Paper craft: paper sculpture courses and craft kits

Paper sculpture courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Create unique sculptures from the versatile material of paper. Come and enjoy a paper sculpture course, creative kit or online class and be inspired to create!
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Book Paper Flowers
Next date: 2nd Mar 2023
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Create beautiful paper sculpture in Derbyshire
Next date: 5th Apr 2023
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Air Dry Clay Mould Workshop
Next date: 5th Feb 2023
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Origami Lilies
Next date: 13th Apr 2023
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Book Paper Roses
Next date: 2nd Mar 2023
Paper Flower Kit - Sweet Peas. A creative craft kit adults, gift for mum, sister or girlfriend. Make your own paper sweet pea flowers.
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Papier Mache Sculpting 2 Day Workshop
Next date: 22nd Jun 2023


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