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Reviews for Gaëlle in Wales

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Crochet snowflakes (Course inactive)

Thoroughly enjoyable snowflake workshop under the patient guidance of Gaelle. Lovely friendly atmosphere and expert advice with a welcome side of tea and biscuits. I look forward to our next workshop.

- - #18778

Crochet snowman (Course inactive)

Really enjoyed this course. The tutor Gaeille is very patient and pleasant and very good explaining how to learn new techniques. It was nice to make something all in one without having joins.

- - #18764

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

Gaëlle is a fantastic crochet tutor! I’d wanted to learn for years and had tried books and video tutorials to no avail. After the beginner course of 3 sessions I was able to read a simple pattern and started a granny square blanket. Gaëlle is a patient and encouraging tutor and she provided clear and relevant handouts to support the lessons. I would not hesitate to recommend the course.

- - #15207

Diamond pattern crochet basket (Course inactive)

Hard work but well worth the effort!! I'm so pleased with the end result, and to have made something three dimensional! As ever Gaelle has the patience of a saint; as I was the last person on the course to complete the basket she helped me to stay focused and not give up! Can't wait for the next course....

- - #14744

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

An excellent course with a lovely, patient tutor - just what every beginner needs! The handouts were instructive and clear, giving the essentials of what we needed to know for the course; the class was an ideal size with everyone receiving the guidance they needed from Gaelle. I now have the confidence to tackle crochet patterns on my own and look forward to attending more of Gaelle's crochet courses in future.

- - #13408

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to crochet with Gaelle. The course has provided all the essentials needed to give me the confidence to pick up a pattern and have a go!! The tips Gaelle has shared and the hand outs are really helpful. Thank you Gaelle.

- - #13332

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

Excellent course. Excellent and VERY patient teacher! Very useful handouts given in each session. I now know how to do different types of stitches, decreasing and increasing. And most important how to read a pattern! Money well spent....:-)

- - #13162

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

Excellent course run by Gaelle . Did beginners and followed it with the intermediate course really enjoyed both and found the handouts very helpful and informative. Really recommend the courses
Judith 2017

- - #13100

'Sandrine' shawl CAL (crochet along)

Thoroughly enjoyed the course

- - #12988

Learn how to read crochet charts (Course inactive)

Really enjoyed the course! Having taught myself to crochet, many years earlier, I was very rusty . Gaelle made it fun and made it seem very easy. She was an excellent teacher and was very patient. I finished my shawl in record time. The handouts she gave are extremely helpful. I would recommend anyone to attend one of her courses.

- - #12939

Learn how to read crochet charts (Course inactive)

I did a course with Gaelle on reading crochet charts. It was a very informative and useful day. I have since made things using the charts and it's so much easier than ploughing through text. She is a clear teacher as well as a friendly person. We had a lovely session

- - #12936

'Sandrine' shawl CAL (crochet along)

Excellent course

- - #12929

Crochet snowflakes (Course inactive)

Gaelle is a superb teacher she explains everything clearly and logically and is always helpful. The class was fun and we all had a lovely time. I was so enthused that I carried on making more and more snowflakes when I went home so then I had enough for a window display. I also tried one with a very fine wool that looked good on the christmas tree. I have booked on another class with Gaelle, and I'm really looking forward to it

- - #12397

Crochet snowflakes (Course inactive)

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- - #12384

Intro to Tunisian crochet (Course inactive)

Very clearly explained by gaelle.
Very impressed with the result of Tunisian crochet. Could almost be mistaken for knitting. Look forward to another session with gaelle.

- - #9664

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

Gaelle's Crochet for Beginners six week course was excellent. St the end of week one I made a patterned scarf!

Gaelle is very knowledgable, extremely affable and flexes her approach to meet varying standards and speeds of learning.

Her handouts are excellent and Inhavr a skill for life. I can't wait to go on the next course!

- - #4830

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

Gaelle advertised a one day "refresher" course which was just what I needed having taught myself to crochet many years ago and not quite sure what I was doing! It turned out that because someone had cancelled at the last minute, I was the only pupil. Gaelle kindly still ran the session which was brilliant. She is such a good teacher; very patient and answered all my questions. She gave handouts too which are very useful. I would thoroughly recommend her.

- - #2475

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

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- - #2340

Crochet course "Complete beginners"

Gaelle has a lovely reassuring teaching style that is motivating whilst giving feedback in order that you can progress through her lessons. Plenty of advice and one to one help. I am now using my new found skills to make squares that will eventually 'grow up' into a blanket. Easy to follow hand-outs for reference.

- - #2165