Sussex green woodworking reviews

22 Oct 22'

Paul reviewed: Green-wood stool making weekend in Sussex woodland

"It was amazing. Best way to spend two days and would absolutely recommend it."

Sussex green woodworking responded:

"Nice work Paul ! Beautiful Job of your stool .what a lovely way to end the season . Thanks . "

19 Sep 22'

Jane Shelton reviewed: Stool making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"Danny and crew, thank you so much for a wonderful two days. I had a great time, learning new skills, eating great food and making a real three-legged stool! Your patience and enthusiasm was amazing and I came home very happy and smelling of woodsmoke."

11 May 22'

Paul K reviewed: Stool making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"Good pace, and very enjoyable"

11 Apr 22'

Peter Radula-Scott reviewed: Spoon & Bowl Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"I echo Ian's comments above.I had a great time.A lovely bunch of fellow carvers on the course.Danny was relaxed and instilled confidence notwithstanding any lack of talent. It was an excellent experience. The food tea and coffee were all very good and the flapjacks the best ever. A highly recommended experience!"

Sussex green woodworking responded:

"Thanks Peter ! Great to meet you . I have to be careful with that flapjack, It’s too good!"

4 Apr 22'

Ian Ryder reviewed: Spoon & Bowl Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"These two days really exceeded my expectations - largely due to the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that Danny and his helpers and family have created in their woodland haven. A wonderful two days spent away from the cares of the world, with excellent teaching, help and advice at hand, and tasty food. I came away with a spoon and bowl that I'm really pleased with, and everyone on the course seemed to be having just as much fun as me. All I need to do now is find the time for that 5 day chair-making course..."

Sussex green woodworking responded:

"Thanks Ian . It was a great weekend . You showed a good understanding of the material and the tools and made some fine pieces ! The excellent weather was a bonus . I hope we can meet again in the woods ."

21 Mar 22'

Matt Stabeler reviewed: Green-wood stool making weekend in Sussex woodland

"This was an amazing experience, and I can't thank Danny (and the Peters!) enough for making it such an enjoyable, satisfying and wonderful couple of days in the woods. Danny is very friendly, easy going and patient, an excellent teacher, full of experience and knowledge. The site itself is quiet and relaxing, with only the birds, the crackle the fire and the sounds of wood being whittled to be heard. With unlimited tea, coffee and snacks and very tasty homemade soup for lunch, we were well looked after! At the end of the two days, I came away with a stool that was far better than I would have imagined I could make, and i'm hugely grateful for having had the experience!"

1 Aug 21'

J Denham reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"I bought my husband this course as a gift. He described it as one of the best and nicest he's ever had. Whilst he was away I hardly heard from him. He so enjoyed being tucked away in the woodland, communing with nature, working with traditional tools and techniques. It sounded almost zen like -leaving the mad modern world to concentrate on creating the chair. And what a chair it is! Beautiful and so comfortable. I have requested 5 more!! Danny was great to deal with to arrange the course. Matt described him as friendly, a superb teacher and he learned a lot over the week. Definitely worth booking and I've already recommended to everyone who admires and sits in the chair!"

27 May 21'

Richard kateley reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"What a fun week. Danny and his ream really look after you and you end the week with a great looking chair. The lunches are great and the whole experience is like stepping off the tread mill for the week. I can not recommend this course enough . I have wanted to do this for years and it lived up to all my expectations ."

Sussex green woodworking responded:

"Thanks Richard . Great to have you along . Well done for all your hard work and positive energy !"

25 Apr 21'

Steven Robert Hall reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"An excellent week. Danny is a very relaxed and clear teacher as well as evidently a talented artisan. We had a very compatible group and the understated food was delicious so the lunches were a pleasure too. The work is hard on the fingers (at least on mine!) and I was mainlining Voltarol by Wednesday. There is a real sense of achievement and my daughter is delighted with the chair. I wasn't the only one to raise an eyebrow on the Monday at the prospect of completing that in a week from scratch, but with graft and leadership we all did that. I have no reservations at all in recommending this course - particularly with the exigencies of the past year it was thoroughly uplifting and restorative as well as great fun. Good on you, woodland folk."

Sussex green woodworking responded:

"Thanks Steve ! You really put in the work , you must be proud ?"

24 Apr 21'

Stephen Agnew reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"A very rewarding and fulfilling experience in the woodland! I would thoroughly recommend this course if you have an interest in learning some country crafts and skills of times past, where power tools rarely feature. I had no idea what you could produce using a simple pole lathe, draw knives, travishers, spoke shaves and the like! I took away a high-quality piece of furniture that I am well proud of and will last many years. Thanks to Danny who is a most confidence inspiring and accomplished teacher who guides, instructs, corrects but otherwise lets you get on with it. The setting in the woods is magical and the food provided was very tasty and nourishing, especial the delicious soups, thanks to his daughter. There were a number of elves present who helped out too, thank you to Peter x2, Mike and Flo. Nicer people you won’t meet. Participants on the course were all thoroughly entertaining people, no cowboys but plenty of bodgers! I loved everything about the course and had a thoroughly great week. I hope to do another course soon. Stephen Agnew 4/2021"

Sussex green woodworking responded:

"Thanks Steve ! It was a pleasure to spend time with you and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the woods again . ?"

12 Apr 21'

Terry McCarthy reviewed: Stool making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"Brilliant. Could not have enjoyed it more. Ended up with a stool that was much better than I expected and that was due to the great (and patient) teaching by Danny and his team. There were nine of us on the course ranging in age from teenagers to over 60's. Everybody was happy to help each other out. Eating lunch and drinking tea around the fire was very pleasant, weather a bit cold and a bit wet but it didn't matter at all. I would thoroughly recommend this course. I am planning to go on one of the longer chair making course in the future."

19 Mar 19'

Steve Amos reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"Danny, thank you and your team for a wonderful weekend, throughly enjoyable, I learnt an awful amount and with your instruction and help produced a beautiful stool. I hope to see you sometime in the near future. Best regards Steve"

10 Feb 17'

Nic green reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"Found the course informative and absorbing. Good to do a hands on course actually in the woods. With lots of extra local information. Would do a further course if the opportunity arose."

9 Feb 17'

Daniel Marsh reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"What a fantastic experience... I was given this course as a gift and contacted Danny to arrange my visit to his lovely woodland in Sussex. Danny is an excellent and patient teacher, the pole lathes were great fun and the fire keep the tea and coffee flowing accompanied with homemade cake. I had some previous greenwood working experience, having carved spoons and bowls, but the stool making course introduced me to new tools and techniques in a lovely environment and by the end of the course we all had a completed seat to take home and treasure. I highly recommend any of the courses that Danny runs, you won't be disappointed!"

16 Jan 17'

Annemarie O'Sullivan reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"I loved everything about making a chair in the woods with Danny. Beautiful woods, lovely company, the best cups of tea. The teaching was clear, gentle, unpressured.There was lots of time to get lost in the process and then time to really focus and learn. it didn't matter that I was an absolute novice. I'm SO proud of my chair.! Thanks Danny."

16 Jan 17'

Dave reviewed: Chair Making Courses with Sussex Green Woodworking

"For a complete novice to end up with an amazing chair at the end of a week is testament to Danny's skill and patience .Great company,awesome surroundings,fantastic teaching and home baked treats! A truly inspiring week . I'll be back ."

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