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11 Aug 18'

Derek Allan reviewed: A stool making day

"Eoin - a brilliant day! Never thought building my wee stool would have been so much fun. Both yourself and Gail were great company, as were the others....and so helpful, informative, encouraging, humorous and patient. I’m glad my kids got me this - I have said they should go to try it, it’s such good fun. Oh, and thanks very much too for the canine company, my wife now wants a dog!!!!!!"

29 Apr 18'

Moira reviewed: A willow basket making day in Scotland

"Acharya Anna : thankyou for your patience. And thankyou for sharing your basketweaving passion. I'm hooked now. So will(ow) there be a 2 day course on the menu soon?"

9 Oct 17'

Terri reviewed: A stool making day

"Thanks for a really fun inspiring day! I can't wait to make more, as Claire said!! The shave horse is addictive! I can certainly feel my triceps today, and I thought I was fit !"

9 Oct 17'

Claire reviewed: A stool making day

"Thanks from us too, we loved our day, we're very proud of our stools and Terri and I are meeting this week to have a go at making some simple stools that could be made with the children. We're looking a slicing some plum to make the seats and using sticks/poles as legs. You've given us the bug and we hope to be back soon, thank you"

9 Oct 17'

Fiona reviewed: A stool making day

"Hi Eoin Thank you again for a great day on Saturday. I could not be more proud of my wee stool. I kinda knew I'd get something finished, but did not expect such a good result as I have not done anything like it before. I will certainly recommend the experience to others and also within my business customers."

8 Oct 17'

Alistair reviewed: A stool making day

"Fantastic day - really enjoyed it, and - as you said - learned a huge amount. Definitely very enthused about taking up woodworking if and when I get some spare time! Your ‘faculty’ are really good - helpful, fun and friendly. We will definitely be back - possibly to make a shaving horse so that we can start up at home. I appreciate that we have a huge amount to learn, but today was a great start. Just feeling the wood and seeing it transform was really fulfilling. Thanks for the soup and bread too! If we don’t see you before, we will be at the gallery for our usual Christmas shop. Sláinte Alistair and Claire"

17 Aug 17'

Jill reviewed: A stool making day

"Spent a day at the Rustic Stool Making day. A fantastic experience with expert tuition. I would highly recommend this regardless of what woodworking skill level you are. I have a feeling that we will be back..."

13 Aug 17'

Amanda reviewed: A stool making day

"Thank you to you and your team for a really good day. Feeling knackered but learnt so much. A very enabling experience. Haven't wielded an axe for a long time and then only for firewood! I am very proud of my little stool! Look forward to seeing you again at your lovely gallery. With kind regards and hugs to Scoop Amanda"

15 Jun 17'

Anthony reviewed: A stool making day

"Thank you so much for the course. It was just a brilliant day and I cannot think of a better and more mindful way to spend a day. Also so much enjoyed meeting you, your colleagues and others on the course."

12 Jun 17'

Hilary and Ian reviewed: A stool making day

"Really enjoyed the day, many thanks for all the help, patient teaching and encouragement, very satisfying making a useful piece of furniture from scratch."

23 Apr 17'

Alison reviewed: A willow basket making day in Scotland

"Hello Anna and Eoin, Just to say thanks again for yesterday, it was a brilliant day. I couldn't believe how tired I was. Must have been all that concentration! I'm delighted with my basket and definitely hope to be back for another course at some point. Best regards, Alison"

18 Apr 17'

Margaret reviewed: A stool making day

"Deryck and I had a wonderful time on Saturday. When we arrived I really didn't think I'd be going home with a respectable looking stool. Now we have a pair of his and hers coffee table/ stools for each end of the sofa for the all important cup of coffee and a book! As a retired teacher I can really appreciate your teaching style, just enough support where it is needed but letting you do it yourself to learn best. The setting was great, everyone was friendly and relaxed and we haven't stopped talking about the day. By the way yes, I can still name a shave horse, splitting axe, side axe, draw knife, spoke shave.....and remember what we used them for and how to use them. You did say you would be testing us.... Thanks again for a great day, maybe we will be back, who knows! Kind regards, Margaret and Deryck"

10 Apr 17'

Barbara reviewed: A rustic chair making weekend

"Its hard to say just how amazing the Hedge Chair course was; I really didn't know what to expect but having seen the workshop when visiting the shop, I just knew I had to do it. The tuition was so careful and personally focussed - Eoin and Gail are very special teachers - and the general atmosphere of creativity and joy in making, was truly inspiring, I learned so much, so quickly. Also, the weather was as promised, spectacular! To take home a real chair after two days - having started with just a big log, was so satisfying. Now, I can't wait to come back. I think you might have started something! Thanks Barbara"

3 Apr 17'

Sandy reviewed: A stool making day

"Hi Eoin, Thanks again for a great day on your stool workshop. It goes to show you are never too old to learn something new - I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and meeting my fellow students . I would certainly recommend your workshops to others - hardly surprising these get booked up quickly!"

