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A lifetime of interest in photography led Sue to start teaching the use of digital cameras in 2011 and opened the present studio in 2014.

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17 Nov 22'

Carl and Sarah reviewed: Photography Days

"We're both quite experienced amateur photographers so we asked Sue to arrange us something that met our particular needs. For Sarah that was a session taking and processing flowers photographs in the style of old botanical prints. Though quite a specialised subject, Sue was as much a master of it as of so much else. Amongst other things, she demonstrated how to use a lightbox and studio lights, and then how to get the best out of those images in post-processing. And for me, she and Malcolm drew on other strengths and set up and talked me through the use of studio lighting for portraits. They even arranged for a model on whom to practice, and I came away with over 200 RAW images taken in various lighting setups. Well pleased. This was very educative time, and very enjoyable, too. It allowed us to get experience with professional studio kit, and to practice under the guidance of a couple who clearly know their stuff! A big thank you to Sue, Malcolm and Brian, the Terry Pratchett lookalike; and a strong recommendation to others to explore their photography training needs with Art by Camera."

Art by Camera responded:

" Thank you. I absolutely love floral photography and it was a joy to share it. It was good that we were also able to do some portraiture at the same time to keep both of you happy. Laughter of clients enjoying photography is always good. Thanks for coming."

3 Apr 22'

Cynthia Leggat reviewed: Photography Days

"My husband and I both did a two course and probably got different things from it. Sue and Richard are very friendly and welcoming and tailored the course to our needs. We were not absolute beginners but learnt how to set a time delay before the shot was taken, something we hadn't done on our relatively new cameras - a Lumix Panasonic G9. I particularly enjoyed taking photos near Ullswater, including Wordsworth's daffodils. Andy enjoyed seeing the fallow deer at Dalemain. I was especially keen to learn how to take and merge photos for panoramas and HDR photos to get the best resulting photo from a series of shots. We also learnt useful tips and about the use of filters."

3 Apr 22'

Andrew Leggat reviewed: Photography Days

"I did a two day course and got to know how to use my relatively new camera - a Lumix Panasonic G9 on the first day, besides having some experience with macro photography, which I hadn't really considered before. I also actually learnt how to use my tripod correctly ! I wasn't aware that I didn't use it to its full advantage ! I learnt how to take panoramas using my own photos of the Lake District and was shown how to stitch them together using Photoshop, which we pay for but have not been using. Sue and Richard are very easy to get on with and are very knowledgeable about the subject. I felt very comfortable learning from them both."

10 Feb 22'

Janice reviewed: Photography Days

"I have recently returned from a thoroughly enjoyable individually tailored two day workshop with Richard and Sue. Both are enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming hosts who are extremely helpful and knowledgable putting you at ease when guiding you through the seemingly array of dials and program sequences on my new DSLR camera whilst demonstrating the photographic benefits. This helped my confidence to take the camera off automatic mode. Opening up freedom of artistic interpretation of the view infant of the lens rather than the preprogrammed automatic - Thank you."

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