Soapology Studio reviews

4 May 22'

James reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I really enjoyed the soap making course. Emma was really knowledgeable and helpful and led the whole course well, from the introduction and teaching on all aspects of soap making to the creative and practical elements of planning and choosing fragrances and creating our soap. A great day thank you."

25 Mar 22'

Cheska Asman reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I attended this course with a friend and enjoyed all aspects of the day. Emma was informative and caring to all those that attended and we both came away with some lovely soap. I would recommend the course as a relaxing day, good for wellbeing and making time for ourselves which should all do more often."

13 Mar 22'

Heather Smith reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I bought this course for my best friends birthday so we were both looking forward to it. First off, the studio is in a lovely setting. Unfortunately, the rest of the course was not a positive experience. During the soap making all the participants had to queue in a line to take turns to get all the ingredients and make the product. This was time consuming and lacking in space. We were closely supervised to ensure all measurements were accurate and the mixing process was done correctly. The finished products on both mine and my friends soaps were dreadful. All the soaps were covered in a white substance and there were holes throughout the soap bars . They all looked dreadful. If it was one batch I could have understood but it was all 4 batches from 2 different people. The soaps were much too unsightly to use. I did contact Soapology to request a partial refund but was refused. I was offered another place on a course but due to work commitments not able to attend. Despite this I feel the session would have proved uncomfortable. As the course states 'created her courses so that you can cut out the mistakes' I did not envisage a product unfit for purpose. Luckily, my friend and I have managed to make successful soaps after watching on line tuitions on You Tube."

Soapology Studio responded:

" Hi Heather, I am so sorry you felt strongly enough to leave this review. As you can see I have over 50 5* reviews on this course and more on my 121 courses. This is in fact the only negative comment in over 10 years and 400+ students. As I mentionned in our many emails after the course, the white powder you mention sounds like soda ash and is quite common in cp soapmaking, it is fully explained in the theory part of the course and in your course workbook. The holes you mention may be trapped air bubbles from mixing too vigorously which I pointed out at the time and advised you to stir slowly between using the stick blender to release the trapped air. In one of your emails to me you stated you had made a successful batch at home therefore I consider the course to be successful as you learnt the skills from me to then make your own soap (youtube waa never mentionned until now). As I said, the course is all about making mistakes whilst with me and I can correct them and offer guidance. I did offer for you to return on another course and bring your original 'faulty' soaps with you so that I could see them and try and work out what had happened. You declined. All of the other batches made on the day turned out wonderful along with my demonstration batch. Also, I have never seen the two batches your friend made nor have I heard from her since the course saying she was unhappy. I am devastated to have received this review but I guess the saying is true, you cant please everyone all the time. Good luck with your soapmaking journey Heather. Emma, Soapology Studio"

30 Sep 20'

Rita reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"Fantastic course! Spent a lovely Saturday learning about cold process soap making. Emma went through the basic chemistry, measuring and methods involved and then in the afternoon we had a go making two batches ourselves. Emma is a patient teacher who explained everything simply yet comprehensively and the notes provided are well written and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Emma is clearly a passionate and talented soap maker and I would recommend this course. I purchased a kit to take home and look forward to creating my own soaps for gifts and for personal use."

29 Sep 20'

Katherine reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I really enjoyed the day. Emma made the theory really interesting and easy to understand. After having a couple of goes at making soap on the day I feel confident enough to have a go at home myself. I would highly recommended this course."

29 Sep 20'

Julia reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I highly recommend the Soapology courses. I have done both the group soap-making course and the Business Legislation Module course with Emma. Emma is very friendly, welcoming and has a lovely workshop in a fantastic setting. The courses themselves are easy to follow, fun and informative with both practical and theory parts, along with Emma's additional hints and tips, it is a thoroughly enjoyable day. You are provided with extensive and detailed course notes to take away which are invaluable to refer back to once you have returned home. The 100% natural soaps I made smell and look amazing, thank you Emma! I will have no hesitation in returning to do another course with Emma from Soapology and no hesitation in recommending any of Emma's courses."

1 Sep 20'

Clare reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"Great course. I’ve always wanted to make soap so this was a real bucket list moment for me. Emma’s studio is in a beautiful location, peaceful and serene. The studio itself is light and airy and there were just a handful of us so it felt very personal and also allowed plenty of time for questions and answers. We started off with the maths and the science followed by the opportunity to make 2 batches. Emma pays great attention to health and safety. I would recommend this course."

2 Feb 20'

Hayley Cheshire reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I had an absolutely brilliant time on this workshop, from the start Emma was really friendly, she explained things really clearly and and made it really fun. I highly recommend this course!"

11 Oct 19'

Elaine Lorimer reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"What a fantastic course, Emma is such a great teacher and explains everything in a way you can understand. The studio was very well equipped and smelt amazing, lunch was included which was really nice. Making the soap in the afternoon was totally amazing and you get to take it home with you. Overall a really great experience, I would highly recommend anyone thinking about it to go for it, you certainly won't be sorry x"

3 May 19'

Lesley Tyreman reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Soap Making day with Emma. She is a great teacher, imparting the theory in an easy to understand manner, and the take away pack is a comprehensive resource to refer to later. A lovely lunch was followed by a well prepared session in the workshop - what a great room! Emma moved from demonstrating to guiding to careful watching while I made my own batches of soap, enabling me to gain confidence in the process. Can’t wait to use the soaps (they have to cure for a bit first), but my house smells lovely while I plan my future soaps! The kit is well worth buying as well, giving me a chance to try again with familiar ingredients. A very highly recommended course!"

