Friday night lockdown style - crafting kits from home!



Suki is embracing our new "normal" with some of her much-missed loved ones and it turns out her last Friday night was the most fun she's had in ages. There was laughter, friends, an armful of wool and a bottle of wine... what more could you ask for to kick your weekend off? So if you fancy a giggle with your friends and you're bored of the family zoom quiz... keep reading. 


Materials = check, online class = check, friends = check ✅✅✅


I spotted Lyndsey's amazing looking Arm knit wreath online workshop when I was looking for something to do with my sister and our friends as we all live so far apart, stretching from West Wales to the Midlands. Like so many people in the country (actually the world) right now, we feel like we are missing out on each others lives and we wanted to do something about it.


Having tried a few Zoom quizzes and board games with my sister that didn't quite work (she cheats), I was on the hunt for something a bit different... queue a craft course online with all the materials delivered to your door! As it was a pre-recorded class, we just needed to find a time we could all meet up for some much needed downtime. 


You may think organising an online course, for more than just yourself, is going to be a nightmare but even with three mums and a smallholder we managed it! 


So what's in the kit?

A huge ball of acrylic wool, a pre-tied bow, a metal frame and your links to the course! Simple! 


So we poured ourselves a glass of wine or two, put the kids to bed, set up the pre-recorded video's on our screens and dialled into a Zoom call for Friday night fun and giggles (cackles). 


What I loved about the pre-recorded online videos was that we could pick and choose when we could all get together and Lyndsey's videos are excellent. The first one just talks you through the materials you receive in your kit and the second one is your instructions for the wreath. Now as a group of artists and teachers, with widely varying craft skill and precision level, this was never going to be a simple, watch and learn...


Once you have bought the kit however, the videos are yours to use whenever you like, so we paused, discussed, rewound, rewatched and repeated ... and a few more times for good luck! 


The best bit about it was that as we slowly got more merry (ahem!), we didnt have to worry about holding up the rest of the class or the tutor, as this was our own private class and who cared if it took us three re-do attempts to get it?!



So, with only a few mishaps....


⭐️ wool breakage in the first 2 minutes

⭐️ cat attack on the giant ball of wool

⭐️ waking babies

⭐️ curious drooling dogs 


We happily worked our way through arm knitting the wreath, learning a new skill and gradually getting more confident just as we finished.


Then some bright spark decided to add fairy lights which then took us all about another hour or so to figure out... but just look how beautiful it is! 


So, 4 happy ladies are now looking for the next online course! 




If you want to try this Arm knit wreath online workshop we’d love to see what colours you choose! 


You can also take a look at all of Blooms by Lyndsey courses and check out all of the creative options for staying crafty at home here.


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