Tom Trimmins Woodwork reviews

6 Dec 18'

Tom Pearce reviewed: Oval Steam-bent Shaker boxes Evening Class in London

"This course was a great introduction to steam bending and also using some power tools. The boxes are useful and make great presents! Tom has a very deep and ongoing interest in woodworking and making things, so you pick a lot up from chatting and being shown various bits in the workshop, as well as from the actual course. It's also a great little venue, both the workshop and the urban farm it's part of. There's a shop just round the corner if you need a snack at some point during the evening."

25 Sep 18'

David reviewed: Green woodworking and nature connection in the Malvern Hills

"One of the best weekends I have had for a while. Fantastic time in a magical location where we all had the opportunity to socialize with a group of avid wood enthusiasts and of course learn the basic craft of green woodwork. Tom’s know-how, expertise and teaching skill is beyond par, not to mention Ida’s spiritual and woodland education that together provided an holistic experience. Food, which included 3 meals a day, far exceeded anyone’s expectations allowing some “glamping” notion to the experience. Highly recommended for those who wish to get out of the rat race for a few days and gain some skills which can then be used anywhere. Thank you Tom, Ida and the hospitality team."

20 Sep 18'

Jamie reviewed: Green woodworking and nature connection in the Malvern Hills

"Absolutely amazing weekend, worth putting yourself in a group of strangers and totally immersing yourself in the experience. The woods was beautiful. The camping spot was away from where we spend out time eating and chopping wood and carving. There was a teepee which was for breakfast and a general chillout area near where we camped. Tom is very knowledgeable and patient, an all round great teacher and had clearly put a lot of time, effort and energy into making sure we had the best possible experience. The food was phenomenal and in abundance, kindly prepared and brought to us by Tom's friends who own the woodland. 10/10 and highly recommended."

18 Sep 18'

Andy Clarke reviewed: Green woodworking and nature connection in the Malvern Hills

"A wonderful weekend in the woods, characterized by the generosity of spirit of Tom and his crew. Technical know-how and equipment provision second-to-none, in a beautiful location, delivered in a way that enables you to access the spirit of the woodland crafts..."

13 May 18'

Tom reviewed: Half-day Woodwork Taster Class in London

"[Private tuition] Excellent day - Tom is a delightful and knowledgeable teacher with a huge passion for the subject. I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Strongly recommended"

17 Apr 18'

Phoebe Arnold reviewed: Joinery for Furniture Making Evening Class in London

"Tom is a fantastic teacher and he has an amazing gift of being able to make you feel comfortable and like you're making progress even when you're finding something really difficult. I loved the woodwork for beginners course and got so much out of it - knowledge about what different types of wood, how to use machines, and most importantly how to saw in a straight line. I highly recommend this course!"

17 Mar 18'

Hugo reviewed: Joinery for Furniture Making Evening Class in London

"I really enjoyed the course - Tom is passionate and extremely knowledgable and I loved the informal, relaxed environment, with only a small number of people in the class. Highly recommend!"

2 Dec 17'

Alasdair Morton reviewed: Joinery for Furniture Making Evening Class in London

"Tom is a patient and passionate teacher who approaches his work with real enthusiasm and insight. His teaching style is informal and entertaining, but when it comes to conveying the important points I found him to be very clear and thoughtful in how he explained things. The course focuses on the key skills and techniques that will form the foundation of any piece of work that you might undertake, using a few different short projects as a means of teaching all the key skills such as marking, cutting and chiseling by hand, and the use of various machines and jigs. For those who wanted more detail, he was always happy to answer questions and explain things beyond what we were working on that day, and his knowledge of wood, techniques and tools seems bottomless! Tom was always encouraging when things maybe didn't go quite as planned, and as the class was so small it meant he could always be on hand to help with people on an individual basis when they needed a hand. There was also generally a supply of biscuits on hand to keep you going!"

9 Nov 17'

Peter Pearse reviewed: Oval Steam-bent Shaker boxes Evening Class in London

"I have been learning woodwork skills from Tom Trimmins for about 5 years, and keep coming back for more! He has taught me (and many others) how to use hand- and power-tools (and how to use them properly and safely), about the properties of many different woods and about how to disguise my many mistakes. I have made: many boxes, a stool, a medicine cabinet, a table and a rocking chair, among other things. Tom is a good, amusing and relaxed teacher, as well as being a great woodworker."

27 Jul 17'

David reviewed: Joinery for Furniture Making Evening Class in London

"The course was conducted as 3 hours per session over 8 weeks. Tom is very instructive and knowledgable, applying a hands-on approach to directing the correct techniques and tools for each week's project. The atmosphere is both friendly and relaxed with a maximum of 6 people per course. Tom's knowledge of the different types of wood, their applications, and how to shape, work and construct with them are straightforward and useful. Tom is also very approachable, with answers, guidance and practical demonstrations very forthcoming. There is a certain confidence that all techniques learnt from the course can easily be applied to one's own after-hours projects. I would happily recommend this course to any budding woodworker."

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