The Scottish Woodturner reviews

3 May 23'

Claire Weaver reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"I bought this as a 50th birthday present for my partner and we had an awesome day. Stuart was fantastic at showing us lots of techniques and nothing was too much. We left with 2 gorgeous pieces and great memories. Thanks Stuart."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Glad you both enjoyed it. S."

27 Apr 23'

Michael reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"A hugely enjoyable experience which has laid the foundations for a new skill. Stuart was very thorough and patient and is clearly a master of his craft. No question was left unanswered and the workshop itself is situated in an incredibly beautiful part of Scotland, surrounded by pine forest. Very relaxing and humbling, highly recommended."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" So glad you enjoyed it Michael. Many thanks. "

21 Apr 23'

Rory Cowan reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"2 Day course completed April 2023. All the admin for the course was well done and directions were good. I have done quite a bit of turning previously so this was by way of dealing with certain techniques I felt weak. on. Stuart quickly focussed on what I needed to look at and deal with and we majored on that. One concern I had was that we may find we didn't get on but that was fine and a more easy going chap would be hard to find. In particular I was keen to deal with bowl turning and deep boring and getting my own tools ground correctly - we did all this and more - so two days very well spent. Thank you Stuart."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Rory. I'll be expecting to see your version of the Alibaba vase on Youtube iminently. Two good fun days. S."

6 Apr 23'

BILL reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"I arrived at the course as an apprehensive Senior Citizen hoping to learn a new hobby in woodturning and was Not disappointed Due to the Professionalism of Stuart the tutor I left at the end of the 1st day Elated with basic skills which enabled me to turn a small piece of an oak tree, giving it a new life as a lovely polished bowl Stuart gives you 1 to 1 tuition in a relaxing experience at your pace and enables You to do what You want to do within his planned programme. The tuition is all about You and Stuart moves your development skills forward at each stage I highly recommend that you join the course if you have any interest in Woodturning as I am already looking forward to the next day of my course as for my Hobby It Is On Way"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Bill. Glad you got so much out of day one!"

2 Apr 23'

Liz Dollan reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"Thank you so much Stuart, for showing me the joy of wood turning and plenty of coffee. Stuart has a huge range of knowledge and skills, he put you at ease and gives you information about not only wood but machinery I’ve never used before. "

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Liz, We had a fairly busy two days. Glad you got a lot out of it. Hope the new wooden coffee mug is getting some use. Stuart."

19 Mar 23'

Malcolm Shield reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"This course was very instructive and quickly got to the practical use of tools. I learned about safety considerations and applications of different tool types, effect of grain direction on cut how to maintain tool sharpness and much more. I had scope to get the feel of the craft without being stifled. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Thankyou Stuart. "

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Glad you enjoyed it Malcolm. Thanks. Stuart."

1 Mar 23'

Dan reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"My second day with Stuart was a great step on from the first. He struck a great balance between support and challenge and I left feeling really confident. Now I just need space for a lathe!"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Dan. Soon as you get the lathe it will all come back to you. Once learned never forgotten! "

24 Feb 23'

John reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"Stuart was an excellent teacher! The day was tailored to my knowledge and skills, I know a bit about using tools but nothing about the preparation of wood. What to use, how to store it and how long it takes to dry! The morning spent learning how to use the tools and by the afternoon I had made a bowl. I can't wait for my second day I already have commissions lined up."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks John. See you on day two."

18 Feb 23'

paul kearney reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"A very big thank you to Stuart for two wonderful days spent in his workshop. Once we discussed what I wanted to get out of the course ,Stuart then tailored the course to my needs and experience. Workshop health and safety , choice of wood and explanation of how the grain influences project style and form. We set a rough piece and of wood and took it to the end product by end of day 1, by end of day 2 I had another two lovely pieces turned and finished. Cant wait to start putting all these new skills into practice in my own workshop. A great tutor and would highly recommend his course. Thanks!"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" We had a pretty full on two days so I'm glad you have emerged with your enthusiasm intact and eager to get going. Look forward to seeing you again. Thanks."

14 Feb 23'

Dan reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"Stuart was an awesome teacher! He took a really holistic approach to the whole process, starting with the types of wood to use and good storage methods. Stuart struck a really good balance of demonstrating and allowing me to make my own mistakes and learn as I went! He adapted to the course to my interests and I can't wait to sort out my second day!"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Dan. Look forward to seeing you for round 2."

