Julian Wadsworth - Artist Blacksmith reviews

12 Jun 22'

Gary G reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"Julian is very knowledgeable & informative. On the one day introduction to welding course I learnt about tig, mig & gas welding and had the opportunity to try mig welding, including all different joint types. I found Julian to be patient, helpful & he gave me plenty of advice on what to look out for when buying equipment. A very enjoyable day."

Julian Wadsworth - Artist Blacksmith responded:

" Hi Gary, Thankyou for your review. One bit of kit I did mention but may have got the name wrong is the Arc Tech, made in Britain. Look at the 180 amp , am told its around £500. I have seen one and they look really well made. Let me know how you get on, Julian"

3 Jun 22'

Rob Britton reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"A wonderful experience with a truly great guy who has a passion for his trade. I personally struggle to learn from books/YouTube and pick up how to do things much easier if I spend time hands on with a master tradesman. Julian is definitely a master of his trade and he willingly shares his knowledge with a passion. I would highly recommend anyone wishing to learn MIG welding to contact Julian. Thank you so much for a great day and for teaching me MIG welding theory and techniques. I can now start my scrap metal sculptures with confidence"

Julian Wadsworth - Artist Blacksmith responded:

" Hi Rob, Thankyou for your review. One bit of kit I am hearing of and have seen one , is the Arc Tech 180 mig. British made and come in around £500 I am told.Keep me informed on how you are doing. Regards, Julian"

22 May 22'

Tony Webber reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"Simply a stunning experience — a whole welding world in a day. Thank you Julian for sharing so much theory and technical facts along with a very practical based approach which gave me my very first experience of MIG first thing and then allowed me to build various techniques on that throughout a very thorough day. Great conversation and chats on a whole range of shared interests topped it all off. Additionally Julian gave me much valued and appreciated information and facts on choices of machines and the kit I will need. I will go again if only for an opportunity for guided practice and the best cup of tea in West Yorkshire! A yes from me and a recommendation to anyone wishing to try and apply MIG welding. Thank you."

2 May 22'

Neil reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"I have to say Julian is a fantastic instructor. Not only did he teach me the basic skills of MIG welding different joints in pretty much every direction and position but also gave great advice on what machines to consider, what PPE to get and and all of the consumables needed. The day was almost all practical with Julian showing me how to then letting me practice until I had the hang of each weld. Thank you for a great day and I hope to come back again for another course."

22 Apr 22'

James/Becky reviewed: One day welding course for two people

"Brilliant, informative and practical, we had a great day with Julian welding. He can easily adapt to various projects you want to talk about and for me made it a practical. Highly recommend. Master of his trade."

4 Apr 22'

David Hamilton reviewed: Two day blacksmithing course

"I've been a hobbyist blade smith for about 3 years and decided I wanted to increase my skill set, everything I learned so far had been from YouTube and TV but there is only so much you can learn that way, so I booked in with Julian for a 2 day course. On arrival Julian immediately puts you at ease, runs you through a few basic safety things and then its into the work. I chose to make the poker, which sounds easy, but isn't. Over the next two days Julian taught me how to do many of the things I've been struggling with (upsetting, twisting, ring making, drawing, spreading and many other things) he also corrected my hammer work so that I can work much more efficiently. All the while putting up with my stupid errors with patience and understanding. Its a busy couple of days, but Julian lets you work at your own speed, encouraging without criticising and keeping good humour through it all. I cannot recommend this course enough; whether you have worked hot metal before or not you will enjoy 2 very instructive and fulfilling days and come away with a piece you will be proud to say you made."

22 Mar 22'

Peter Vincent reviewed: One day welding course for two people

"I booked to attend this course with a friend, both of us were complete novices so weren't sure what to expect from the day. Starting with some basics so we understood what we were wanting to achieve Julian was brilliant, so knowledgeable and happy to share his skills and experience as well as tricks of the trade. He matched the pace of the training to our ability, by the end of the day we'd both done lots of welds and learnt a great deal. A brilliant day that has inspired us to get own own kit! Can throughly recommend."

