Glassification reviews

1 Nov 22'

Alex Smith reviewed: Christmas Fused Glass Taster Session

"Absolutely brilliant. Such good fun. "

Glassification responded:

" Thank you Alex, it was a pleasure to have you on the course. I hope we will see you again soon. Nikki"

29 Jan 18'

Mary Palmer reviewed: Glass fusing Course for Beginners and Improvers

"Liz has a very relaxed style and is very helpful. We started at the beginning learning how to cut glass but very soon we were creating lots of lovely things."

29 Jan 18'

Liz Shewan reviewed: Kids Glass Making for Valentine or Mothers Day

"My son James had a fantastic time making light catchers and a candle holder for Christmas. Very friendly tutor with a health of knowledge, and very patient. Highly recommend"

29 Jan 18'

Christmas Glass Course for Kids reviewed: Kids Glass Making for Valentine or Mothers Day

"This course was brilliant - and I've recommended Glassification to plenty of friends Kate Orwin, the course leader, had all the children under control and completely wrapped up in their projects. They produced 4 items each - all of which I would say were "shop standard" My daughter has already asked when the next course is... and several adult friends are keen to do one too. 10/10!"

18 Jan 18'

Kate reviewed: Glass fusing Course for Beginners and Improvers

"Liz is amazing and her teaching skills are simply exceptional! I’ve told all my arty friends about these courses and they have adored it too... would highly recommend to anybody if they are interested in making some BEAUTIFUL pieces of glass to take Home with them :) thank you liz! Forever grateful!"

30 Mar 17'

Leah reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"Having seen fused glass at a Home & Renovation Show, I was delighted to find that Liz did classes down the road from me. I have a brilliant time, I am producing pieces of fused glass that I thought were well beyond me. Liz is an excellent tutor and the classes are fun and relaxing."

28 Mar 17'

Jennie reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"Liz is passionate about glass and that comes across in her classes. She encourages you to be independent and confident in the very first few minutes. I would recommend this course ."

28 Mar 17'

Chris Matthews reviewed: Fused Glass Drop Vessels

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned so much.. including how to take the rim off a drop vessel with a hammer! It was good to be able to learn a whole range of ways to make drop vessels, and Liz is a very patient teacher!"

1 Oct 16'

Liz Shewan reviewed: Taster Sessions - Fused Glass

"I was given this course as present, and I loved it! I learned so much and made some lovely glass pieces. Would highly recommend."

8 Jun 16'

Jane East reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"After an evening talk at WI several of us attended a workshop which was great fun & from there I am now on my 2nd 6 week course. The subject is very absorbing, the workshop offers good conditions & Liz is extremely helpful but also gives confidence to those of us who feel inadequate! I haven't felt so enthusiastic about something for a long time, mostly thanks to Liz & her knowledge."

7 Jun 16'

sandy flores reviewed: Taster Sessions - Fused Glass

"Thoroughly enjoyable. Course instructor was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Felt I achieved something and actually made a couple of items which turned out really well"

30 Oct 15'

michelle lewis reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"I have really enjoyed the course. Liz is very friendly. I've learnt a lot and had lots of fun making things. Would definately reccomend."

28 Oct 15'

Jayne overd reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"Really enjoyable class. Very friendly and informative but I am now addicted to glass."

28 Oct 15'

Lorraine Tilley reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"My friends and I really enjoyed our 6 week evening glass course, so much so that we've asked our teacher to create a new Christmas decorations evening class for 4 weeks coming up soon and I think we will start again in the new year too! She don't be able to get rid of us now! I am the least creative person in the world but with Liz's help I have made some really wonderful things that I'm very proud to display around my home."

28 Oct 15'

Jennifer Bailey reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"Liz was well organised with everything set out ready for us. She talked to us about glass, its properties, how it can be used etc. . Demonstrated cutting technique and let us loose to try. On hand all the time to explain, help, advise. Very patient and easy going. The aim was to make two items, but for me it was rather too much to absorb and do in a short session. I completed my first piece but ran out of concentration and time. (we had already overrun the time planned for the workshop) However, Liz being Liz, she said I could go back and finish when she was there but hadn't got a workshop going. I spent a very relaxing, enjoyable morning there, didn't quite finish, (I like to take my time) and am going back next week to complete. Would highly recommend unless you don't want to become addicted to glass fusing. Liz is a very warm, patient person and a good teacher. Thanks, Liz."

30 Sep 15'

Ros Duffy reviewed: "Make it Big" Splashbacks & Large Panels for Fused Glass Artists

"I am familiar with fused and stained glass, but wanted to know the differences with making something BIG. I am so glad I attended this course because it was full of useful information which has already been tried and tested by Liz herself, so everything she has learnt she has passed on. She went into detail of the pitfalls and how to get around them. Aga's being a bit of a mean beast for splashbacks, but again mastered by Liz, and advice passed on as to how to overcome them. I attended this course in June and she is still helping me with any questions I have, so her help and advice is ongoing well after you have attended the course."

25 Sep 15'

Ros Duffy reviewed: Fused Glass Making Evening Classes

"The studio is amazingly spacious and the tutor is incredibly friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Learnt a great deal and would highly recommend."

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