Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio reviews

25 May 23'

Lindsay Blaaberg reviewed: Frame Restoration

"My day with Rachael was excellent and hugely enjoyable. I learned a great deal about the subject in which I am interested and about the equipment and materials required. Rachael has given me the confidence to start on my own and I am very grateful to her for arranging such a worthwhile day."

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Thank you so much Lindsay. It was a lovely day working on your frame and understanding it’s history and your requirements. It was wonderful to see it coming to life. I wish you well with the project."

16 Mar 23'

Ady Hargreaves reviewed: Frame Restoration

"Spent a thoroughly enjoyable day in the Little Leaf Studio. Rachael is hugely knowledgeable in all aspects of frame restoration, which for me (as a framer) was gold dust as the tools and techniques I learnt about today will stand me in excellent stead for the future. I now feel far more confident about tackling a broken or damaged frame rather than just disposing and replacing. We covered traditional frame restoration, gold leaf application, distressing and colour matching, all of which I will be able to use in the future. Advice on the correct products to use was invaluable, as was seeing first-hand how Rachael applied the techniquesare the best results before having a go myself. Great flapjack too! Thoroughly recommended - thank you for a great day Rachael!"

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Thank you so much Ady for a super day. It was lovely to develop a better appreciation of your requirements and to see how the traditional methods might help you to repair rather than replace, as you say! I hope you enjoy exploring some of the methods a little more and I am glad it has given you more confidence to tackle problem areas. Hope to join you at Studio 93 in the future!"

10 Mar 23'

Sue D reviewed: Painting Restoration

"Really enjoyed the day spent cleaning a family oil painting. Rachael was so good at demonstrating various cleaning techniques and giving great insights into the science/theory behind the processes. Was so rewarding to see the nicotine layers fade away and the hidden fresh colours emerge. Would highly recommend and hope to return later this year, to complete final stages of the paintings’ full restoration. "

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Dear Sue, Thank you for such a lovely day. It was wonderful to find such vibrancy and detail of colour underneath the nicotine and varnish of your family painting. I hope you enjoy discovering the rest and I look forward to completing the final stages with you. "

21 Oct 22'

Karen reviewed: Painting Restoration

"It was brilliant to be able to start restoring my own piece and being guided through the cleaning process. I will be going back to move on to the next step of the restoration. Racheal is very nice and easy going and knowledgeable "

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Thank you Karen so much. It was a wonderful day working on your incredible painting. Such an interesting piece! I hope the cleaning goes well and look forward to hearing about it. See you soon for the next steps!"

8 Jul 22'

Katrina Mundy reviewed: Introduction to Verre Églomisé

"Rachael explained each part of the process, she was patient with me and very helpful when I messed up. She was friendly, put me at ease and gave praise throughout the day."

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Thank you very much for a lovely day Katrina. There was no messing up to be seen! I hope you enjoyed the process and have fun experimenting with it. With many thanks,"

28 Feb 22'

Jackie reviewed: Painting Restoration

"What an amazing day. We worked on one of my paintings. It was SO exciting to watch my painting come to life as we cleaned away years of dirt. Rachael is a great teacher, sharing her knowledge while encouraging you to explore the process. I would completely recommend this course."

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Thank you Jackie for such a wonderful day! It was lovely to share the experience with you and discover your painting under all the surface layers! I look forward to the next stages!"

2 Jun 21'

Lisa Davies reviewed: Introduction to Verre Églomisé

"Just finished this wonderful day course with Rachael - it was a LOT of fun! I, of course, chose quite an intricate image, but the result was gorgeous. Rachael was helpful, patient and accommodating - an excellent teacher. The gilding is tricky but very enjoyable and the etching is very rewarding when you see the final result. Very happy with this workshop and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a creative day course or just to try something creatively different. Thanks Rachael!"

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Thank you for a wonderful day Lisa! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I’m so pleased you were able to complete the etching today-it was indeed an intricate image, but the final result was superb! I’m looking forward to seeing it when it’s dried!"

9 Feb 20'

Jenny reviewed: Introduction to Verre Églomisé

"I really enjoyed learning to gild with Rachael. Having never tried it before, her patience was greatly appreciated and I will definitely continue to do it in the future."

9 Feb 20'

Dawn reviewed: Introduction to Verre Églomisé

"I had a very enjoyable day in a lovely, relaxed class, everything was so well organised. Thank you Rachael for sharing your skills and knowledge so calmly with us all. Can’t wait to do some more."

9 Feb 20'

Celia reviewed: Introduction to Verre Églomisé

"Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop. It was an extremely enjoyable day. Gilding is such a special skill to learn and I loved the design and feel very happy with the end result. Thank you for your guidance and patience and I can’t wait to attend another workshop soon."

8 Feb 20'

Sarah Barrie reviewed: Introduction to Verre Églomisé

"We had a great day with Rachael, very friendly and informative course."

Rachael Milligan at Little Leaf Studio responded:

" Thank you so much for coming Sarah. I hope you enjoyed it and get to try some at home! I would love to see some photos. Many thanks."

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