Green Man Ceramics reviews

12 Jan 23'

Jayne Cassidy reviewed: Highland cow ceramic sculpture workshop

"Great day, great teacher and a great highland cow at the end. Would highly recommend these courses to anyone."

Green Man Ceramics responded:

" Thanks Jayne 😁"

14 Nov 22'

Jayne Cassidy reviewed: Large ceramic character hare

"Fantastic value for money. Linda is a great teacher, and I came out far more knowledgeable than when I went in. It was a great 2 days with great company along with much fun and laughter. A homemade dinner was provided which was delicious, can't wait for my next course"

Green Man Ceramics responded:

" Thanks Jayne, it was nice to meet you, see you in January 😁 "

28 Sep 22'

Lesley reviewed: Highland cow ceramic sculpture workshop

"An absolutely fabulous workshop. I went with 2 friends & we all made a far better cow than we were expecting. Linda explained everything really well & gave us time to progress at our own pace. I would definitely recommend this workshop & hope to go back again. "

Green Man Ceramics responded:

" Thanks Lesley ?"

11 Sep 22'

Linda Handley reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Absolutely wonderful day, friendly, informative with an excellent result! Excited and enriched by the whole experience."

Green Man Ceramics responded:

" Thanks Linda ? "

30 Jul 22'

Dave T reviewed: Pottery gnome kit

"excellent product and idea, and great fun to make as a family on a wet afternoon - and great video explaining the whole process - thanks!"

Green Man Ceramics responded:

" Thanks Dave, glad you enjoyed it ?"

29 Jan 22'

Colleen Wheeler reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Had a lovely day with Linda, making the moon gazing hare. She gave good instructions and waited until everybody had caught up before going onto the next instruction. Very easy going and down to earth. I really enjoyed my day. Linda also politely posted my hare due to the distance involved between the workshop and where I live. Looking forward to doing more workshops in the future."

20 Jan 22'

Kat Green reviewed: Green Lady Ceramic wall sculpture.

"Loved this course, I have never done any pottery befote but Linda the tutor was fantastic at teaching and explaining technique. Would highly recommend."

6 Jul 21'

Helen reviewed: Meadow painting step by step guide with painting kit provided

"Kit arrived quickly and top quality materials included. Tutorials were easy to watch and follow once downloaded, though producing the same result was not as easy as it looked, due entirely to my lack of skill and experience!!! Great fun, relaxing and well worth the price."

12 Jun 21'

Penny reviewed: Brusho hare painting/ step by step guide

"Not what I was expecting. Didn’t realise that I’d need to buy special paints."

Green Man Ceramics responded:

" Hiya Penny, it is a brusho workshop and it does say that you need brusho paints, not sure what else I could do?"

12 Jun 21'

Elizabeth Whitehead reviewed: Moon gazing hare step by step ceramic digital workshop

"Great class, really good instruction easy to follow and having the weight of the clay is so helpful in creating the right sized hare. Totally hooked now, so also made moon hugging hare too."

19 Jan 21'

Dawn Emmerson reviewed: Brusho hare painting/ step by step guide

"Really enjoyed this course. The tutor was very clear and explained each step well, but it was useful to be able to pause the video and go back if needed. It was a good introduction to the different Brusho techniques and was very easy to follow."

9 Nov 19'

Katrina reviewed: Large ceramic character hare

"Linda is an amazing teacher and shows you step by step what to do. Linda encourages you to create what you envision or what you may have seen and supports you in being able to achieve this. Linda’s sessions are always fun and enjoyable and laughs are always had. I very much enjoyed making my hare and really can’t wait for it to come out the kiln and also hope to make another one it is a very addictive craft. Thank you Linda you are fab, and Owen the cook also makes lovely homemade food, very good value for money ?"

3 Nov 19'

Alison Caller reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Linda has the amazing ability to simplify the complex steps of building a creature so that even a beginner can produce something they're proud of."

