Exclusive Jewellery reviews

23 May 17'

Carole H reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I returned to Lucy’s at the end of May. I had worked at home on a leaf made in silver. This is to embellish the pod shape, already developed. After shaping the leaf so it looked as if it was growing from and around the pod, I preparing it for etching. Lucy kindly gave me stop-out varnish and whiting powder so I could continue at home. When I return it will be ready for the acid bath. This is the third time I have used etching and I find it really exciting. It’s great that Lucy offers this and so many other techniques to try."

23 May 17'

Carole H reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I visited Lucy towards the end of April to continue with my 3D project. The two parts of a hollow shape were soldered together. Lucy suggested we could try using hot pitch to fill the item, letting it cool and so allowing us to safely refine the shape by hammering. I liked that we could experiment and keep the design process fluid. The weather was glorious, so I was able to enjoy lunch in Lucy’s wonderful wisteria-clad garden; it is so relaxing, with beautiful plants, and a small pond with goldfish. All in all, the day was a great escape from a hectic time at work!"

17 May 17'

Bev Griffiths reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I have just spent two days in Lucy’s workshop, being taught Jewellery making skills; I was complete novice with no previous experience and what a treat it has been, she is extremely patient and very generous with her knowledge coupled with an incredible passion for her craft, Lucy enabled me to produce a very beautiful unique pendant that covered a number of different techniques. I never thought I would be creating by hand beautiful little flowers and learning how to set using rivets ! I am completely enthused by the entire process and eager to learn more. I will definitely be back to Lucy to learn another area of Jewellery making from a true professional."

12 May 17'

Diane Roome reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I have just spent another day learning with Lucy and creating some gorgeous earrings! I wanted to develop my silversmithing skills, particularly using some of the equipment and tools. I came away having achieved more than I thought I could, and I am already planning my next project. Lucy is a very patient and thorough teacher, and she helped me so much to achieve some great results."

11 May 17'

Haley Burke reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I attended a workshop with Lucy back in April. Her workshop was amazing and so is Lucys' knowledge. I was truly amazed at how much I learnt in one day. I have now booked a further 10 days with Lucy over the next few months and can't wait to develop my skills further. Would highly recommend her workshops to anyone. Thank you"

4 May 17'

Sarah reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I had a fantastic and insightful day with Lucy yesterday. I am a degree student, studying jewellery and metalwork and I wanted to perfect some of the skills that I already have. I chose to do some stone setting with Lucy and I learned so much in one day. I feel I have come away from the session with much more confidence and knowledge to apply to my own designs. Her expertise is invaluable and I will definitely be booking another session with her soon."

30 Apr 17'

Edna reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"My second day with lovely Lucy was just as intense interesting and packed with learning as my first. With Lucy on a one to one you really feel that enhancing your skills is important. We also put the world to rights at the same time. I am not sure if my enamelling project would have been as adventurous without Lucy's guidance and support. I can't wait for my next day."

27 Apr 17'

Marja Haigh reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"As a birthday present, I was given a workshop day with Lucy, making jewellery, it was a big surprise. After making some arrangements with Lucy, what I needed and what could I make in a day, I booked a day with her to come for the workshop. On arrival I had a warm welcome and whilst we had a drink, Lucy explained what we were going to do and what the process is working with metal. I had no idea as it was all new to me. Lucy is very knowledgable about the subject, as she has been making beautiful jewellery for quite some time. Lucy let me take over after she had shown me how to do a specific job, we worked at different stages to complete the final object; a bangle. I thought it was going to be the easiest option, but that was not the case. I ended up with a lovely object, proud that I had made it myself, under Lucy's instructions. I had a wonderful day, an very knowledgeable teacher who was great fun to be with, I felt relaxed right from the start. If you are interested in jewellery making I highly recommend Lucy as a teacher."

28 Mar 17'

Edna reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I spent a lovely day with Lucy learning the skills of soldering. Prior to the day Lucy checked out my experience and expectations for the day. Lucy provided support over and above my expectations and I can't wait to have another day. Her knowledge and experience shone through and I learned so much more than soldering skills"

22 Mar 17'

Leah reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I spent two days in Lucy's beautiful studio learning about wax carving for casting and improving my soldering skills. Lucy is a fantastic teacher who understood exactly what I wanted to gain from my 1 to 1 tuition with her. She has an incredibly wide knowledge of techniques and skills and I learned lots of tips and tricks that I hadn't found from my research online or in books. She also takes photos along the way and sends them over after so you have something to refer back to which was very helpful! I learned so much during my time with her, she has given me the confidence to continue learning these new techniques at home, I will definitely be back!"