8 Mar 22'

Gary Hill reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"Superb course would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn how to weld . Julian took time to explain the basics of welding and how metal reacts to heat . Plenty of hands on experience"

18 Jan 22'

A Mitton reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"This was a present for my partner. He came back full of enthusiasm having had a great day learning from Julian. He felt he had spent loads of time doing hands on welding. Julian was really interested in why he wanted to learn to weld and made sure he taught the course appropriately for that. Highly recommend."

15 Dec 21'

Alex reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"Brilliant day welding with Julian, learnt lots of great skills that will certainly be useful in my job. Very relaxed vibe but lots of detail and plenty of time to practice!"

5 Aug 21'

David Edward Burgess reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"Really enjoyed my time with Julian. A knowledgeable and patient teacher. I learnt a great deal. I would recommend to all."

6 Jul 21'

Katy reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"The best birthday present ever! I loved every minute of my time with Julian. Aside from being an accomplished blacksmith artist and welder he is a fascinating person. Julian puts you at your ease and has a relaxed teaching style. As a teacher myself I appreciated his patience and humour. I can now weld confidently and look forward to progressing my skills. I would definitely recommend this course! Thank you Julian x"

4 Jun 21'

Andy reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"If you want to learn how to weld I doubt that it would be possible to improve on Julian’s course. He is personable, interesting and as an award winning craftsman highly knowledgeable. In addition his forge and workshop are extraordinary, like a visit to the national trust. I’ve always wanted to learn how to weld and doubted I’d ever manage it but now I’m confident. If there was a score above excellent I would have ticked it."

19 May 21'

Steve Bacon reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"Just finished a 1 day welding course with Julian, who is not only very patient and explains and demonstrates things very clearly; he is flexible and happy to modify things to deal with me being left handed and also coping with my varifocal glasses issues. He's also pretty good at making proper tea on a mug too! Thoroughly recommended!"

12 Feb 20'

Tony Duffy reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"I recently took a one day welding course with Julian and it was excellent. I went from being a total beginner to really gaining some good understanding and confidence with MIG welding. Even though this is a "one day" course Julian's enthusiasm and knowledge mean you take away a lot more in understanding and practical skill than you would expect. Julian seems to take great pride in ensuring you leave with the right skills and knowledge rather than just running through the material unlike some other courses I have been on. If you are considering gaining experience in welding I can really recommend this course. The price may seem higher than others but the topics and the amount of practical activity you will cover is definitely worth it."

28 May 19'

James Priest reviewed: One day blacksmithing course

"I had one of the best days for a long time working with Julian. I haven't done much metal work since school days 40 odd years ago, but I've always had an urge to revisit it. In my view Julian is a great teacher with the right balance of explanation, teaching by example and letting you get hands on. We discussed a project in the morning, over mugs of tea, that would be challenging but achievable in the day. Julian's mix of technical experience and artistic flair with a real practical and down to earth approach was wonderful and led, not only to achieving something I'm proud of, but to a great days conversation and something I'll remember for a long time. A thoroughly engrossing day, that I'll be keen to follow up on! Many thanks for welcoming me into your workshop Julian!"

9 Apr 19'

Lindsey jeffcock reviewed: Two day blacksmithing course

"Totally blown away by the whole experience with everything exceeding my expectations. So, what did I expect? I thought I’d have the opportunity to make perhaps a poker, a toasting fork or perhaps candlestick holder, following instruction and guidance from the tutor. I would have been pretty pleased with that, regardless of the fact that I don’t have a real fire to poke or a passion for candlelit toasted dinners. Julian was great, tremendously passionate and knowledgeable. The workshop was really interesting and we had the opportunity to see some of Julian’s incredible work. After a good brew and chat Julian gave us pretty much free reign on what we would like to create, with a steer toward achievable goals within the two days. Julian gave us the space to consider our original concepts and shared his own creative knowledge to enhance our pieces. His fantastic and patient instruction, from measuring out, creating test pieces to working the metal was brilliant, managing to support two of us with totally different projects in such a way that we always felt both engaged and supported. I swear he must have eyes in the back of his head! He was generous with his time, encouragement and creativity. All of this ensured we spent most of the two days grinning and we’re incredibly proud of our projects. Personally I love getting stuck in and having a go but it has to be said, just watching Julian work on test pieces was mesmerising in itself. I’d recommend this course to anyone with an interest in Blacksmithing and wanting excellent personal instruction."

