MC Woodcrafts reviews

23 Aug 22'

Jo Noble reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"Really enjoyed every aspect of this course! Mike really knows his stuff and is brilliant at getting the subject across for beginners but also can go in to more detail about the materials and methods for those wanting to know more. His enthusiasm for the subject is really contagious and by the end of the session when we'd finished our spoons, we were itching to plan our next project. A fantastic workshop in a beautiful setting! Would highly recommend! "

MC Woodcrafts responded:

" Hi Jo, thanks for your kind review. I'm so glad that you got so much out of the day. It was a pleasure to meet you both"

21 Aug 22'

Harry reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"This was one of the most fun, interesting and fulfilling crafting courses I’ve done. Would 100% recommend. Mike was excellent at getting the most out of us; he taught us skills whilst also giving us room to be creative. We’re already looking forward to our next course. "

MC Woodcrafts responded:

" Thanks for your kind words Harry, I'm really glad that you both enjoyed the day"

23 Jun 22'

Expedition Douglas reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Really enjoyed the day, blessed with good weather and a great group. Mike is a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. Kept everyone on track but comfortable to chat about peoples experience and share his opinions. The day flew and he was very generous."

20 Jun 22'

Stephanie Maloney reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Had a beautiful day in a beautiful setting, learning how to carve using axes and knives. Mike was so knowledgeable about his craft, and so patient, giving clear instructions, but also lots of 1 to 1 help whenever it was needed. There's something really magical, working a piece of wood with your own hands into something beautiful, and a great sense of achievement at having created it. Highly recommended."

16 May 22'

Debbie H reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"We spent a fabulous morning learning to carve our own wooden spoons. Mike was a great teacher and host, answering all our wood carving questions plus being knowledgeable about the surrounding woodland. The course was well paced with lots of one to one guidance, plenty of tea and biscuits and a lovely peaceful location."

16 May 22'

Paul Smithies reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"£40 very well spent. Mike was an excellent teacher with a strong safety content. Superb setting. Would recommend the taster course to anyone. Mike showed us a rang of techniques to carve the spoon safely. Very friendly manner and welcomed questions. Didnt quite finish the spoon on the day but was given enougb techniques to finish it in the evening."

21 Apr 22'

Jane and David Wheatley reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"A really enjoyable day learning a lot of new skills and enthusing us to want to do more to create useful and lovely, environmentally friendly things. Mike was really knowledgeable and charming, patient and kind about our achievements! He provided us with excellent tools and equipment in a really lovely setting.We both want to return and learn more."

20 Apr 22'

John reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Had a fantastic day learning the techniques to carve a spoon with an axe and knives. There was a group of 6 which worked perfectly allowing Mike to get round everyone offering help with technique were necessary. Just need to practice now! Thanks Mike"

18 Apr 22'

Dylan reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Mike was very helpful and informative. The course was enjoyable and had the right number of participants so that Mike could get round everyone to give individual support. I am very pleased with my finished spoon."

3 Oct 21'

Stew Art reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Had a wonderful day learning to carve a spoon with Mike (and Jack ??) was held in a beautiful setting on the edge of the chevin forest.. mike's relaxed and friendly way of teaching meant I was able to take a lot of information in without feeling overwhelmed..we were taught as a group but also had plenty of 1:1 help through out the day.. would definitely recommend to others.."

21 Sep 21'

Helen Lord reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"Had a great time at the Radical Bakers Festival in Shropshire last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed carving a spoon with Mike. He was excellent as a teacher, very patient and very thorough in his demonstration of different carving techniques and very much with health and safety in mind at all times. I had a great time and now have a new-found admiration for the makers of the humble wooden spoon. I never knew so much work went in to making one. Thank you Mike."

1 Sep 21'

Piers Lesser reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Mike was really skilled in looking after us all. He provided tools and enthusiasm and was able to keep the slower of us nicely included without any suggestion of criticism. It was a wonderful day and well worthwhile. Thank you."