29 Apr 19'

Ruth Coote reviewed: An introduction to Cold Process Soap Making

"I had a fantastic day with Emma on a one-to-one course, I came away with all the tools needed to start soap making. Emma explained processes clearly and answered all my questions (and there was a few) with extreme knowledge, passion and patience. Since taking the course last Thursday, I have already made 2 batches of soap using the skills Emma taught me and they were both successful. I would highly recommend this course. I learnt so much and it was also great fun, I returned home motivated and excited to start my new adventure, so a massive thank you Emma."

9 Apr 19'

Amanda Evans reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"Really enjoyed it. I learnt a lot and loved the day making soap. Will carry on with it at home."

13 Mar 19'

Dave Challis reviewed: An introduction to Cold Process Soap Making

"Attended the one day course in March 2019 and absolutely loved it. I am new to soap making so opted for the one to one course, and enjoyed every minute of the day. Once the theory was out of the way I made 5 soaps in the afternoon which are currently setting in my garage and I cant wait to try them... only 4 weeks to go. Emma spent the time I required on each section and is a great teacher. Fantastic day.... nothing more to say."

4 Mar 19'

claire Richardson reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"Emma was very knowledgeable and passionate throughout the course. Explained everything need to know. Was a great day learning all aspects of soap making. Made three batches of my own soap to take home. Smell and Turned out lovely looking forward making more. Emma was always willing to help when needed. Would highly recommend. Thanks Again Emma."

6 Feb 19'

LINDA FARRAR reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"A Great days course. Emma is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She made learning so enjoyably and easy. I learnt so much and came away with some lovely soap of my own making.? Great company, Great food, Great products. An excellent, value for money course. I would highly rate and recommend this company Congratulation to Emma and Richard for what they have achieved."

30 Jan 19'

Caroline Kirkman reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"Really enjoyed this course. Soap making can be a bit “sciencey” and Emma got us through that easily and we have excellent course notes to refer to. The practical section was well thought out with a logical progression and plenty of time to explore her very interesting workspace and ask lots of questions. I travelled from Winchester and it was worth the drive! All in all a very good course."

16 Dec 18'

Katie lane reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"This was such an amazing course so glad i went along. Emma is lovely and her knowlege is vast"

26 Nov 18'

Anne-Marie reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I had a lovely day making soap with Emma and a small group. It was very informative yet concise with plenty of backup information to refer to in the future. It would have been nice to have made 3 batches of soap in the afternoon but there wouldn't have been enough time. It was nice to see everyone else's creations being made too. I also got the kit to bring home and make more soaps and I am really looking forward to experimenting. I would love to come back and do another course with Emma, it was a very relaxed day and we were well looked after. I am definitely going to be recommending to everyone I know"

2 Oct 18'

Iwona reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I joined this course as I love essential oils and aromatherapy on the whole. Emma was very informative, straight to the point and a great teacher. I had never made any soaps prior to the course and had no knowledge of soap making whatsoever and yet by the end of it I made 3 batches of differently made soap which is now curing and smelling wonderfully around my house. Well done Emma! Most importantly for any beginner or enthusiast, I feel confident that I can repeat the whole process of soap making at my home and keep on using it. What can be better? I can highly recommend it to any person willing to try it for either personal use or in preparation of running your own business, you won't be disappointed :))"

30 Jul 18'

Emma Cook reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"I had a really great day learning about the art of cold process soap making. Emma is very thorough and imparts a great deal of knowledge and experience. The course provides a very clear step-by-step guide, with the theory in the morning and then the pratical in the afternoon, and is the perfect introduction into the world of soap making. Overall all, a very relaxed and informative day."

29 Jul 18'

Sue reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"My son and I had a very enjoyable day at Soapology,the morning is spent learning about the history and theory behind cold process soap making,followed by lunch. The afternoon session begins with Emma’s demonstration,then you get to be creative making your own soap,there were plenty of choices to add colour and fragrance to the soap,we made 3 batches of soap to take home. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and a great day Thankyou Emma Sue and Adam"

1 Jul 18'

Ann and Barbara reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"My friend and I decided that instead of buying birthday pressies we would do an activity together. The Soapology one day course was brilliant. We are both complete beginners Emma was great going through all the science and health and safety aspects of soap making.She gave good examples to explain the complicated stuff which really clarified the process.After lunch it was all hands on soap making and soon we were trying different essential oils and making different designs and textured soap. Very good value for money Detailed teaching and a takeaway handbook with everything you need to know to make your own soap. And at the end of the day you take home the soap you have made which in our case was three containers of sweetly fragranced soap each. Lunch was provided and Emma had catered for us as veggies. Would strongly recommend this course we had a lovely day and met some very nice people on the course."

1 Jul 18'

Kerry reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"My mum and i went to the group course and thoroughly enjoyed it! During the morning session Emma went through the science & safety side of soap making. After a delicious lunch, Emma demonstrated how to make soap, using the cold process method, then we got to make 3 batches of soap, using different essential oils and natrual colours. It was a brilliant day all round. Highly recommended course for other budding soap makers."

23 Jun 18'

Helen reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"Had a lovely day with Emma, which has now given me the confidence to do lots of my own experiments in creating my own soap. The day was very informative and well structured. She talked through the necessary chemistry of soap making in the morning and then it was practical, hands on in the afternoon. I took away lots of soap that i’d made and loads of enthusiasm to make more. Thanks Emma!"

4 May 18'

Kevin reviewed: Group Soap-making Workshop - Soapology Studio - Nottinghamshire

"Very informative day, starting with the history of soap making & it's composition, right through to creating our very own bars of soap. a very relaxed atmosphere & a very interesting day with a light lunch supplied at lunchtime. I would not hesitate to recommend this course."

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