New Years Resolutions- Turning a new page




What an unusual year 2020 has been; a year in which many people have turned to craft as their salvation. With so many new skills being learned across the nation how many of your New Year's resolutions have a creative edge?

Whether you desire a new skill, a new hobby, to earn extra income, or start your own creative business then CraftCourses can get you on the right track. Our very own Fran is starting to plan how creativity is going to help her in 2021 and here she is to tell us more.


A new creative chapter for Fran in 2021


I have always been a creative person, from finger painting as a toddler, to painting murals on my bedroom walls in my teens (I have a very tolerant mum). Craft has also been a saviour for me in 2020 during the long periods of lockdown. I have learned to crochet, I have refound my love of watercolour painting and I have been making jewellery with new materials like polymer clay. 2020 became an essential chapter of my life; one in which the time and the circumstances arrived for me to regain my passion for arts and crafts. 


I haven't always stuck to New Year's resolutions, usually because I've opted for something totally unachieveable, but this year I think it's important to start planning how I'm going to make 2021 my most creative year yet!


I think handwashing will still be a huge focus for 2021


My first pledge is look at creative ways to follow government guidelines on protecting myself from infection. I have been making my own face coverings this year but love the idea of making my own hand sanitiser. I know how important hand washing will continue to be next year and I would really like to find a more natural alternative to standard gel sanitisers. An online course teaching me how to make my own natural hand soap would be a perfect place to start, the soap would also make awesome presents to give to people all year round. 


Upcycling furniture could really spruce up my home in a sustainable way!


My second pledge is to be more sustainable. One way I want to do this is to upcycle some furniture. I would love to support local charity stores and purchase a piece of furniture crying out for restoration. With some great upcycling courses available I think it would really help to learn the skills needed to bring a piece of furniture to life. 


Keeping a journal is super important to me


At the start of 2020 I began keeping a journal- and what a year to start! I opted for a bullet journal, as it allowed me to set up my pages and make them work for me. This year I want to pledge to introduce more art and creativity to my journals. Art journalling is such a skill that I would love to learn more about. Craft and creativity really help with my mental well-being and I get a real sense of fulfilment when I complete a month and get to look back at all I have achieved. 


I want to learn how I can give back to nature


I am super keen to get into the garden this year. Landscaping and planting is a real artform, getting the colours right and knowing the best times of year to plant. What I would really like to learn, however, is how I can support wildlife with what I do in my garden. With pollinators in decline we all have to do our bit to make our outside space a real oasis for them. 


I want to understand how colour in my home can improve my well-being


My fifth and final creative pledge is to better understand how I can use colour in my home to promote my well-being. I am keen to study more about interior design, as I do think of my home as my retreat, and with more and more time being spent indoors I would love the design of my home to have a postive impact on my mood. 


I am still addicted to crochet!


I am so excited about working towards my New Year's pledges but I know I will continue to get sidetracked by so many other crafts. A welcome distraction. CraftCourses has so many courses suitable for beginners and I cannot wait to get started on my 2021 creative journey! Share your own creative goals for 2021 on our Facebook page or get in touch if we can help you find the perfect course for you!! 


If, like Fran, you want to start a new creative journey this year please let CraftCourses help you- please check out our thousands of courses perfect for beginners.


Happy New Year to you all!

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