13 Sep 18'

Vinette reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Thoroughly enjoyable courses. Great mindfulness experience and everyone comes away with an amazing piece of artwork. Step by step instructions so can be a complete novice. Highly recommended. Have booked on another 2 courses. (Teenage son also loved it)"

13 Sep 18'

Sally Rhodes reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Done a few of Linda’s courses and all great. Good step by step instructions for beginners and always surprised at how well my own efforts turn out!"

13 Sep 18'

Linda Robinson reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Fantastic courses for beginners and advanced in a relaxed atmosphere. Linda who runs the course has a great personality, is very patient and extremely talented. Highly recommended"

13 Sep 18'

Katie Halstead reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Thoroughly enjoyed my moon gazing hare workshop! Linda was brilliant; kind, approachable and funny too! The day was paced perfectly; just slowly enough that you don't feel you're rushing, but just quickly enough that you don't have time to fiddle about with your creation and mess it up! She gave great instruction and was always keeping an eye out to help anyone that was struggling. Our class was a real mixed bag of skill level, from us (complete beginners!) to a guy that has his own pottery studio (!) and yet we were all really happy with the hares that we created! She gives enough instruction that they all look like hares, but gives you enough freedom to play so that all the hares develop their own little personalities as you make them. Linda was very patient with us and I can't wait to get my little hare home! I would definitely recommend Linda's courses! Such a great day!"

12 Mar 17'

Jane Drake reviewed: Green Lady Ceramic wall sculpture.

"I attended my first of Linda's courses yesterday with a friend who had recommended them after enjoying two on previous occasions. The organisation of the day was great - a perfect balance of tuition and working with the clay. Linda's demonstrations helped us all to create a green man mask to be proud of but they were all very individual! Can't wait to go back!"

8 Mar 17'

Moira Blackstock reviewed: Glass fused Christmas tree decorations/hangings

"Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and pleased with the result. Linda is a talented teacher and has the patience to go with it."

25 Sep 16'

Emma rosenthal reviewed: Glass fused Christmas tree decorations/hangings

"Brilliant glass fusing workshop. Linda is a great teacher and makes it really simple. Lovely atmosphere and love looking at everything she has made around the house . This is the second workshop I have done with Linda and I will Be back for more."

25 Sep 16'

Susan Buxey reviewed: Green Lady Ceramic wall sculpture.

"I collected my green man yesterday and am thrilled with it. With step by step tuition Linda guided us through the process from a lump of clay to a wall sculpture. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can highly recommend it. The house is full of Linda's wonderful creations, she is a very talented lady. The cakes were good too!"

24 Sep 16'

Chris Leach reviewed: Glass fused Christmas tree decorations/hangings

"Great workshop. Really fun day and very pleased with what I made thanks to Linda's expert tuition, even though she said she'd be glad to see the back of us!! Apparently, we were a really badly behaved group. Don't know what she was talking about!"

12 Sep 16'

Judy Carter reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Another fantastic course. Thank you sooo much Linda for your patience and encouragement that allowed me to produce my 'work of art!!!!!'. Her courses are a lovely relaxed way to meet new people, have a laugh and learn a new skill and of course are an ideal gift for someone special. Linda is so funny and entertaining and makes delicious cakes too. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to have a go at creating something truly unique. Already booked for November.....can't wait!!! Special thanks to Anne for the lift home x"

11 Sep 16'

Anne Ardern reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Linda is a great patient teacher. She coped with my over enthusiastic approach to life with aplomb. I loved her step by step way of teaching allowing students of every skill level to creat a very credible Hare. She was not a clock watcher allowing the class to overun and helping a traffic stuck latecomer catch up and learn. The cake and tea was welcoming and enjoyable too i will be returning soon as i can get a gang together for the soon to be announced weekday classes."

11 Sep 16'

Alison reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Who would have thought that making a clay hare could be so much fun?! I haven't done anything like this since I was at school which is more years ago than I care to remember! Linda is an excellent teacher; she gives clear, step by step instructions that enable you to make something you will be proud of. I will definitely be signing up for another of Linda's courses and would thoroughly recommend them. (The tea and cake were an added treat!)"

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