The perfect alternative Christmas Do?


We might have mastered working remotely, but what about time to play? Work get-togethers are so important for staying connected with colleagues and having fun together and are crucial for a positive work life. Plus, what is to be done about the good old Christmas party now? 

CraftCourses offers the perfect alternative Christmas Do with a huge choice of uplifting creative workshops live online. Every participant receives a beautiful kit delivered to their door in advance, so all you need to do is log on and have a giggle with work friends from the safety of their home and no masks required! 

It is 100% safe, gets everyone in the Christmas spirit and you come away with quality handmade items - oh so satisfying!


No masks required! 


Each workshop in this collection has been hand-picked to offer you and your team an experienced and engaging tutor to bring you all together and teach you a relaxing and inspiring craft from the comfort and safety of your home.

As we work with thousands of UK artisans, there is a huge choice of creative workshops with companies choosing from calligraphy, mosaics, clay modelling, jewellery making, candle making and needle felting among many more options. 

Safe, fun and memorable with no risk of Bridget Jones esque drunken gossip/snogging!

A corporate group recently took time out before their peak period, to enjoy a candle masterclass for 24 staff members. As with all of our group workshops, each participant receives a kit in advance through the post, including all the materials needed.


A beautifully presented kit is sent out to participants before the day of the online course


So how do the classes work and what should you expect?

Before your workshop, you should receive your kit ready and some advice on how to set up your own workshop area from home (don't worry it will be very easy). Each kit that's included in this selection is great quality and a pleasure to open as Fran told us: 

"When my kit came, it felt like Christmas day!"

You will also receive all of your logins to join the live class. After a warm welcome and a wave to everyone, you are good to go! 

Each tutor will have a slightly different set up depending on their craft, but your tutor will lead the class and include good camera angles so you can see those experienced hands at work. 

All workshops are designed so that even complete beginners have a beautifully handmade product by the end of the course. 



Professional set ups waiting for you


We asked our most recent Corporate client what their team thought of their shared experience and they had some pretty lovely things to say!


Loved the set-up, loved the kits that were sent out. They were very luxurious


Loved the session, Lucy was clear and explains everything so well, and is a great teacher. Thank you for taking the time to show us this


The session was amazing! Very easy to follow and enjoyable


It felt as sociable and as inclusive as an in-person course ❤️


I had wondered, at first, how it would feel to complete a course via zoom, rather than being there in person, but those fears melted away




Organise a creative Christmas do for your team - make memories!


If ever there was a time for a little treat for your team, or a bit of a morale boost and get-together, it is now!  So whether it's to acknowledge the phenomenal work they have achieved this year, or celebrate the festive season, or just because you miss their faces, with CraftCourses here to help and our outstanding selection of tutors waiting to greet you, it couldn't be easier, or more fun!




Click here to view our amazing selection of online and live online courses.

If you work for a company and want help arranging an activity for you and your colleagues either in person or, like in this example, would enjoy a virtual online masterclass, please contact us and we can help you find the perfect course for you.

This could be the perfect 'Christmas-do' alternative this year.


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