MindFlow Art reviews

27 Jun 22'

Maria reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I loved the freeing, creative style of this workshop with Tajinder - certainly not 'paint by numbers'! I felt very pushed out of my comfort zone which was really good for me as I tend to always stick with the same styles and media with my painting, and Tajinder was encouraging and supportive. The meditation, sharing, and getting to meet some other fellow art fans made for a lovely atmosphere. I was reminded why I love art so much and left feeling very inspired. The cosy farmhouse location was great too. I'd 100% recommend this workshop even if you're not a confident artist, it'll really get your creative juices flowing!"

MindFlow Art responded:

" Thank you Maria for spending the day at MindFlow - Creative Art as Therapy workshop. It was wonderful to share my knowledge to enable you to make art creatively. As promised, I have forwarded the links to further your knowledge away from the workshop. You made some incredible art. I am so pleased that whilst you were out of comfort zone, it helped to free your creativity. Wishing you all the best, continue creating master-pieces. Thank you for the great review and bringing your beautiful energy to share with us . Best wishes Tajinder "

29 Jan 22'

Laura reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"What a fantastic workshop! Tajinder puts you at ease from the start and it's clear the preparation that has gone into making everyone feel supported and comfortable. The day is a great opportunity to connect better with yourself, and learn from and with others. I'd had a bit of a creative block before attending, but the creative exercises and meditation were great, and I am already looking to do them again at home. I would highly recommend."

MindFlow Art responded:

" It was my pleasure Laura, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the retreat day. It was wonderful to meet you and watch you develop a unique style of creating as the day unfolded. Now that you have some tools to work with, I hope you continue to develop your creativity. Loved the painting you created, it was aesthetically pleasing and meaningful to your creative development. I hope you will get it framed! Thank you for such a positive feedback."

26 Jan 22'

Rachal reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I really enjoyed this workshop. It was just what i needed to get my creativity moving after feeling blocked for a long time. Tajinder was a very friendly, loving, supportive and encouraging guide to us all throughout the day and she made us all feel very comfortable. She guided us through some exercises and I found the process of meditation and writing a great tool to help free myself up. I highly recommend this workshop for people who want to create and reflect on their artistic process. Thanks so much Tajinder!"

MindFlow Art responded:

" Rachal, it was great to meet you and loved your passion for self-development and creativity. Hopefully, you can continue to use the skills you developed at the retreat to create more wonderful paintings. Loved the drawing you completed on the day, it was so peaceful and full of hope. Please continue to use writing and mediation as an aide to accessing creativity. It was a pleasure to share the day with you, look forward to seeing you again."

10 Jul 19'

Alma Tumilowicz reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I found the workshop very rewarding. Tajinder is excellent at creating a supportive and creative environment. We were a small group which made for a spacious and peaceful day. I feel this helped me to be less inhibited than I may have been. There are very few artists offering this particular type of workshop so I'm really pleased that Tajinder does! Previously, I have done a lot of photography and printmaking but don't feel confident with paint & pencils. I think the workshop helped me break down a few mental barriers and I will definitely do more workshops with Tajinder."

7 Jul 19'

Steve Cottrell reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I went on this course because my wife wanted to. I haven't done much since my foundation year at art college 40 years ago but I needn't have worried. Tajinder has a wonderful concept going here combining art and meditation. I must stress here that you don't actually need to 'be able to draw'. If you can pick up a piece of charcoal (all provided) and make marks on a sheet of paper, you're good to go. Tajinder takes you through the day, gently extracting thoughts and feelings from within yourself that you didn't know existed. Transforming these thoughts and feelings onto two dimensions in the form of artwork - and you *will* produce artwork - is a wonder to behold. You'll be pleased with the results of the art, and also of the exploration of your inner self - all in a great setting with good space and light. Easy, secure parking. Definitely worth the cost, and we'll be going back again. Excellent!"

7 Jul 19'

Rebecca Smith reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I absolutely loved this workshop and found the experience enlightening and so warming. Thank you Tajinder, and to my fellow workshop colleagues who were lovely to share the experience with. Everyone was so encouraging:)"

20 Apr 19'

Gerry reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I wanted to change direction from my old, staid way of expressing myself artistically, and Tajinder's methods were ideal for that. After a long break I am now ready to pick up a paintbrush again. Thank you, Tajinder!"

30 Mar 19'

Sharon Beagles reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"Tajinder's workshops are well worth attending. Not only are they well organized but they are also structured to allow you to get in touch with deeper aspects of yourself. I was amazed at the work I created and by talking about my paintings and drawings, I gained a completely different perspective on aspects of myself and certain situations in my life! Not only do you learn about yourself, but there is plenty of opportunity to learn about art as well -- information on technique and artists. I also see it as a time to take a step out of my busy life -- the venue, Westbury Farm, is ideal for encouraging feelings of calm and of connection with the beautiful grounds and the old farm house. All of these things, and Tajinder's gentle facilitation, make these workshops something very special indeed."

8 Apr 18'

Natalie Jones (NJ) reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"Just love coming here when I get the chance. So relaxing and peaceful to practice my highly unskilled artistry with a fantastic teacher, Tajinder She is so calm, warm and encouraging. Thoroughly enjoy my time there x"

MindFlow Art responded:

" Thank you Natalie for reviewing my course. It's always a pleasure sharing the day with you. Hope to see you soon. Warm regards Tajinder"

10 Mar 18'

Linda reviewed: MindFlow Art: Healing the Heart though Creativity

"Loved the whole day of creativity and relaxation."

19 Feb 18'

Gayle Dallas reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I have with my partner attended two Mind Flow workshops and have not only learned so much about the processes of original creativity , but how to paint or draw from soul awareness , letting whatever flows come to the surface of the subconscious , Tajinder has a calm and nurturing nature that naturally transmits spiritual encouragements to her pupils ."

9 Feb 18'

Ashrup Gardner reviewed: Creative Art as Therapy

"I attended this course last year, it was excellent therapeutic and creative at the same time. I learnt not only about painting and spirituality but also what I want from life. I left the course feeling relaxed and fulfilled. The days retreat was well worth £55."

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