Green Man Ceramics reviews

8 Feb 15'

emma vann reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"We went as a group of four yesterday to the hare course and it was excellent. We had an amazing time and I couldn't believe how good our hares turned out. I can't wait to get mine home to put him in pride of place and we are all now arguing over who made the best hare! (Mine was the best of course :) ). Linda showed each stage of the process very clearly and everyone got the instruction they needed. I would heartily recommend this course!"

16 Jan 15'

Liz Stead reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"A fun day and so well taught that I actually came away with something I liked! I'll definitely be going again"

8 Dec 14'

Val Preston reviewed: Glass fusing suitable for beginners (with home made cake break)

"Linda is professional in a very relaxed and friendly way, she helps you develop your own style and creative skills giving valuable guidance along the way . The glass fusing work shop is super for total beginners or for the more adventurous enabling you to produce your own piece of art work to be proud of. I have met lots of like-minded new friends at Linda's workshops and enjoy the home-made cakes coffee and catch up. I would/do recommend Linda highly.."

8 Dec 14'

Heather Morris reviewed: Glass fusing suitable for beginners (with home made cake break)

"Four hours of fun, laughter and creativity on a Sunday afternoon... A perfect way to relax and produce your own personal masterpieces. Linda is an excellent teacher and her homemade cake is very tasty. I recommend Linda's workshops to everyone whatever age or skill level."

8 Dec 14'

lisa wright reviewed: Glass fusing suitable for beginners (with home made cake break)

"I had a very lovely day at the glass fusion workshop,it was relaxing & not rushed, linda was very informative,friendly & helpful...must add the cake was very yummy lol"

8 Dec 14'

Helen Davidson reviewed: Glass fusing suitable for beginners (with home made cake break)

"What to do on a Sunday? - Go to Linda's glass fusing workshop and have a relaxed creative few hours releasing your artistic skills (I didn't think I had any!) with the friendly and expert guidance of Linda. She talks and demonstrates through each stage of the process - no need to worry about your ability; you will produce some very competent art work at a very reasonable price! Meet new people and take friends with you; eat homemade cake - yummy. All I can say is - fab! Give it a go :-)"

5 Aug 14'

Helen Davidson reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Fantastic way to spend a few hours relaxing and creating something you never imagined you would ever be able to make. Linda's relaxed and expert step by step instructions take you through your new creation until you are gob smacked and delighted at the end result :-) The work shops are addictive, very affordable, and yummy as Linda provides delicious home baked cake :-) There are a variety of different workshops which I am happily working my way through. Give it a go :-)"

4 Aug 14'

Heather reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"What a wonderful way to spend a day making amazing models that I had never dreamt I could achieve. Linda's expert advice and guidance along with her homemade scones, tea & banter make this a great day for anyone from absolute beginners to those who have done some clay work before & want to develop their own creative talents. Very much recommended!"

4 Aug 14'

carla reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"Fantantastic courses, you get to learn step by step how to create something while being encouraged to put your own creative touch to it to make it your own special made item. Well worth it. Really enjoyable and friendly environment and enjoyed every minute of it. Just clear a shelf space ready to display all the things you will want to go back and make on the other courses"

4 Aug 14'

Therese reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"A brilliant way to explore your creative talent in a fun but supportive way. There are usually, well almost always, lovely home made cakes and always great company and a great teacher too. The best courses ever and very very addictive. You will soon fill your home with lots of lovely things :) and even make gifts to share"

4 Aug 14'

Vicki Taylor reviewed: Ceramic moon gazing hares

"What a wonderful way to free yourself with a relaxed approach to art and all it's wonders be warned. Not only is it affordable as a treat it is also highly addictive. The teacher lady Linda is very lovely too:). Highly recommended if your feeling creative for yourself or would like to make a personal bespoke gift. Bloody lovely"

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