Caryl Hallett Stained Glass reviews

4 Jul 17'

Cheryl Kindness reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"Caryl is a patient, kind and generous teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with her and produced a slightly wobbly but lovely stained glass light catcher. Will be looking to visit her again to learn more and improve my technique very soon."

3 May 17'

Cathryn Smith reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"Had a great day with Caryl and 3 other stained glass novices. Only 4 of us meant that Caryl could spend lots of time helping us through the processes. We had quite a bit of practise time on plain glass before moving onto the real thing. I've never done anything like that before, but I really enjoyed it and felt supported right through to the end. Lunch was good (veggie and meat) and lots of teas/coffees throughout the day. I'd definitely recommend it and would like to do another one."

24 Apr 17'

Hannah reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I had such a lovely time doing Caryl's stained glass course. She structured the day so well and there were only 4 of us so she was able to give us all plenty of attention. We all came away with a beautiful piece of leaded stained glass (around a mirror in a frame in our case) which was entirely achievable in the time we had. We were able to do our own designs, choosing the colours and types of glass we used and there were plenty of her own creations to see if we needed inspiration. We were very well fed at lunch time (veggie and meaty) and throughout the day we were offered frequent teas and coffee with a snack in the morning. Altogether it exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it."

15 Apr 17'

Mary Newbegin reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"What a fantastic day"

4 Apr 17'

Irene Hames reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"What a brilliant day! This was such an enjoyable course, and covered everything you need to know to get started working with stained glass. Caryl is a great tutor, very helpful, very patient, with lots of great suggestions and solutions. We all ended up with amazing pieces of stained glass artwork that we managed to create in a day. Will definitely be booking another course with Caryl."

2 Apr 17'

Zena Keig-Shevlin reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"Can't recommend this course enough if you are interested in trying glass. Caryl is very patient and shows you how to cut and grind the glass safely before you start. She has lots of great designs to choose from and an amazing selection of glass for you to work with. My light catcher has pride of place in my window. Already booked myself on the lead panel class to further my knowledge. The lunch provided was lovely too."

20 Mar 17'

Wendy Bird reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"Had a fantastic day on this course. Caryl is a very good patient teacher. We came away with a fantastic stained glass piece. Her studios are amazing, will go back again. It was well worth the travel from Oldham to attend. Would recommend Caryl to anyone looking to try their hand, at stained glass."

12 Feb 17'

Susan Williams reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"I spent a very rewarding time at Caryl's light catcher workshop on a grey February day. It was immensely rewarding and delightful to take home a piece of art, predominantly made by me! Caryl is a patient teacher and as she kept the attendance at the workshop small, she can provide quality support. A tasty lunch was an added bonus."

12 Feb 17'

Lindsay frazer reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"This was an amazing day , I learnt and achieved so much , caryl was amazing and a great teacher , I highly recommend any course with caryl as she inspires and encourages you so much , great lunch too"

31 Jan 17'

Ann reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"Great day making a stained glass panel. Excellent tuition from Caryl in a small group. Lovely lunch. Wide range of designs and glass to choose from."

29 Jan 17'

Sam reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I have just spent a wonderful day with my partner on Caryl's stained glass class. The whole course was well set out and was wonderfully delivered by Caryl, who was extremely knowledgeable, and helpful. The groups are small, which means that Caryl has plenty of time to assist people. A busy, fun, but relaxing day. Lunch was wonderful and at the end we all had a wonderful stained glass panel to take home with us. I would highly recommend this course. I am looking forward to joining Caryl for another of her courses soon."

2 Oct 16'

Neil Young reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I've just attended the Making a Stained Glass Leaded Panel workshop with Caryl. The course was very interesting and Caryl was extremely supportive on the day, helping with aspects of the design and construction of my leaded panel, giving lots of tips and insight and also being very understanding of my allergies by providing all the safety equipment I could need, making my day very comfortable. I would highly recommend Caryl's courses, she is a talented and passionate artist which is evident through the enjoyable course she delivers and the lovely glass panel you can take home at the end of the day after a bit of work yourself."