21 Mar 17'

Kaye reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I spent a most enjoyable , stimulating and rewarding day with Lucy , who is an excellent teacher. She was supportive, encouraging , flexible and responsive, and her style and enormous subject knowledge really fired my imagination. I will certainly be returning in the summer to learn more. I would recommend Lucy to anyone who is interested in experiencing a range of techniques and the luxury of one to one tuition with a very skilled and talented jeweller ."

6 Mar 17'

Carole H. reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I made a start on my new project: a pendant I’ve planned to be in gilding metal and silver. I had fun learning how to make an oval doming block in wood; that was for shaping the gilding metal. Lucy showed me how and produced a good set of woodworking tools for the purpose. Although it was February, and we could see the snow settled on the nearby Clwydian Hills, the workshop, with its new roof, was warm and well lit. Thanks Lucy for another wonderful day."

5 Mar 17'

Carole H. reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"For this first visit of the new year my aim was to finish off two pieces I’d worked on previously: a silver and bronze cuff, and a pendant in silver and bronze with a gold rivet. I learned how to make a curled bale for the pendant, using Lucy’s intriguing wooden bale-forming machine. Overall, I gained a lot of knowledge and skill with these projects, and feel my creativity has grown with Lucy’s immense help and guidance."

13 Jan 17'

susie gilbert reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I have had the pleasure of attending one of Lucys' Jewellery Workshops this week. I had a wonderful day.Lucy discussed just what I would like to get out of the day and she delivered. The teaching was first class.I can't believe how much we covered in one day.I am over the moon with the bracelet I made with loads of help.I will be attending more workshops in the future Lucy has so much expertise and experience through a lifetime of jewellery making.Would recommend this workshop for anyone from a beginner to a jewellery maker who wants to take their jewellery up a notch."

19 Dec 16'

Carole H. reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"In November, as a birthday treat, I had another two days at Lucy’s workshop learning how to make a cuff with etched silver and bronze. Aspects of the design were inspired by an image of oriental pottery, kindly sent to me by Lucy. She is excellent at encouraging creativity. This was a challenging project but with Lucy’s help and immense skill, I achieved a piece I will love to wear. As always, I had a wonderful experience and I look forward to my next visit."

19 Dec 16'

Carole H. reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I visited Lucy in Late September for two days; the weather was glorious. I was able to sit outside at lunchtime enjoying her garden with a fantastic view of the Clwydian hills beyond. I made a pair of bronze and silver earrings with gold accents using the techniques of riveting and etching. Each time I visit I aim to learn new skills. Lucy, as always, was excellent and she provided me with a basic tool list so I could continue learning and experimenting with the riveting process at home. Lucy goes ‘above and beyond’ in her efforts to help you produce wonderful jewellery with a truly professional finish."

13 Dec 16'

Tony and Glenda Snailham reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"What to do to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, a big question and one that had to be memorable! It was a no brainer as we both work in our chosen crafts - Glenda makes jewellery and I put my hand to wood turning, love spoons and wooden jewellery which Glenda enhances with her skills. We booked three wonderful days at Lucy's studio and decided in advance what we wanted to make, Glenda decided on a simple silver and enamelled necklace and I a Celtic ring; a little ambitious? Lucy was supportive from the beginning before we arrived by supplying us with all the advice and literature in preparation of our visit, her encouragement and knowledge was inspiring and exciting. Our stay with Lucy was so comfortable we felt part of the family and her patience and attention to detail and processes helped us in the production of our selected projects. I knew from the outset that my project was ambitious and doubted whether I would end up with something to show for my labours, my main focus was my wife's passion to create a design she so wanted to complete. Lucy's encouragement and vast experience and knowledge brought us to the completion of our projects, Glenda's beautiful designed silver and enamelled pendant was awesome and my Celtic designed copper ring was well on its way to completion. Our choice of celebration was well spent with Lucy and the knowledge and techniques we acquired has set us both on the road to designing and making precious metal jewellery in the future. A most enjoyable and memorable three days, no better way to celebrate our anniversary. Hope to return next year. Thanks Lucy for your hospitality and friendship."

