Emma Cavell Art reviews

19 Feb 24'

Simon & Nicola Rogers reviewed: 1 day mixed media mosaic playshop

"An excellent and really enjoyable day with Emma. Very inspiring. "

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Thank you Simon and Nicola, It was a joy to explore making mosaics with you both!! Thank you for your creativity and generous hearts!! Sending you both much love and every blessing, Emma"

23 Nov 23'

Jane reviewed: 1 day mixed media mosaic playshop

"I thoroughly enjoyed the one day mosaic play day. Emma is very kind, encouraging & inspiring. She brought a long lots of books & some her work to help inspire our creative ideas. And lots of materials were provided of all different colours & materials. I am now bursting with ideas for my next piece. The whole day re lit my creativity & I have had to start a list to write down all my creative ideas! "

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Dear Jane, Thank you for your beautiful review! I am so pleased that you enjoyed the session. It was a joy to explore with you - I feel blessed to have met you, and feel inspired by many of your ideas! In appreciation, kindness and blessing, Emma"

1 Jun 23'

Anna reviewed: 5 week mixed media mosaic course - 'Peace by Piece' - bespoke for Anna P

"I have so far been at one session and it was very enjoyable. Exceptionally good teacher in Emma."

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Dear Anna, Thank you very much for your prompt review. I am appreciating our time together as we meander through this magical mosaic process. Thank you for your interest and kindness. Much love and many blessings, Emma"

17 Apr 23'

patricia irvine reviewed: 1 day mixed media mosaic playshop

"My husband and I had a lovely time on Emma’s course, we learnt a lot of new techniques on our mosaic journey. If only the day had lasted longer, the time went very quickly, and we are completing our designs at home. Emma is very encouraging and easy to talk to, the venue is in a lovely hall, in a very nice village. The materials provided were inspiring and helped in the design of our work."

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Dear Patricia and John, Thank you. It was really good to meet and share with you both on this creative journey. Please let me know how you get on with finishing your mosaics? I look forward to seeing some images when you are ready. I hope to explore with you again soon. Much love and many blessings to you both, Emma "

30 Mar 23'

Ruth reviewed: 4 week mixed media mosaic course - 'Peace by Piece'

"I really enjoyed doing this course with Emma. She is very creative herself and an excellent guiding hand to encourage your own creativity with mosaics. The class is very friendly and restful."

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Dear Ruth, Thank you for your kind review. It was really lovely to get to know you and explore creativity together through making mosaics. I appreciate your mindful approach and creative agency. You are a natural. This medium needs you! Hope to explore with you again sometime. Much love and blessing to you, Emma "

20 Jul 22'

Sarah and Hilary reviewed: 4 week mixed media mosaic course - 'Peace by Piece'

"An extremely inspiring day that made me want to do more mosaics. Emma is very realistic about what can be achieved in a day . It was well set out for us on arrival, with a huge range of ceramics, glass, beads and buttons. The venue was an inspirational room ,with a beautiful modern stained-glass embossed window. But best of all was the friendly talented ladies we met ."

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Dear Sarah and Hilary, Thank you for your feedback. Great that you feel inspired to continue exploring making mosaics! I really enjoyed observing you both in your creative 'flair & flow' - Your mosaic creations radiate beauty! I appreciate your interest and enthusiasm for this marvelous medium! Thank you both. In kindness and blessing, Emma "

18 Jul 22'

Chrissie reviewed: 4 week mixed media mosaic course - 'Peace by Piece'

"Can highly recommend this 'play' shop - beautifully facilitated by Emma who somehow managed to blend the group dynamic alongside meeting individual needs. It was a relaxing day with a sense of no pressure and freedom to go with the flow of our own intuitions and exploration. I have been doing mosaics for years but has got stuck in one place - this has opened up a whole new world of mosaicing for me."

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Dear Chrissie, Thank you soo much for your kind and generous feedback! It was a joy to explore the wonder of making mosaics with you. Thank you for your interest. I wish you many magical mosaic moments as you continue your journey! In appreciation, kindness and blessing, Emma "

27 Feb 22'

Angela Miller reviewed: 1 day mixed media mosaic playshop

"Great workshop. Plenty of materials to use and warm friendly group of people. Would personally liked a bit longer to work on my piece but still had a very enjoyable day, learning new skills and meeting wonderful people Thank you"

Emma Cavell Art responded:

"Thank you for your feedback Angela. It was lovely to explore with you. I appreciate your interest and creativity. Much love and many blessings!"

6 Jan 22'

Patty reviewed: 4 week mixed media mosaic course - 'Peace by Piece'

"This was an unexpected gift for my birthday ... and I LOVED it. Emma (our course tutor) was so welcoming, easy, warm and encouraging of whatever stage all the students were at. (me an absolute novice? ) She created a learning environment that was supportive and friendly ... and we not only all learned of the methodology and 'tricks of the trade' from Emma's life-long experience and love of the craft but also from one another. All materials and tools were supplied for our use - and for us to familiarise ourselves with which materials/medium/approach appealed to us. We were encouraged to 'go with the flow' and in whichever direction our instincts took us ... changing direction/materials along the way when something didn't quite feel right. A journey of discovery and learning, experimenting and progression. A time-out for ourselves to try something that we had maybe wanted to try but had never quite got around to. As I mentioned earlier ... I LOVED it ... and whole-heartedly recommend anyone who may have had inclinations to try it ... DO IT."

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