How to take beautiful photos to promote your creative workshops


Beautiful images are vital for catching the eye of potential creative students. High quality, interesting and well-labelled photos will make that browsing viewer stop to take a closer look. The good news is that with some basic equipment and guidelines, you can create stunning flat lay, product and action shots to show off your workshops to your advantage.

We’ve pulled together some easy tips for getting started...

Gather your materials

Photo shoot essentials:

  • A camera or phone
  • A range of your tools and art / craft materials
  • A neutral background (this can be white or a natural material such as wood, but keep it light to focus attention on the product or action)
  • Decent lighting (natural lighting is fine, so working near a large window will do the trick)

Helpful extras:

  • An extra pair of hands (vital for action shots)
  • A tripod (if you’re using your phone, a tripod mount attachment will help keep things stable)
  • For group shots, you'll need a cheerful crowd of creative students! 


Use the best quality camera you can find



Define your message

A picture says a thousand words… so think carefully about what you wish to say. These images should communicate the essence of the experience you are offering… so first jot down ideas about what is most appealing about your workshops. What are your students looking for? Make sure you capture this in your pics!

We recommend that you include pictures that include the following angles...

  • How  – showcase action shots, interesting craft techniques & workshop moments
  • What – the tools & materials you'll use, and beautiful finished items you can make
  • Who – a portrait of the tutor and some appealing group shots
  • Where – show off your studio or workshop venue
  • That little extra… what will whet the appetite?
Use colour and angle to capture attention 


The creative process – action shots and making hands

Include some attractive action shots of the making process. We love to see the maker’s hands and imagine the textures of the tools and materials. If you can capture movement, you’ll capture your viewer! Whatever the highlights of the creative process may be, whether it’s soothing mindfulness or flying sparks, make sure you create that atmosphere through your picture.

Up close on the making
Experiment with black and white


Capture the drama


Create appealing displays


Beautiful flat lays and product styling - create your aesthetic 

Flat lay images are a great option for creators and makers, allowing you to create a visually balanced and pleasing composition, laying out tools, materials, the work in progress and/or finished items to appealing effect. Here are some of our favourite examples from CraftCourses creative tutors, capturing very different styles and atmospheres. 

Learning about the basic rules of photo composition, such as the rule of three, symmetry/asymmetry and using colour in your photos will help you improve your shots. You will want to consider colour and balance, background and texture. Experiment with different backgrounds, keeping distracting elements to a minimum in order to set off your or your students' work to its best advantage.

You can find countless tutorials online, or why not sign up for a photography workshop and learn from an expert? 

Using fresh natural ingredients


Create balance and texture



Think about adding scale


Rich tones add depth

Make it personal - group shots and tutor portraits

What is the atmosphere like in your workshops? Are you offering a fun and friendly bonding session with friends or a tranquil journey of creative self-discovery? There are so many reasons to attend a creative workshop, make sure your images capture the ambiance you are aiming for.

A good quality portrait of the tutor is another bonus. Prospective students like to know who is teaching the course.


What added extras do you offer?

Do you have a stunning venue or offer the most delicious fresh lunches? Again, say it in bright and beautiful pictures!

Scrumptious lunch


A rare gem of a venue


High tea



A woodland paradise


We hope you’ve found this useful and we look forward to seeing your stunning workshop images on soon… Every course page gallery can hold up to 20 images, and don't forget to add short, keyword-rich captions to help the search engines find you.  

We'd love to see your favourite workshop images, so hop over to instagram or facebook (@craftcourses) to join the conversation, or get in touch with any other tips you think we should share with our creative tutor community! 

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