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Graphic design courses

Graphic design courses and workshops across the UK. Learn about typography, poster design, publications using traditional techniques as well as computer applications such as Photoshop, In Design and Illustrator. Explore logos and layouts and hone your graphic design skills!

Visit our Staffordshire design studio and spend a day or more learning or updating CAD skills by using Photoshop and / or Illustrator. From altering your own artwork to creating designs we can help you to enhance and manipulate your creative ideas. Offering you over 35 years of experience in the ever changing design industry. The day will begin with scanning in artworks and cleaning up images. We then move on to manipulating images on...
Worcestershire - Next course on 30th August 2019
This course is designed to be a fun and inspiring 3 days which will give you a good understanding of Adobe Photoshop and help you develop confidence in using the program. I am an artist who uses Photoshop to create complex digital collages that combine traditional line drawings and paintings with digital techniques creating highly detailed, multi-layered collages. This course is aimed at artists and creatives that wish to use Photoshop to help enhance their...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 8th July 2019
Two week animation course in Nottingham. This course is aimed at people wishing to be animators of the future. It combines an introduction to the creative and technical aspects of 3D animation with information about today’s animation industry. Following an introduction to the history of 3D animation you will be set a project to develop an animated character and accompanying narrative. Your time will be split between working in the animation studio on your project,...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 22nd July 2019
This is a one-week intensive course or a ten-week evening class in Adobe Creative Suite on the PC for Marketing and Communications. This course will teach you the principles of effective desktop publishing on the PC. It's ideal if you are working in-house for a marketing or communications team, and it is equally relevant if you are self-employed or involved in a start-up company. The course will provide you with guidance on what makes good...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 12th August 2019
If you enjoy drawing and creating characters then this one-week course is for you. The week will provide you with an introduction to digital animation using Adobe Animate CC and Wacom Cintiq tablets. You can have little or no previous animation knowledge to attend and still achieve great results. You might be studying art or design at school and want to explore your creativity further. You might be new to the subject and just want...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 8th July 2019
This course suitable for anyone new to CAD who needs to use this software in their work. You will learn the basics of the computer programmes needed for 3D product design. Programmes taught will include AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Solid Works. During this course you will: - produce technical drawings and measurements in AutoCAD - render sketches and produce presentation boards in Photoshop and Illustrator - learn 3D CAD modelling in Solid Works. What...
LCO CAD consultant’s seeks to provide the best practical, individual bespoke Computer Aided Design training courses using the AutoCAD (and its clones) software. Our trainer has 25 years’ experience in a number of engineering fields such Education & Mechanical Engineering. We specialise in bespoke and standard CAD training courses. 1. Our bespoke CAD training programmes are devised following detailed discussions about your requirements. The training is conducted in a friendly conducive atmosphere. 2. The standard...
LCO CAD Consultants 3D training course provides a step by step approach to developing 3D modelling skills using the AutoCAD software. The course assumes no prior knowledge (basic 2D skills is a bonus) and progress can be carried out at the client’s own pace. Courses are conducted at the client's venue The course breakdown is :- 1. Working in 3D wireframe construction • Introducing a third axis Z • Initial thickness command • Thinking and...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 17th July 2019
This course will teach you how to make well thought out, aesthetic collages through different creative exercises, using Adobe Creative Suite to manipulate analog designs and create disorienting juxtapositions. Working with printed materials, digital stock images, scanners and image editing software you’ll have the opportunity to explore your own creativity and will leave with a portfolio of digital images. There has been a recent rise in the use of digital collage, especially in the publishing...
This course is suitable for those of you who run your own business, or even a small arts charity, and need to market your services and/or products online. You will learn how to use different platforms effectively; create visual and written content and develop valuable online relationships with customers. The focus will be on persuading clients, and potential clients, to make a 'call to action' so that they are encouraged to book your services or...

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