Anvil Forge reviews

21 Jan 23'

Christian reviewed: Knife making and bladesmith classes: hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"I had such a great time in the course and came away with a Viking knife that I’m genuinely proud of. I particularly enjoyed working between the forge and hammering on the anvil. Spencer was a brilliant instructor, he gave us a lot of independence but was still accessible for opinions and guidance. He was quick to tell me what I was doing right and constructive when explaining an error. I absolutely recommend to anyone interested. "

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Christian thanks for your comments , I will pass on the review to Spencer. I know he enjoys working with you all and he told me at the end of the day that he enjoyed the session as well. What is also really good is the feedback that we are doing it right for you guys ( trainees) and achieving the right mix of giving you the freedom but still keeping a close eye on you when needed . best wishes John"

29 Dec 22'

Dorothea reviewed: Knife making and bladesmith classes: hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"We had a really good time making knifes. Everybody was really friendly, the instructor was very patient and gave good instructions. Highly recommend the experience!"

18 Dec 22'

Rhys reviewed: Hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"I would like to thank John and his team for an amazing experience, if you are unsure of what to expect, know that the team will really make you feel welcome and do all they can to help and instruct you to create a piece of work you are proud of. As someone who is not always at ease around new people, especially as I was on my own, they were really friendly, warm, funny and full of fascinating information about the work they do daily, igniting a real passion for me and I can’t wait to come back and learn more about this craft. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you again soon! "

27 Nov 22'

Duncan R. reviewed: Hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"I had an amazing day with the team, living up to expectations and more. The day was run by Aiden and Spencer who were both excellent instructors and good fun to work with. I had Spencer helping me most of the day who was 10/10 and made the whole experience better - thank you for sharing your knowledge and some of your own work too. I would strongly recommend this to anyone and will be giving this a go myself in the coming months too. Thank you all! "

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Duncan Thanks for review , these mean a lot to all of us . I look forward to you coming in again and making another 'man blade' John"

24 Oct 22'

Antonia and Baxter reviewed: Hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"Brilliant , thank you to Aidan, Spencer and John for your time, guidance and expertise. My son Baxter and I were completely immersed and were extremely happy with our take home tools, which have already been used successfully in the kitchen. Baxter will be back ! "

21 Oct 22'

John Mitchison reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"My son Jay and I came for a blacksmithing course last Saturday 15th October). I just wanted to let you know we had a really great time. It was the first time in a forge for both of us and we were both looking forward to it. we were not disappointed, we both got the chance to make a knife and a poker, both of which will be used by us in the future. I wanted to say a special thank you to Spencer and Phil, they were fantastic! They were incredibly helpful, patient, knowledgeable and funny. They could explain things really clearly, they were able to judge all the different abilities of the group. Spencer could read my son Jay (13) really well and was able to offer him just the right level of support at the right time - a real skill for someone teaching mixed groups. Thanks again for a great day Best wishes John"

16 Oct 22'

P & J Knights reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"Great day at the forge with John and his team. Relaxed, informal and thoroughly enjoyable. We came home with a beautiful garden ornament which we will treasure as we made it together as a couple. Will definitely be back for another go. Thanks John"

15 Oct 22'

David Hepburn reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"5 stars all the way. Thanks to John, Aidan and Spencer. All great teachers who had the right balance of enthusiasm, skill, passion for their work. All of this came across in a very friendly and inclusive manner. I have no problem in recommending this day at Anvil Forge as I thoroughly enjoyed it through out. I came away with having made a poker, viking knife and managed to squeeze in a dragonfly in my day. I was amazed by how much knowledge all the guys had and the science behind knife making particularly was mind blowing. I now have so many projects I want to make and hope to get back to make a chef's knife and possibly a hunting knife in the not too distant future. Again thanks to all of you at Anvil Forge, I left with a great sense of pride in what you guys helped me achieve. 5+++ stars "

27 Sep 22'

John Laws reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"Absolutely brilliant. Going into the forge is entering another world and the skill that the people working there exhibit is fantastic. For a day we felt the heat, struck the metal, smelt the furnace and generated memories."

1 Sep 22'

Anthony Hollick reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"Had a great day made to feel very welcome & instruction was very good."

9 Jul 22'

Richard S reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"Very well organised, experienced group of people. Safety/health a main concern. Considerate and attentive team who are also well informed about materials science and metallurgy."

16 Jun 22'

Sarah reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"A really enjoyable day. I did not have high expectations of what I, as an absolute novice, could achieve in a day and was beyond delighted with the garden sculpture and poker I took home. The tutors were fantastic and really encouraging. They had the balance spot on for letting you have a go at every technique and then rescuing the mistakes to prevent disaster. Cannot recommend this course more highly."

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Sarah Thanks for the review , we aim to offer the best possible experience on all our classes and make sure everyone ends up with a handmake piece of metalwork they are proud of. best wishes John"

16 Jun 22'

Julie King reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"What a fantastic day. Spencer and Aidan were brilliant, patient tutors. After making a poker, we set about creating our desired pieces after a brief discussion about what they entailed. My husband created a knife blade and used lots of techniques. I came away delighted with several garden ornaments for glass balls that I had previously made. Aidan was very attentive in checking along the way that the balls fitted the metalwork. Lunch was provided and the atmosphere was really pleasant. I would definitely recommend, and would be very happy to return."

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Julie I am pleased the guys looked after you so well , we try hard to make sure the experience is positive and everyone comes away with something they are proud of and hopefully have something to show off to friends and family. We would love to see you back again in the future. best wishes John"

24 May 22'

Mike Wilson reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"My Son Jason and I visited Anvil Forge as a gift and had the most fantastic experience creating Viking knives ably guided by Spencer who was very patient and clear on how to make the most of our time. The whole team were very welcoming with the right mix of humour and creative support that made us both want to book back in and attempt something even more spectacular. Thank you Spencer, you have got us hooked...."

