Father's Day is on its way!

Father's Day is special for some, poignant for others, sometimes forgotten, hopefully a celebration, possibly a day for reflection. Whatever Father's Day is for you, it can be a moment to pause and consider its meaning; a day to notice how the person you think of as your father has shaped you and your life.

Dad and daughters: give the gift of creativity this Father's Day
Dad, Papa, Pop, Pa... whatever name you use, our fathers make us and raise us. The father figures in our lives form part of our blueprint and our lifelong sense of ourselves.  It is only thinking back to the million incidental moments that we are reminded of the huge part that the person we consider 'Dad' has played in making us the people we are. 
"It's only when you grow up and step back from him — or leave him for your own home — it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it." - Margaret Truman

Special moments: share a memorable creative experience with Dad
Your Dad may be a superhero, a storyteller, a singer of songs, a DIY-er extraordinaire, the most ridiculous hogger of the dance floor, your best buddy, or an integral role model in your life. Whatever his strengths (or weaknesses), your relationship to the person you think of as your Dad can be complex. He could be the daddiest of Dads or the granddaddiest of Granddads; he might love more than anything cuddling up with your kids to read them their bedtime story; he could be your go to person when your tap is leaking yet again; he might be there whenever you need rescuing; he maybe pushes your buttons on a very regular basis; or he could just know that exact moment when all you need is a hug.
“A father carries pictures where his money used to be.” — Steve Martin

This could be the perfect year to take some quality time out and spend some creative time with Dad this Father's Day. It could be the beginning of a whole new world of shared experience and forging new memories together.

If you need a little reminder, Father's Day is on Sunday 18th June and to give you a helping hand, we've picked out a few experiences to make this one really special...

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1. Re-Wild Your Dad! - Ceredigion

Denmark Farm Conservation Centre - Re-Wild Your Dad
For 6 - 16 year olds who want to spend a day in the woods with their Dad, trying out different bush crafts including lighting a fire using flint and steel, charcloth and tinder bundles; making wooden mallets and pegs and using them to build a weather proof shelter (which will be put to the test!); walking through the woods to learn about trees and plants, discovering their edibility and their herbal medicine uses; and possibly Dads versus kids 'capture the flag! You'll cook yummy campfire snacks, such as popcorn, marshmallows and nettle crisps, and have a whale of a time soaking up the nature all around.

2.  Green Man sculpture workshop - Northamptonshire

The Shire Workshops
Now, who does that remind you of?! Choose to spend a day at Dallacre Farm set in beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, creating a unique Green Man garden sculpture using a fantastic non-firing clay, Pal Tiya Premium. Learn how to sculpt the core in tin foil and other materials before applying the product. The beauty of Pal Tiya Premium is that what you make on the day can be taken home that same day as no kilns are necessary. 

3. Father's Day Glass Painting - Nottingham

Debbie Bryan Nottingham
Perfect family-friendly fun. Enjoy a perfect Crafternoon trying out fantastic hand-painting techniques. Paint your own illustrative and decorative designs on to a glass coaster, while indulging in a delicious, homemade Cream Tea experience. 

4. Wire Work Craft Kit

Debbie Bryan Craft Kit
If you want to spend a mindful day with Dad being creative and having fun, you can't go wrong with this lovely craft kit. There are endless design possibilities when creating with wire, from unique plant markers and decorative hangings to ornamental sculptures and wall art. It's such a satisfying process and Dad will be happy to put all those skills with pliers to use on a DIY project in miniature!

5. Woodworking Day Course - Staffordshire

Teds Woodworking and Instrument Making
This 3 joints-making course will start with accurate marking and measuring using the set square, steel ruler and other marking tools, followed by cutting the joints with a tenon saw or Japanese saw and cleaning out with chisels. No machinery is required to make these joints, as this course is designed to introduce the student to handcrafted woodwork. Different hand plane techniques will be demonstrated and practiced as well as how to keep tools sharp by creating the correct cutting angle. It's a sure fire way to get Dad hooked on a new hobby.

6. Leather Tooling Course - Kent

Philippa Davidson Leather

Learn how to enhance leather items by adding a unique hand tooled design. This is an opportunity to learn new skills to make any leather project stand out. Learn to use dyes, antique gel and many other tips to help you along your way to leather tooling. Before you know it, you'll be making gifts for family and friends and turning every day leather items into beautiful works of art.

7. Family & Friends Bronze Clay Sleeping Cats - Craft Kit

Jo Garden Art Craft Kit

This fabulous craft kit with everything you need to create 4 bronze sleeping cats, is the perfect way for the whole family to dive into some creativity together. You'll have fun getting a bit messy, laughing together, and creating wonderful sculptures that will be treasured forever. What a treat! 

8. Hand Forged Viking Knife in One Day - Berkshire

Anvil Forge Blacksmithing
This one-day knife making course is designed for beginners that have no or little experience in metalwork or blacksmithing. The course starts with a quick safety talk and a cup of coffee before cracking on with the first task of making a fire poker which will give everyone some hammering skills and a feel of how the material will react once its heated. Then it's onto the main event - a Viking one-piece knife which combines many of the aspects of knife making and blacksmithing.

9. Dry Stone Walling in the Peak District

Carl Hardman at Landmark Walling
Dry stone walling is a positive and relaxing experience that promotes mindfulness and boosts wellbeing in an inspirational, natural environment. So get out in the fresh air, be next to nature, and restore an important feature that defines the British landscape. A uniquely superior course restoring a real dry stone wall in a stunning countryside setting.

10. Beginner's Spoon Carving - Norfolk

Gosman Spoon

Based in a sleepy village in the Norfolk-Suffolk border, Nick and Debbie have been running their popular one day beginner’s spoon carving courses since 2018. In stunning surroundings, you'll learn how to safely use the tools and techniques for carving your own spoon from greenwood, and with their fabulous new rain shelter it won't matter if the heavens open. You'll be warm, dry and busy carving yourself a new hobby!

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We hope this Father's Day is full of fond memories, future plans, and above all a little bit of creativity.

Making memories

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