The Complete Rocking-Horse Maker 2 distills all that the author has learned in nearly 50 years as a rocking-horse designer, maker & restorer. This comprehensive and practical manual contains projects for all levels of ability, from simple hobby and chair horses for toddlers to a fully-carved carousel horse & archetypal Victorian style beauties in several sizes. The book describes traditional solid wood assembly and carving methods as well as more contemporary (and economical!) plywood laminated types of construction. Chapters on tool use, the history of rocking-horses and restoration. Contains over 435 photographs and 60 drawings.

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This is the author's sixth book on the subject of making and restoring rocking-horses - that most iconic of playthings. In it he has endeavoured to include all the information and advice needed to ensure that you can succeed in making (or restoring) one of these beautiful and delightful playthings - the finest vehicle for a child's developing imagination.




Anthony Dew

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Anthony Dew has devoted almost fifty years to designing, making and restoring wooden rocking-horses, founding The Rocking Horse Shop near York. ‘The Complete Rocking-Horse Maker’ distills a life-time’s skill and knowledge of the craft and includes rocking-horse projects for all abilities as well as chapters on history and restoration. ‘Making It with Rocking-Horses’ tells the personal story of the development and practice of the craft and its impact on the people involved.

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