3 Apr 17'

Susie reviewed: A stool making day

"I would like to say thank you for my wonderful stool making day. It was probably one of the best days I've had and I hope to be back to make something else. Regards Susie"

31 Mar 17'

Rebecca reviewed: A stool making day

"I really can not believe I made a useable 3 legged stool out of a tree trunk in one day, especially being such a townie! But I did! Eoin, Gail and Dave were brilliant teachers - just the right amount of hands on and off. There was amazing soup, good cheer, and I thought fantastic value for money. Thank you all so much, it was a wonderful experience."

31 Mar 17'

Ursula reviewed: A stool making day

""I did 2 courses with Eoin and Gail: "Rustic stool making" and "Shaving Horse". I never expected that I can make something out a piece of wood in just one weekend. Eoin and Gail are a great team and expertise was paired with lots of laughter and fun. I highly recommend these courses. Especially when you usually work in an office - a day or 2 working outside and using tools is the best therapy." Best Ursula"

31 Mar 17'

David reviewed: A stool making day

"I must admit I was not filled with enthusiasm when my wife gave me a Yule Stool making course for my birthday but how wrong can you be….it was great! The feel and smell of the wood, working with original tools and using the old methods was a revelation to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I managed to make a passable stool which now takes pride of place in our lounge.. Everybody was very friendly and we all got along well with lots of humour on display!! The success of the day was undoubtedly down to Eoin and Gail who’s patience and enthusiasm were excellent, they watched and helped and encouraged everybody. A good hearty lunch and lots of tea / coffee and biscuits helped things along and I know that everybody had a really enjoyable time. Thank you all for a memorable day….I will be back! Regards David"

29 Mar 17'

Nic Conway reviewed: A stool making day

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you for creating a day of simply wonderful memories - from the moment we ever first contacted you, you totally looked after us and our experience on the day topped that off. You are a very special group of talented, authentic, bighearted individuals and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you." Andy, Nic and Muffs Feb 2017"

26 Mar 17'

Martin Worthington reviewed: A stool making day

"What a great spring weekend! Got on the chair course last minute but so glad I did. Tree surgeon by trade,but this course blew my mind with how timber once processed by hand can become a beautiful piece of furniture. The tuition is perfect, no pressure just easy going. Fantastic full of ideas and can t wait to go back. Martin Worthington ND arb"

14 Oct 14'

Gillian Robertson reviewed: A rustic chair making weekend

"Since attending my first green wood course in April I have returned 3 times. I am hooked! My knowledge has increased as has my skill base under the tuition of Gail, Eoin & Dave. I have been impressed by the encouragement received &, as a result, now have my own shave horse & a wee workshop. None of this would have come to fruition without the patience of the Big Tree 'guys'. This, coupled with their unique brand of humour creates a perfect working/ learning environment."

5 Sep 14'

Ross Beveridge reviewed: A stool making day

"A great day all round. The course is fun, informative and the course leaders allow you to be as hands-on as possible while still being immediately available for advice and suggestions. I was given this course as a birthday gift and it was really enjoyable and has given me the knowledge and enthusiasm to continue woodworking in my own time as well as having a great little footstool to put my feet on after a hard days work! I can't recommend this course highly enough for anyone with an interest in having a go at working with their hands. Sign up today!"

24 Jul 14'

Shiralee Taylor reviewed: A rustic chair making weekend

"Absolutely brilliant weekend. Learnt so much and had a cracking time with Eoin and Gail (the instructors/tutors) and the rest of the students. Plus, I got to take home a chair that I made, from scratch. Our creativity was allowed to run riot and even though we made chairs the same way, all four of us went home with very different, but functional chairs. I'm still a bit in awe that I did it, a testament to the exchange of skills and knowledge from Eoin and Gail - it is very much a hands on course, and is full on, but worth every blister."

21 Jul 14'

Polly reviewed: A stool making day

"Had a brilliant day on a Stool making course run by Eoin with help from Gail. You couldn't ask for more helpful (or patient) instructors. Everything was explained thoroughly and then they just let you get on with it. There is such a sense of achievement to be gained from a course like this. Thank you for a wonderful day!"

15 Jul 14'

Dave Connelly reviewed: A rustic chair making weekend

"What a great weekend. Being used to kiln dried wood turning, this was a completely new and worthwhile experience for me. I learned more about wood working over a couple of days than I have in the last couple of years. Working with green wood and learning to use the tools from scratch was a fantastic opportunity and great value for money. I didn't think prior to taking the course that I would have achieved so much over a couple of days. A massive thanks to Eoin, Gail and Dave for all of their efforts and particularly for the social aspect of the course which was first class. Now looking to book another course. Cheers."

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