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Blacksmithing courses

Blacksmithing is the craft of heating metal (wrought iron and steel) on a forge then hammering, drawing and bending it to make useful artefacts and sculptural forms. It takes strength, perseverance and considerable skill! The blacksmiths of mythology wrought swords that endowed their owners with power and strength and it does seem magical that lumps of heavy metal can be so transformed. The blacksmith may make decorative gates, a portcullis, sturdy railings, sculptures or spiral stairways. The forge remains a fascinating place with its hot fire and bellows and the iconic anvil...

Essex - Next course on 30th June 2019
On this course you will learn: The core techniques used by blacksmiths to shape steel. You will be learn how to bend and shape steel using a gas forge, hammers and anvils. We will guide you through the steps needed to make a simple object that incorporates many of the fundamental techniques used by blacksmiths. What will I make on the course? By the end of the class you will have made a beautiful toasting...
Tees Valley
You will learn a series of key blacksmithing techniques which are the foundations for making beautiful ironwork. Over the three days you will develop your skills in these techniques while you make at least three items to take home with you. Right from the start you'll be making, not just watching. You will experience the thrill of working with hot metal and discover the satisfaction of seeing completed pieces you have made with your own...
Cumbria - Next course on 26th May 2019
Sun 25 Nov 2018 Ramshead Poker Sun 26th May 2019- Sculptural Flowers (2 per person) Sun 14th July '19- Ramshead Poker Sun 7th Oct '19- Sculptural Flowers (2 per person) Sun 24th Nov '19- Ramshead Poker For availability on courses please see our website above, thank you. Take artistic blacksmith Adrian Wood arriving with his apprentice Lee from Cleveland equipped with 4 portable blacksmithing furnaces, 8 anvils and many tools and you have the ingredients...
Welcome to Valley Blacksmith Courses. Please view our customers feedback & ratings. We have 3 ceramic chip forges each with its own anvil allowing you the individual space and facility to maximize your creative efforts. Give yourself a treat or buy a course day for someone special: £165 per person for one days tuition. (10am-4pm) £90 per person for 1/2 day tuition. (10-1:30) £90 taster for under 14yrs old. (10am-2pm). Course experience combinations: - Father...
1 day course available to one or two people from 10am to approximately 5/6pm. I cover all the basic forging practices required to start blacksmithing as a hobby, such as drawing out to a taper, scrolling, set downs, punching, cutting with a chisel and twisting. We can make something on the day such as a poker, Garden pot holder, coat hook or a simple forged knife. Please remember its a social environment of learning for...
Excellent Gift for a Unique and Skill Building Experience... Ironart are delighted to offer one-day ‘Introduction to Blacksmithing’ at our workshops in Larkhall, on the outskirts of beautiful Georgian Bath. These one-day courses are aimed at complete beginners and are tutored by two of Ironart’s most experienced artist blacksmiths: Jason Balchin and Martin Smith. Ironart one-day blacksmithing are limited to just four people per session and tend to sell out quickly, so please book early...
East Riding of Yorkshire - Next course on 25th May 2019
Come along to our Rustic knives Workshop and leave with a Hand forged razor shape knife! Design, craft, sharpen. Come along to our tranquil village forge in the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds where you will get to experience the life of a village blacksmiths/blade-smith for the day. This course will provide you will all the necessary information needed in order to craft a hand forged knife share enough to shave with! No previous experience needed.
Tees Valley
You will learn how to make a blacksmith's basic tool kit. Over the three days you will make a complete set of the most essential tools needed to get you started and to become self-sufficient. All the tools you make will be yours to keep. Once in possession of this toolkit, you will be able to go on to make more tools for yourself. Many people who have taken the 3-day beginner's course find that...
Berkshire - Next course on 31st May 2019
Due to the popularity of our Blacksmith Experience Days, Viking Knife Classes and Dragon Making classes we have decided to add a special experience day for all the juniors who want to have a go at metalwork. The class is tailored towards 8years+ who come with either Dad or Mum. The options are fairly open and are discussed before attending the class and are designed with the child in mind and their aspirations.
South Yorkshire
Master the art of hand raising, with contemporary silversmith Charlotte Tollyfield, and create your very own Sterling Silver whisky tumbler. One of Charlotte’s most successful designs, this intensive course allows you to craft the perfect vessel for your favourite dram. Ideal for the true connoisseur. You will spend three days with Charlotte in her workshop in the heart of Sheffield, where you will learn the techniques of annealing, blocking, raising and plannishing whilst creating your...