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Encaustic art courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Encaustic or 'hot wax' art is the activity of using heated beeswax and colours to create art. Because of the nature of wax, sculpture can be incorporated into this wondrous craft, as can the use of other materials you might like to blend or melt in. The use of electric irons, hotplates and heated stylus has brought something of a resurgence of interest in encaustic art, though it was actually used by the ancient Egyptians in 100 AD! Come and join an encaustic art course, workshop or class and learn this beautiful, rare and ancient craft of encaustic artwork!

Surrey - Next course on 23rd June 2018
Batik is a form of wax resist whereby hot wax is applied to cloth, which is then covered with dye. The wax will resist the dye creating a simple pattern. By repeated application of wax, followed by repeated applications of dyes in various colours, a complicated pattern can be built up and developed into a desired decoration or even a picture. Angela Lenman is a member of both the Batik Guild and Surrey Guild of...
Courses run weekdays only - Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm. Contact Phil to book a time to suit you. During the workshop you will learn the techniques of encaustic wax painting. Phil will demonstrate and show you how to use this fantastic medium and you will produce several wax paintings which are yours to keep. By the end of the day you will be able to use the tools of encaustic wax painting to...
A one day introductory workshop for a maximum of TWO persons. Each session covers the basics of working with hot beeswax in a textural, layered way, but can be customised for Artists who are looking to take it to another level. As I offer personal tuition, please contact me for a mutually convenient date and join me in my studio on the Isle of Portland, Dorset. This unusual and dramatic coastal location offers so much...
Encaustic art course is suitable for Beginners and Improvers. We will look at the wonder of painting with molten wax, using an iron and heated stylus. Students will be shown several techniques to get started, and then we will work on abstracts and landscapes as well as using the heated stylus to create more detail. Encaustic art is fabulous for beginners and for those who do not consider themselves 'artistic' because the results are instant...
If you are tempted by encaustic art don’t be afraid to come and have a go. Whether you are a complete novice at artwork or are skilled in other mediums it doesn’t matter. On the day of your course you will be able to use my encaustic tools, wax and paper. This will give you an opportunity to see if you enjoy the art form before purchasing a kit. 

Its a good idea to wear...
Hampshire - Next course on 21st July 2018
These workshops run regularly every third sat of the month. They've been running for over 3 years so lots of techniques have been learnt These workshops are relaxing and we have regular attendees we also have people that pop in now and again. We welcome newcomers at any time I also welcome any enquiries as i have other workshops throughout the local area
Intensive One on One Encaustic Wax Painting & Mixed Media, using hot molten wax and resin which is then combined with pigments. An intensive course for complete beginners and Artists wishing to learn a new medium. The course covers safe studio practice, making your own medium, the various substrates which can be used with encaustic, how to apply the wax medium using various heat tools such as blow torches and heat guns. You will learn...
These small friendly classes will inspire you, give you confidence and set your creativity flowing. Encaustic Art uses a low heat electric iron and coloured beeswax to create unique artworks. Coloured beeswax are spread on to the iron base and smoothed on to the painting card. Different techniques are used to create a variety of textures and patterns that build to make these beautiful pictures. To book please email me using the link above. See...
Learn encaustic art techniques with an experienced artist and tutor. You will not believe how creative you are until you try this workshop... Fantasy castles, unbelievable abstracts, fabulous flowers, landscapes - all this and more awaits! This course is available Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm. Contact Phil to book a time and date to suit you. NB This course is for a minimum of two people @£35 each. (Individual taster session is £50). Suitable...
Encaustic Art for beginners is focused on learning the basics of using the iron to melt waxes, create abstracts, patterns, landscapes, fantasy images, use with stamps and interweave with your own existing creative interests and skills. Introduction of the low-heat Stylus tool for graphical details. It's a lot of fun and creativity can be quite unexpected. You don't need to be able to paint or draw but it helps if you are open to the...