27 Aug 21'

Weronika reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"I loved the course so much I ended up ordering my own set of knives and wood to make more spoons. Mike was incredibly patient and generous, sharing tips, resources and giving us extra time to finish off our spoons. He continues to offer help after the course so you’re not left alone in case you need guidance! We had our course in the middle of Otley Chevin forest, with snacks and hot drinks at hand. I enjoyed every minute and will definitely be back to learn more in the future:)"

3 Aug 21'

Sue Sheerin reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"Absolutely loved my time learning to craft a usable spoon..mike was brilliant and jack (the dog) was a joy to have around, was a very enjoyable experience ?"

3 Aug 21'

Roger reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"I had a full day spoon carving course with Mike and would thoroughly recommend it. Mike was very informative, supportive and great company. A great day learning new skills."

17 Jul 21'

Henry reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"Mike tailored the course to meet everyone's individual skill basis and carefully adjusted grips/found ways to improve technique. Very helpful and good fun."

13 Jul 21'

Viv reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"A great 3 hour course with everything you need to carve your first spoon. Mike is a very calm instructor and took time to make sure we knew what we were doing."

12 Jul 21'

MATTHEW POTTER reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"Really enjoyed the spoon making session with Mike. I found the 3hr sesion he delivered was packed with really great advice and tips to get me carving with confidence. Thank You!"

12 Jul 21'

Denise reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"This was a brilliant course. I've never even wielded this sort of knife, let alone produced a working spoon. Mike is calm, kind and knowledgeable. I have already ordered two knives and I'm looking for a nice piece of wood....."

12 Jul 21'

Catherine reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"A superb session with excellent teaching. I hadn’t expected to learn so much in such a calm and gentle way, but Mike’s teaching style was so encouraging that we all achieved a great deal. When he said he want teaching us to make our first spin, but our 3rd 4th and 5th one, that was so true, as he equipped us with a range of skills to take away. Is always wanted to carve, and now feel I have the beginnings of the skill to do so and grow in the craft. I became genuinely emotional about my end product but, most importantly, about the seeds planted by Mike to keep pursuing learning and craft."

6 Jul 21'

Ruth Brotherton reviewed: Spoon Carving Taster Session

"A wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! This is a great course in a great location and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mike is very skilled and knowledgeable and I learnt a huge amount in just half a day. I now feel confident to be able to continue to develop these skills on my own to improve further. Thanks Mike ?"

5 Jul 21'

David Taylor reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Mike is an excellent teacher, I learnt a massive amount from him in a day. A fantastic experience all round and would definitely recommend!!!"

29 Jun 21'

Katherine reviewed: Intro to Green Woodwork

"Myself and my husband attended the green woodworking day course. We had a fabulous day. I am very new to any type of wood work, my husband has been carving for a couple of years. Mike made sure that we both knew what we were doing and was a constant source of knowledge. Highly recommend this day whether you are a complete beginner, have some experience it just want to give it a go. He also makes a pretty good cuppa too ☺️ And the day was even more complete by having the company of Jack, Mike’s lovely canine companion."

11 May 21'

James Hill reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Brilliant course in a lovely location and with a great teacher! Mike was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, opening my eyes to a whole new world! Learned a lot in one day without it feeling overwhelming, which is a credit to Mike's teaching style."

10 May 21'

Lizzy Brothwood reviewed: Carve a spoon in a day

"Absolutely brilliant!!! I honestly could not recommend this course highly enough! Despite the awful weather, Mike went above and beyond to make this day totally accessible and enjoyable. We were provided tea and coffee throughout the day and even some choccy biscuits! Mike’s warm and friendly approach to teaching made the course so much fun as well as informative. I left the day with a whole host of skills, which was all down to Mike’s 1:1 teaching, encouragement and a lot of patience! Massive thank you Mike!"

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