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I'm so pleased you're here! The children's after school craft classes I offer are the perfect solution for kids enjoying manual crafts and here we learn how to work with paper by making different, entertaining and creative pieces each time, which are often practical and sometimes the perfect gift. Dates: 4.06.2024 CUTE PAPER BOUQUET A wide range of papers, scissors and a bit of glue. That's all we need to create a fantastic bouquet! If you send me a message with the name of the person this bouquet will be given to - I will prepare it for your child on the day of the class. :) 11.06.2024 INFINITY CUBE That class is an exercise in manual skills. A little focus and good intentions will be needed. It is a class that makes you realise that anything is possible if we want it to be! And at the end of the class - a great manual toy will be ready! 18.06.2024 DOOR HANGING SIGN We will make a door hanger with your child's name on it. We will cut, glue, use embossing folders, there will be glitter and fun letters. From now on, every guest in the house will know which room is the child's room! 25.06.2024 CARD FOR TEACHER VER. 1 The end of the school year is fast approaching and there is little time left to prepare "Thank you" cards for teachers. Every child has at least one beloved teacher. A handmade gift has a great value, and this is what we want to remember from today's activities! 2.07. CARD FOR TEACHER VER. 2 Most children have more than one teacher they would like to thank, so we will make another card but in a completely different style! This year, you can forget about buying cards to say thank you! :) 9.07. PRANK TOY With such a toy, your little one will be a hit among his/her friends. This is one of those projects that discover magic, awaken the inner child in an adult. That class will be great fun! :) CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT Children learn to show their emotions by making small gifts for loved ones. They develop their self-awareness about their own preferences, which colours collaborate, how to create a multi-layered composition, what types of paper exist and how to mix them in one project. The children can realise their own artistic vision during the project, deciding on the final result themselves, under the guidance of the tutor. FUN, LAUGH & EXCITEMENT We place great importance on making the classes exciting, interesting and ensuring that the children spend their time in a creative and developing way, having fun, lots of laughs and a sense of achievement. WHO THE CLASSES ARE FOR? These particular classes are aimed at pupils from Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 & Y6 at Morley Primary School in Ilkeston. Both girls and boys will find room for further progress. The level is basic & any child can cope with the different stages of the project. However, when I see that the child can do more tricky things, I can make the tasks a bit more challenging for her/him. I do my best to encourage the creativity of my young students. Your child(ren) will be collected from their class and brought to us or make their own way if instructed, in time for our register. We will be setup in one of the other classrooms or hall in the school. You only need to arrange collection. At the moment we do not have the resources to accept children with special difficulties, so we regret to inform you that we cannot accept the application of such a child. However, we are actively working to make this possible in the future. EXTRA NOTES: During the classes, we may use paint or other media which may accidentally damage clothing. We recommend that you provide a protective apron that you won't feel sorry for if clothes got dirty. We strictly ask that children do not bring any food to class. Water should be in a screw-top bottle. ORGANISED GROUPS Children's Craft Classes are a perfect idea as a gift for special occasions, for organised groups (maximum 8 kids). Organised groups can be scheduled for a specific day and the topic might be personalised to the occasion. Such groups are being organised at our location, DE21 4HT. Contact me for more details. Can't wait to meet your kids! Anett (Ankarika Craft)

What's included in the price?

Payment covers 6 sessions, each lasts 60 minutes (3:30-4:30). Your kid will be given a set of materials needed to complete a specific project. The instructor (Ankarika Craft) demonstrates as children go along how to make the project.


6 weeks

Cancellation policy

Easy - Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts



Ankarika Craft

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Hi! I am a mixed media artist located in Derby. My preferred is a Vintage style. I'll teach you how to treat just a paper so it become a beautiful gift for your loved ones. Come to my workshops, gain new skills and make something personalised! I run Ladies' Creative Evenings in my studio and also Children's Art Classes during school time and Half Term, too. See you! Anett

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