6 Apr 19'

Tom Booth reviewed: Two day blacksmithing course

"I attended Julian’s two day course and it was amazing! We made a tree form bird feeder. Julian showed me how to use the forge, control the temperature of the metal and how to shape it. His knowledge and experience is vast and he was generous with his time. Over the two days we worked together to forge all the parts for the feeder. Julian was friendly and an excellent teacher, I would have no problem recommending him to anyone of any experience."

22 Mar 19'

David reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"A day well spent! I learned so much from Julian on the one day introduction to welding. I began the day as a complete novice, having never touched a welding torch, but left with the confidence to undertake some welding projects on my own. Julia is a very good tutor with the patience to help you develop your skills, as he shares his enthusiasm for working with metal. I can thoroughly recommend this course, as I not only learnt much, but also enjoyed every moment of the day."

8 Mar 19'

Sue Oliver reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"Had a really great day with Julian learning to weld. I’d never done anything like this before so was a bit anxious about whether I would be able to get the hang of it. I needn’t have worried. Julian started the day with basic theory about materials and tools but it wasn’t long before I was actually welding. I came away with loads of practical advice tailored to what I wanted to achieve. Julian gave me lots of opportunities to practice welding which has given me the confidence to crack on and have a go at home. I’m now in the process of kitting myself out with everything I need for the welding projects I want to tackle. A day well spent."

12 Feb 19'

Andrew Hilton reviewed: One day welding course: an introduction

"To become any good at welding you need proper training and lots of practice. This day gave lots of both. Julian explains the theory behind the different types of joint and the different techniques to use and then you get loads and loads of practice, with Julian demonstrating whenever you need it. I arrived having never picked up a welding torch and left feeling quite confident that I could have a go when I got home and produce acceptable results (for a novice !). This was a well-structured, informative and enjoyable day which I would happily recommend to anyone. Thanks Julian."

17 Sep 18'

Sharron Hughes reviewed: One day blacksmithing course

"Me and my husband did the mig welding course with Julian and had such a great day we booked the blacksmith course straight away. Julian is a great teacher he is encouraging and helpful and really knows his stuff. We produced some fantastic pieces we are really proud of, we cannot recommend any course with Julian highly enough."

3 Jun 18'

David Lowe reviewed: One day blacksmithing course

"Absolutely incredible and fascinating day with Julian. A thoroughly passionate and friendly guy who couldn't have been more accommodating and welcoming to both my wife and I. We went away with a beautiful piece of functional art. Julian was brilliant and really helped us bring out our best and walk away with something to be proud of. Couldn't recommend this course and Julian enough."

9 Apr 18'

Adrian Rigg reviewed: One day blacksmithing course

"I can thoroughly recommend Julian's courses. Had the one day blacksmith course and learnt an invaluable amount of information and technique, which has urged me to consider blacksmithing as a long term hobby. It is evident Julian has a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill and patience, and is also a perfectionist who likes to see things through to completion. Thanks Julian, thoroughly enjoyed today."

13 Mar 18'

Suzanne & Ian Bevington reviewed: Two day blacksmithing course

"Wow what a fantastic weekend! Julian is a very talented artist and blacksmith but best of all, a great tutor with oodles of patience and a thoroughly lovely man. We arrived thinking we'd leave with a boot scraper or the like but then Julian piqued our interest and he let our imagination flow, putting his own thoughts and ideas in when we needed help. We ended up with a huge wall mounted hat rack which will look fabulous with our array of steampunk hats on. I can't believe that we managed to make something so beautiful and practical of our own design in just 2 days. Nothing fazed Julian at all, he's calm and chatty and I'm now converted to having honey in tea! Thank you so much for an amazing, dirty, exhausting, invigorating weekend. We will definitely be booking again sometime"

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