1 Oct 16'

Jacquie Keelan reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I've just completed a one day introduction to stained glass, making a lovely panel. As a complete beginner, this course was an excellent introduction to stained glass lead work. Caryl's easy going manner and friendly approach makes the day especially enjoyable. She is very knowledgeable and supportive, ensuring that you are not only learning and developing new skills,but also able to explore your own design ideas and apply these ideas to the process. I would thoroughly recommend a course with Caryl and will definitely be coming back for more! Thank you Caryl for your patience today - I had a fabulous time."

12 Sep 16'

Frances Johnson reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"I attended the class not knowing anything and came home with a light catcher I am immensely proud of! Caryl is a very good teacher and is patient and helpful and I now feel that I am able to have a go myself at home. My family are amazed at what I've achieved and I think I will be making a few presents for people when Christmas comes! I can't recommend Caryl enough if you are thinking of having a go, the place is very easy to get to and with a light lunch thrown in it's a totally enjoyable day!"

24 Apr 16'

Catherine Bourke reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"Just finished a course with Caryl, completing 2 stained glass panels. This was such a great experience - Caryl was very supportive, hugely knowledgable, friendly, and helpful throughout. It was amazing to leave with my first completed stained glass panels - it feels like I have started along a new path... Lunch was very tasty too! Many thanks, Caryl."

14 Apr 16'

Christine Wilde reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I've been to several of Caryl's classes. Each time learning different techniques. I've loved every minute. As the classes are small, each student gets one to one help from Caryl, and I'm looking forward to more classes this year."

12 Apr 16'

Louise Hartley reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I attended the landscape class over 2 days . We really enjoyed the creative time spent on the pieces and learning all the processes involved in the making of stained glass. Caryl was very helpfull and patient and the 2 days were well structured and very informative. We all came away with lovely pieces that we will treasure for years to come . Louise Hartley"

12 Apr 16'

Lisa Parry reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"Have booked myself and a friend on another of these fab courses. We had a wonderful day - Caryl was so patient and gave us all the help we needed to make some beautiful (even though I say so myself!!) glass decorations. I never considered myself to be creative but it's given me the crafty bug for sure - can't wait for the next one!"

12 Apr 16'

Judith Benbow reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I attended Caryl's course, along with two friends, to make Christmas decorations. As complete beginners it was quite amazing to come away with three very respectable pieces, of which we felt very proud. Caryl was so encouraging, with gems of ideas & advice, & her preparation for the day was impeccable, with all the necessary equipment to hand. We also enjoyed a deliciously healthy lunch!"

12 Apr 16'

Nicola Wilton reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"Fantastic workshop and Caryl is a really great teacher. I went in not knowing a thing about how to make stained glass and came out with my very own takeaway piece which I cut, copper foiled and soldered myself. Caryl provided plenty of help, attention and expertise when needed and I really enjoyed the process of making the stained glass piece. Couldn't recommend this course enough!"

12 Apr 16'

Ruth Ker reviewed: Making a stained glass art hanging

"I went to Caryl's one-day pre-Christmas workshop and came away with a gorgeous collection of little glass trees which I gave as gifts. Perfect."

12 Apr 16'

Ruth Ker reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I had a lovely day; doing something completely different, chatting, busy.... And came away with a beautiful panel. We were a very small group so Caryl had plenty of time to give to help each of us as and when we needed."

12 Apr 16'

Maggie Dalton reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"As a real beginner to stained glass work I found this course most enjoyable. Caryl's style is really relaxed and her guidance is clear and supportive. She helps you every step of the way and you end up with a beautiful glass panel to take home. The choice of glass was plentiful and all equipment top notch. You get a great lunch too!"

12 Apr 16'

Izzy Bee reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"I really enjoyed Caryl's course. The range of glass and equipment available for us to complete our project was excellent and we were given a good selection of patterns to choose from. Caryl was knowledgeable, patient and she helped us to achieve the aim of the day - a lovely traditional glass panel to take home. Lunch was excellent, too."

12 Apr 16'

Anne reviewed: Making a stained glass leaded panel

"Small group, friendly workshop with excellent tuition to learn this fascinating skill of stained glass"

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