
Wet felted slashed fish
20 items left
Wet felting pleated felt scarves
19 items left
Felt rose flower pdf and video tutorial
100 items left
Design: Shape - Explore how shape affects your compositions and design in textiles.
200 items left
Needlefelting - Chakra / Rainbow Fairy
Next date: 7th Oct 2023
5 places left
Needle Felting kit curly sheep
10 items left
Needle felting kit Tomte
10 items left
Needle felted "Alley Cat" with Ali
Next date: 14th Oct 2023
Felt Your familiar: Bird Puppet Making Residential Weekend
Next date: 29th Sep 2023
12 places left
Wet Felting Workshop with Maria Smith
Next date: 21st Oct 2023
6 places left
Needle Felted Festive Baubles
Next date: 8th Dec 2023
Intro to 3D Wet Felted Bags Workshop with Liz Riley
Next date: 14th Oct 2023
5 places left
Wet felting Kit - Yorkshire Moors
10 items left
Little lost sheep Felting Kit for children
10 items left
Wet Felting workshop for Children
Next date: 1st Nov 2023
8 places left
Wet felt your own bag with Katy Small
Next date: 15th Oct 2023
1 place left
Needle-felt your own Sleeping Bunny
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
Needle Felt Your Own Pumpkin
Next date: 15th Oct 2023


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