21 Jan 23'

Claire Smith reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"I have just finished my two day course with Stuart, and it was a great experience and very informative. I was a complete novice with a desire to learn this craft in order to gain enough of a feeling for it to know if I want to move forward with it and get my own workshop. Stuart was knowledgable, patient, with a passion he wants to pass on, I now know what the craft takes from preparation and design to hand tools, machinery and taking you to a final product. His workshop was organised, stocked, warm and fully equipped with PPE. I would highly recommended with course for any level, from someone who fancies and day or so out to try something new, to someone who want to pick this up as a hobby or a professional who just would like to improve or learn new skills. I’m confident from what I’ve learned that I will take this further and I know that when I’m set up on my own I will book again to keep learning more from Stuart."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks for that great review Clair. Hope to see you again when you are up and running."

11 Dec 22'

Pauline Colburn reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"Just completed day 2 of my wood turning course .As there had been a large time gap between days ,Stuart refreshed advice & technique & was very patient. I was given the course as a gift as I wanted to experience woodturning & never intended to take it further (ie. I will not be buying a lathe ). The experience was very interesting, Stuart is a very knowledgable teacher , the workshop is set in beautiful surroundings & I came away with a wonderful turned wooden object. I thourghly enjoyed my 2day course & would recommend it ."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Pauline, Hope the lamp base is now fully functional. Stuart"

15 Nov 22'

Ian reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"Really enjoyed my 1 day introductory course and came away with a lovely bowl made from mulberry wood. Stuart is an excellent and patient instructor, imparting lots of information about the safe and correct use of the lathe and associated tools. I would recommend anyone thinking of getting their own lathe to attend a course like this to get a good grounding of basic lathe work and safe working practices. All in all, an excellent day well spent."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Ian. Glad you enjoyed your day."

30 Jul 22'

Colten Palmer reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"I took a two day course with Stuart last week and it was an amazing experience. He is a master of technique and has a real creative soul as well. We used the lathe to make several items from a burnt ash wood bowl to an apple. He is really good at guiding you through the process and yet allows you to feel ownership over the project. I highly recommend taking this course, you'll learn a lot and have a great time. Lunch was great and Freddie the dog was a friendly member of his team."

12 Jul 22'

Fran reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"Great course! We booked a day and expanded our course to nearly 2 days worth of teaching. Really enjoyed our time and learnt a lot. My partner, John, still deciding whether to get a lathe. I hope so, as I’m a potter and would be happy if he made lids and bowls and things to complement my pottery. But I loved the wood turning and even if we don’t go on to buy the equipment to turn wood at home it was a really worthwhile 2 days and I’m totally chuffed with my apple and wee bowl. Thanks so much! "

17 Jun 22'

John Stewart reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"An excellent course, having no knowledge of woodturning. Stuart has a fantastic knowledge of the craft and a talent to impart that knowledge and some confidence. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, you will definitely not be disappointed"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks for that John. Look forward to seeing you for your second day soon. All the best. Stuart. "

5 Jun 22'

Liz Bell reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"Fantastic course. I hadn’t done any woodturning before and splitting the 2 day course meant that I could start learning and then try out my own lathe with his guidance and go back with all my questions. He’s given me the confidence to do this at home. I’m definitely going again next year to expand on my skills and my husband wants to go too. See you again soon Stuart. Regards Liz"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Liz. Glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing you both back again. Stuart."

7 May 22'

John Lewis reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"This course is tailored to reflect your skills and capabilities. The day is just you and Stuart the tutor. Stuart is a very patient and highly skilled craftsman who clearly loves his craft. I had never done wood turning and by the end of the day had created a beautiful bowl and a garden dibber! Stuart’s workshop is well equipped and a comfortable space for learning - and located in an amazing highland setting. If you want an intro to this craft or be helped to hone your existing skills this is a great course for you. And good value too!"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks John. Glad you enjoyed the day. Stuart."

11 Apr 22'

Jimmy Lang reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"On the 1 Day Course Stuart took me thru the Safety and Health aspects required to make sure I would not do anything to endanger myself; he also covered all types of wood and what type was best for different projects. I arrived on the day with a project already suggested by my wife, a "Darning Mushroom". Stuart helped me choice the piece of wood, remove the bark and get it ready for the lathe, then guided me while I worked on the lathe. My wife was very happy with the finished project. Stuart has a natural ability to communicate instructions and make it enjoyable. A fantastic day with new skills learned and a hand made gift for my wife. I cannot recommend Stuart and his course highly enough."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the review and glad the boss liked your efforts. Well done. Stuart."

5 Mar 22'

Peter Crowther reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"I spent two days with Stuart and enjoyed every minute. It was full hands on with new skills gained all the time. I had previously watched numerous videos but most are about the presenter showing what they can do. You can't beat watching someone and then practicing yourself under Stuarts watchful eye. Its obvious Stuart enjoys imparting his vast knowledge and skills to others. We covered all aspects from selecting wood through making some great pieces to take away. I split my two days with one day between and this worked for me giving plenty of time to absorb more. I would highly recommend Stuart for any level from an introduction through to advanced skills - just look at his web site to see the quality of his work."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Hi Pete, Glad you enjoyed your time here and yes, I do get a lot from teaching. Never really feels like a job when you enjoy it so much. Enjoy your new lathe. Stuart."

