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Blacksmithing involves heating metal (wrought iron and steel) on a forge then hammering, drawing and bending it, requiring strength, perseverance and considerable skill! Visit one of these fascinating forges and experience the hot fire, bellows and iconic anvil...

Wiltshire - Next course on 12th October 2019
Under the tutelage of Graham Clarke you will learn to make a fully useable carbon steel knife. During your first day you will: * Shape your knife using a gas forge, hammer, anvil. * Normalise your blade in the gas forge * Grind your blade to it's near finished shape * Heat-treat your blade (without the fiery theatricals as seen on television) * Finish grind and sharpen your blade. On your second day you will:-...
This a new course for anyone who loves Dragons or 'Game of Thrones' fans who would like to make their own metal dragon. The end result is a dragon with a 2ft ( 600mm) wingspan that could possibly be converted to breathe fire or smoke. The course is run over 2 days and includes a pub lunch on the first day and a complimentary packed lunch on the second day. We will start at 9.30...
Herefordshire - Next course on 28th September 2019
Come and experience the wonderful world of Blacksmithing in a purpose designed, acoustically insulated workshop at the end of a lane in the idyllic Welsh Marches, in the hamlet of Stapleton, one and a half miles from the border town of Presteigne. The workshop at Bluefoot Forge is fully fitted out with 3 forges, anvils and all associated hand tools you will need for a full on blacksmithing experience, and with Pete Smith, a practicing...
Devon - Next course on 3rd August 2019
Courses will be running at Bickleigh Farm throughout 2018. Please see my website via the link button above for available dates. The educational blacksmithing courses at Red Anvil School of Blacksmithing, situated near Halwell in South Devon, are free ranging in order to provide opportunities to learn the traditional skills and techniques of the craft, as well as encouraging individual contemporary projects using skills I have developed in my day to day working life. The...
West Yorkshire
A chance to make a sword. In this course you will learn how to forge from start to finish a double edge sword. The course is open to all over 18s, no experience needed, what you will need is determination, stamina and patience. I will take you through the whole prosess There are a wide variety of tools involved in the making of a sword, so the ability to understand instruction is a must. I...
Powys - Next course on 24th September 2019
Learn blacksmithing with master blacksmith Pete Smith at Bluefoot Forge on the English/Welsh border. This 3 day course is suitable for beginners and those with experience and will start by unravelling the mysteries of the fire. Pete will do a demonstration on basic hammer skills, techniques and working rhythm, whilst also demonstrating process and process design, to create the first artefact you will make. As each day progresses, you will increase your knowledge and your...
Copper Bashing for Beginners with Professional Blacksmith Lucille. Lucille Scott is an experienced teacher and blacksmith who runs regular blacksmithing courses in Little Duck Forge at Eastney Pumping Station throughout the year. We also run a specific copper course, Copper Birds and Flowers, see the website for more details and dates. Copper Bashing for beginners Copper bowls and simple copper forms using fold forming techniques The day course will look at basic sheet metal skills...
Due to the popularity of our Blacksmith Experience Days, Viking Knife Classes and Dragon Making classes we have decided to add a special experience day for all the juniors who want to have a go at metalwork. The class is tailored towards 8years+ who come with either Dad or Mum. The options are fairly open and are discussed before attending the class and are designed with the child in mind and their aspirations.
Have you ever wanted a sword to hang on your wall or a sconce lamp or maybe a brazier for the long winter that is coming? Well we are going to run a special metalwork / blacksmith class for anyone who loves 'Game of Thrones' or medieval genre like Lord of the Rings, Vikings etc. Items will all have a medieval 'feel' and not designed to be exact replicas but lookalike and made by attendees...
On this course you will learn: The core techniques used by blacksmiths to shape steel. You will be learn how to bend and shape steel using a gas forge, hammers and anvils. We will guide you through the steps needed to make a simple object that incorporates many of the fundamental techniques used by blacksmiths. What will I make on the course? By the end of the class you will have made a beautiful toasting...

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