2 May 22'

Shaun Hadley reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"Worth every penny. The guys that do all the work are friendly, very approachable and more than happy to help and chat with you as you work and answer any questions you might have. Will definitely be coming back."

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Shaun We look forward to you returning and helping you on your next project best wishes John"

26 Mar 22'

Scott reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"I would like to thank Paul and Aidan for such a fantastic experience. They were excellent tutors giving the right amount of support when needed yet allowing you to find your own way . Brilliant day highly recommended"

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Scott thanks for you kind comments , I will pass them on to them best wishes John"

7 Mar 22'

George reviewed: Knife making and bladesmith classes: hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"Me and my dad went up to learn how to make a Viking knife. Had an amazing day, Aidan was a very clear and patient instructor. Would love to come back agin to make a different knife. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in metal work."

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi George thanks for posting the review, I think Aidan enjoyed your enthusiasm and told me the blades you produced were first class, I will look forward to seeing you again best wishes John"

13 Feb 22'

Simon Baker reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"First time doing anything like this, and it was a blast. The team were great tutors, very supportive with easy to follow advice. Eased into the forge and how to work with the tools making the poker, and then on to a knife. Very pleased with both items. Now I just need to wrack my brain for something else I’d like to try my hand at making, so I can go back again! Thanks so much!"

12 Feb 22'

Mrs K Hayes reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"My husband has attended this course twice now and absolutely loves it. The first time he made a knife, which has been very useful working on a small holding and with local farmers. On the second course he made a garden fire pit, so looking forward to lighting that in the slightly chilly spring evenings when sat outside. The team at the forge have all been wonderful, so supportive and pacing the course well to the individuals. They are a highly talented team, a credit to their industry. Im sure my husband will be attending this course again in the not too distant future. Thank you to the whole team for giving him such an enjoyable experience and for helping him produce some fabulous pieces."

5 Feb 22'

Mike Rea reviewed: Make a chef's knife

"Such a great experience! I turned up full of anxiety - not done anything useful with my hands for years, so thought it unlikely I’d even end up with a knife-shaped object. But from the off, Spencer and Paul made us feel at home - stepwise instruction, personally and passionately delivered. And the knife I ended up with is one I’d have paid a lot of money for ? So pleased my wife found this for me"

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Mike I am so pleased that you overcame the nerves and carried on to make such a great chef knife that has pride of place at your home. The enjoyment of working from a basic piece of carbon steel to the end result of a working knife that will last many years is really fullfilling. I will pass on your comments to the guys as well as they enjoy the feedback as well. best wishes John"

22 Jan 22'

George and Martin reviewed: Knife making and bladesmith classes: hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"My son had expressed an interest in learning about metal working/blacksmithing as part of his life skills. As he has an interest in Viking and Medieval history I was fortunate to find this one day introductory course, to make a Viking style knife. We were met with a friendly greeting by both John and Steve, who made us very welcome. Their instruction and guidance was excellent, with informative detail and a very gentil manner. This was ideal for my son who is on the autistic spectrum, but is functioning. He said it was an amazing day and he appreciated their patience and time to explain each step, and the encouragement he got from them. In the end he was proud of his achievement and the resulting final product. We would like to thank all the guys at the forge for a great day, and recommend them."

26 Dec 21'

Jason Hurndall reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"I attended the Blacksmith Experience Day at Anvil Forge with my son and we had a wonderful day, interesting, enjoyable and very fulfilling. We were both able to make a very impressive knife each to take home; this from scratch with no experience. I can only say it was down to Spencer's tutelage. He was patient, knowledgeable, helpful and very supportive and took genuine pleasure in seeing his students do well. I recommend this day to everyone, even those with no experience or confidence will be swopping stories and comparing your handiwork by the end of the day. Definitely want to go back."

Anvil Forge responded:

" Hi Jason thanks for your feedback , I am pleased both you enjoyed the experience and look forward to meeting you again best wishes John"

23 Nov 21'

Mike Payne reviewed: Anvil Forge blacksmith experience day

"Great day at the forge. Everyone very friendly. It very quickly felt like a supportive family of novices and tutors. I think we were all surprised at just how much we could do in a day and everyone went home with things they never thought they were capable of creating. Being of a curious nature I wanted to know how everything worked (e.g. the Plasma Cutter and the MIG welder) and the tutors were more than happy to explain. Aidan even took the front off the MIG welder to show me the insides. Loved it !"

19 Nov 21'

Petrus Myburgh reviewed: Knife making and bladesmith classes: hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"I had an amazing day at Anvil Forge. It's not every day you get the opportunity to make your own knife. Big thanks to Spencer our instructor for the day, his clear instructions on making the knife, help to create the sharpest knife in our home now. The fire poker we made to start the day was a great touch as I needed one for my new fireplace. There are so many stages in making a knife so the course is a must for anyone who want to forge a knife or do any metal work in future. Again thank to Spencer and John that made the day fantastic!!"

18 Nov 21'

Neil Hendriksen reviewed: Knife making and bladesmith classes: hand forged viking knife one day workshop

"What a thoroughly enjoyable day. It’s a delight to learn new skills - and that whole process is enhanced when you’re lucky enough to have a great guide and instructor such as Spencer. He steered us through the techniques with just the right balance of demonstration, encouragement and letting us learn by doing. I’m so pleased my family gifted me the day. I wholeheartedly recommend the Anvil Forge."

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