13 Dec 16'

Diane Roome reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"Lucy's workshop days are excellent value for money. I have just completed two days tuition with her which were both packed with information, skills training and guidance. Lucy is a great teacher who helps build confidence whilst helping you to develop your skills. I wanted to build on my very basic silversmithing ability and was able to do so more quickly than I thought possible. I am now going to arrange another day to build on what I have learnt so far. Lucy is incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge and tips. I brought a lot of information away with me all of which is invaluable."

12 Dec 16'

Adrienn reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I have spent 3 days with Lucy last year as a novice in the silversmith field. It was a great experience and I still adore the pieces I had made with her excellent guidance. With encouraging of Lucy I decided to set up my silversmith studio at home. I visited her again for a day to discuss all the details and equipments I need. ( And even create a unique ring for me.) Lucy guided me through all the processes, set up my torch, looked up all the tools in different catalogs to fit for my purpose. She was giving me great tips of literally everything I wanted. And nevertheless I made 2 beautiful rings"

11 Dec 16'

Fran Chandler reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"14 years ago my parents brought me a ring for my 21st birthday from a small independent gallery that I absolutely adore. I wear it everyday and I get so many compliments about it. My younger sister got engaged last year and she said she'd always wanted a ring like mine. So, we headed over to North Wales and spent some time with Lucy whilst she decided what was right for her. We had such a lovely afternoon in the workshop with Lucy in her simple and idyllic surroundings and whilst there discovered that she offered jewellery making workshops. We decided to come back with our older sister and spend some quality time together learning a new craft. Well, what an experience! It was incredible. As complete novices I didn't expect to be able to produce a piece that looks professional and I can actually wear- but we all did! The time spent under Lucy's guidance was enlightening, empowering and great fun. She is an expectional teacher, a truly gifted artist and an inspirational women. We had a wonderful day, channelling our energies into producing 3 utterly unique pieces that took much intricate detail and work. Lucy allows you the freedom to 'own' your piece but her close guidance ensures that you still produce quality. I was heavily pregnant when we attended the workshop and as I wear my ring I wil always have a special associationin relation to to the precious time spent with my sisters and the imminent birth of my beautiful daughter. Thank you Lucy."

11 Dec 16'

Barbara Ngai reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I had a great experience, with patient ,professional guidance from Lucy, who had given me practical advice on getting supples, and accomodation in area , as well as a pickup service from train station (as I came from London). I'm a rank amateur, with very little experience in silver smithing , but a lifelong interest in design and crafting. With much assistance , I can away with a lovely memories of the charming workshop and a pendant which will be much treasured ! I also discovered another extraordinary connection with Lucy family,in my childhood, spent in Northof England,my sister and I had portraits painted by Lucy's grandfather Stanley Royle. He had been a patient of my father and Stanley had been requested to paint us a children ! We both currently live overseas."

10 Dec 16'

Anne-Mieke reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"After doing a part time course at Burmingham school of Jewellery I carried on making the odd piece of jewellery at home. However, I felt I needed more guidance and found Lucy. I spend a day making 2 silver serviette rings together with Lucy. She was so knowledgeable but also hands on. She taught me while making me feel I was in charge of my own experience. No challenge that day was too great, and we had a few. But most importantly she gave me lots of confidence to carry on making silver jewellery at home. I am already thinking of another challenge that I could share with Lucy."

2 Oct 16'

Jessica reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"Whilst studying Design and Technology, I attended several jewellery workshops with Lucy to gain experience of designing and creating my own Jewellery. I enjoyed working with both silver, copper, and enamelling too. Lucy showed me various techniques. The workshops were great! Lucy was a fantastic tutor."

2 Oct 16'

Annette reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I have attended several workshops with Lucy and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I have learnt many skills in silver jewellery making. Lucy is a patient and extremely skilled teacher. I have many pieces I made during my classes, and will treasure these as they are very unique. Lucy is extremely skilled and provides tuition of a very high standard. I would recommend Lucy's workshops - classes are in a beautiful setting too!"

29 Sep 16'

Steve reviewed: Make a silver ring or bangle

"I had an excellent day of learning and fun making jewellery at Lucy's workshop. I came away with a handmade, by me, silver bracelet. Lucy is an excellent tutor who enables and supports while teaching jewellery making techniques. I have already booked my next session. Thanks."

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