Loveheart Workshops reviews

25 Sep 22'

Sheila Shields reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"Alison is such a lovely person putting you at ease from first moment I had such a good time on the wheel I am going to weekly classes I highly recommend any one to have a go "

9 Jun 22'

Megan reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"Just been for my first of four classes and loved it! The group were so welcoming and Alison was very knowledgeable, taking me through each step of making my first piece. Alison was so helpful and accommodating with arranging the class with me. Really looking forward to coming back next week, thank you!"

28 May 22'

Ruth reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"What an excellent experience . Alison such a lovely bubbly person. Extremely patient and helpful. Dealt superbly with my daughter who has Asperger’s and a physical disability. We both thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and are eager to go back. Thank you Alison!"

22 May 22'

Dawn reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"Was bought the pottery experience as a present and had a lovely time . Alison was very patient and easy to get on with making the time pass too quickly. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about giving it a try ."

Loveheart Workshops responded:

" It was lovely to meet you Dawn, thank you for your review. Take care, hope to see you again soon ☺️"

16 May 22'

Alison Crosby reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"We had an extremely fun time learning how to use the potters wheel. Alison was great at explaining what we needed to do and then kept us on track when we had a go ourselves. Nothing was too much trouble and we came away fully enthused to have another go in the future."

Loveheart Workshops responded:

" Thank you for your lovely words. It was a fun session and I'm glad you both enjoyed it so much! 😊"

24 Mar 22'

Matthew reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"I bought this course for my wife and I as a Christmas present, and I’m definitely glad I did! Alison is a fantastic teacher, really good at explaining things and really friendly, would recommend to anyone who fancies something a little bit different!"

Loveheart Workshops responded:

" Thank you Matthew for your kind words. It was lovely to meet you both!"

16 Mar 22'

Jess reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"My sister and I had a wonderful afternoon of pottery, Alison is a brilliant teacher and we had a great time. I booked this as a Christmas gift for my sister and when we were unable to go on the date I had booked, Alison was really good about it and we rearranged with no problems. Overall it was a great experience!"

Loveheart Workshops responded:

" Thank you for your lovely review. It was a great pleasure to meet you both.. Glad you enjoyed it so much!"

27 Feb 22'

Rhys reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"What can I say? This was such an amazing afternoon. We had 1.5 hours of pottery throwing on the wheels. We both managed to make 3 pots each. Alison was awesome, such a great teacher and incredibly friendly. I'd recommend this to anyone."

Loveheart Workshops responded:

" Thank you Rhys, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it! Hope to see you both again soon 😊"

24 Feb 22'

Amy Y reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"Alison was a fantastic teacher and such a lovely person! She was so accomodating, made sure we used the time we had to ensure we had something to show for our efforts and she also makes a stellar hot chocolate! Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and would definitely book another sometime. Would recommend this class without hesitation :)"

Loveheart Workshops responded:

" Thank you for your kind words Amy, It was great fun to have you all at the studio, looking forward to seeing you again soon to paint your pots! 💖"

9 Feb 22'

Robert Smithies reviewed: Pottery Wheel Taster Private Session

"Bought as a present for my wife, Alison was extremely accommodating regarding booking time, experience was great and would thoroughly recommend to anybody else with an interest in pottery"

20 May 21'

ruth moreland reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"It was my first time today and I absolutely loved it . What an amazing teacher Alison is and the studio is charming . I know I am going to learn so much and that Alison and the other potters will help me on my journey. I can’t wait for next week !"

2 Nov 20'

Susie Cummins reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"Alison is an amazing teacher and I’ve met a lovely set of people there, from very diverse backgrounds and I can honestly say I’ve met friends for life. It has kept me sane since all the Covid crisis started, even if only through a weekly Zoom meeting. Alison is very talented and knowledgeable and offers a very warm welcome. Highly recommended."

2 Nov 20'

Martin Fitzsimons reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"I first started going a couple of months ago to Love Heart, Alison is an excellent tutor, patient and helps you make your ideas come to life, even if they are not just pot shaped."

5 Sep 20'

Monty reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"Alison is was really kind and an incredibly fun teacher. Really loved the class and we had a lot of fun doing the workshop. The workshop had a very warm environment and everyone was very encouraging. I would definitely recommend it!"

11 Nov 19'

Chris Whaite reviewed: Ceramic slip casting workshop

"Alison is a fantastic tutor, patient and very knowledgeable. The course was amazing, all the pupils were friendly and the day passed too quickly. Had a great time and will definitely be booking on another course."

10 Nov 19'

Michelle Butler reviewed: Ceramic slip casting workshop

"Alison is an excellent teacher. The course was informative and a lot of fun. There was a huge selection of moulds to choose from. I chose to make some hedgehogs that were ever so cute. I look forward to seeing the finished products. Would recommend this workshop."

9 Nov 19'

Jules Holland Oxbrough reviewed: Ceramic slip casting workshop

"Enjoyable and informative. Friendly atmosphere, good fun with lovely people. Excellent tutor. A marvellously creative and productive day. I would highly recommend this course!"

9 Nov 19'

Vivienne Moghal reviewed: Ceramic slip casting workshop

"Marvellous, marvellous, marvellous. Knew nothing about slip-casting at the start and left having made two brilliant pots, one of which I painted with coloured slips. Atmosphere - as alway, so relaxing and therapeutic. Teacher - well, Alison is second to none. Nobody is a a good as she is at instructing you in all the intricacies and answering all your questions (very patiently). Recommendation - go, learn, enjoy, love and of course, return."

7 Nov 19'

Laura Kennedy reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"I’m so pleased I read about these classes here and went along. Alison is a brilliant teacher and host and the atmosphere is lovely and welcoming. There’s the chance to learn the technique and use your creativity to decide what you make and it’s great to see your pieces progress each week. Loads of different things to have a go at and use to make and decorate. Thoroughly enjoy and recommend!"

16 Oct 18'

Karolina reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"Booked a taster session for 6 people to try a bit of pottery. Alison was very accommodating and a great teacher. Lots and lots of things to use and learn. good bit of fun as well. Would love to continue with regular classses as Alison is an amazing teacher and a lot of fun as well! 👍"

4 Aug 18'

Claire Walker reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"Alison is a passionate fabulous teacher with an abundance of knowledge. The classes are so welcoming and friendly. I had done pottery for a year before atttending the class but I have learnt so much from Alison’s class and my pottery skills has improved since joining."

11 Jun 18'

Susan Price reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"This class is brilliant. Great atmosphere and great teaching. I would recommend it to anyone of any level of ability."

4 Feb 18'

Sarah jones reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"Alison is a fantastic teacher, she imparts her considerable knowledge of ceramics in a way that makes you feel as if it is the most natural thing! Her teaching style is so encouraging, warm and gentle so even the most green novice takes their pottery home with pride. It is a joy to attend these classes every week."

4 Feb 18'

Kate reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"I love coming to pottery class every week! Alison is a great teacher and is always encouraging. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. If you fancy giving pottery a go this is definitely the class for you!"

4 Feb 18'

Mike twigg reviewed: Weekly pottery/ceramics classes

"I've been going to Alison's studio for just over a year now and love it more and more. Fantastic atmosphere and really friendly people too. Whether your a beginner or a veteran there's always something new to learn and Alison guides you and helps you to enjoy your experience to the full. Highly recommended. Excellent class."

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