1 Mar 22'

Ian & Allan reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"We had an enjoyable and informative day with Stuart, learning the basics of woodturning. Absolute beginners but we left more informed and better equipped with a knowledge of where we wanted to go with our very basic wood-turning skills. Fantastic work-shop - a cornucopia of tools, lathes, wood and a wood stove. Stuart has the gift to teach and make it an enjoyable experience. Stories, and things that might help, signposting but in a way that gives you some confidence. We were both chuffed that we were able to produce something at the end of the day (with much help from Stuart) - we can definitely recommend Stuart’s courses."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Hi guys, Thanks for your review and so glad you enjoyed your day. Let me know if you need any advice on getting to the next stage. Stuart."

21 Feb 22'

Sara Mehrabi reviewed: Woodturning for beginners: 2 day course

"An absolutely lovely weekend! This was my first ever try for woodturning, and it went better than I could have wished for. Stuart started by asking me exactly what I wanted to get out of the weekend and designed the two days to match my requirements. He was super flexible and very generous with his knowledge. I felt comfortable and confident with the tools really quickly and started enjoying myself within the first hour! Of course, the lovely pieces we made (I can't possibly take credit as the sole crafter!) were an amazing bonus. We made a bowl (Oak), a mushroom (Yew), and an apple (Elm). So, if you're there to pick up a new skill, you get to work with different woods and various tools. If you just want to have a fun weekend, he will adjust the activities to your desires, but you still go home with a lovely souvenir or two. I'd recommend this course to anyone who likes to have a go at something new or those who have some experience but like to upskill."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Hi Sara, Sounds like you had a great time. I'm glad I was able to show you some of the fascinating sides to this wonderful craft. Hope you get a lathe soon. Stuart."

14 Feb 22'

Lesley reviewed: Woodturning for beginners: 2 day course

"Both my husband and myself really enjoyed our recent 2 day course with Stuart. Being beginners he was extremely patient and encouraging, spending all the time necessary for us to grasp the basic woodturning techniques. We were totally absorbed and the time seemed to fly by. With Stuart's help we managed to leave with some beautiful creations. A particular concern for us was how to sharpen and use our own toolset which we brought along for the course. Stuart explained and demonstrated how to do this giving us confidence going forward. Many thanks again Stuart . I would thoroughly recommend the course which will be tailored to the student's level of skill and needs. Stuart was a great teacher."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Glad you both enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing some photos of the pieces you make. Happy turning. Stuart."

28 Jan 22'

Barry reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"From the initial booking Stuart was extremely helpful and even provided my partner with a voucher that she could print and give to me on xmas day, which was a very nice touch. On arriving, Stuart was extremely welcoming and interested in my aims for the day, which helped tailor the day to my needs. After a wee chat and a tour of the machinery and tools we got stuck into the making. My confidence grew in leaps and bounds with Stuarts feedback as I tackled the various tools and techniques (some of which definitely require much more practice). The day was very relaxing and informative, and I could not fault Stuart on his teaching and patience. I was over the moon with the pieces I made (with a bit of help), and could not wait to show them off to family and friends when I got back. I am now on the hunt for a lathe and look forward to learning more about this fantastic craft. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in wood turning or looking to learn new skills or develop existing ones. Thanks for a great day!"

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Thanks Barry. Glad you enjoyed the day. I'm sure that with all the enthusiasm you have you will do well with your new lathe and master the spindle gouge. All the best. Stuart."

7 Dec 21'

Neil Gow reviewed: Woodturning for beginners

"I came to this course having fond memories of wood turning in school. Stuart, from the start, was welcoming and instantly put me at ease. Stuart asked what I wanted out of the day and I had asked for a basic understanding of setup and a introduction to the basics. We spoke at length about his lathes and other kit in his workshop (which is worth the trip up alone to see). We done some basic turning techniques. I must say sturt is incredibly patient as my ability was no where near where I thought it would be! We then went on to make a pear, had lunch, then the afternoon was some more theory (which I really enjoyed, understanding the theory behind it) a walk through of various pieces of work dotted around his workshop and how they were made and what still had to be done to them. We then went on to produce a awesome oak donut bowl. In summary awesome day, friendly passionate and incredibly knowledgeable teacher. Great venue and worth every penny."

The Scottish Woodturner responded:

" Hi Neil, Thanks for your review. As the day went on I could see that you were progressing quickly. The school woodturning classes will give you some of the basics but with a very limited range of tools. I'm sure that you will do even better once you have your own lathe set up. All the best. Stuart."

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