Anthony Dew reviews

2 Mar 22'

Lily reviewed: Making It with Rocking-Horses by Anthony Dew (book)

"A compelling read, telling the story of balancing growing a craft business and pursuing a passion for making, with having a family. Fascinating insight into the craft of rocking horse making too… a must for any wooden horse lovers!"

2 Mar 22'

Jo S reviewed: Making It with Rocking-Horses by Anthony Dew (book)

"A sheer joy to read and so inspirational. I read it in two sessions as putting it down was the difficult thing for me to do."

2 Mar 22'

Joe Schofield, Skywings editor reviewed: Making It with Rocking-Horses by Anthony Dew (book)

"What we have here is a very readable autobiography, tracing Tony’s art school beginnings, his life at sea, his struggle to get his small business gong, the importance of his family, the growth of his rocking horse business - ‘You don’t want to be the best of the best, you just want to be the only one to do what you do.’ Along the way he encounters setbacks, heartbreak, adversity, tragedy, chicanery, and more, but the way he outs these things behind him speaks of an unwavering determination to do things right. Rocking horses can be things of exquisite beauty, craftsmanship and not a little historical interest. His very well written, large format book is poignant, honest, unsparing, and full of insight."

2 Mar 22'

Kate D reviewed: Making It with Rocking-Horses by Anthony Dew (book)

"I found this an interesting and honest account from someone who has faced the challenge of running a traditional craft business whilst raising a family. There are some heartbreaking moments but underlying all a humour that carries the story along. If you are interested in rocking horses, craftsmanship, family businesses, seamanship or paragliding... this will be the book for you!"

2 Mar 22'

Harm reviewed: The Complete Rocking-Horse Maker 2 by Anthony Dew (book)

"As a keen woodworker, I find Tony's plans both comprehensive and easy to follow. The instructions are clear and there is a lot of good advice offered. A satisfying project - would recommend this book to any keen woodworkers out there."

Anthony Dew responded:

" Many thanks for your kind comments - keep on rocking! AD"

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