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Get your movie funded, made and seen At a glance learn how to create the paperwork and marketing assets to get your film funded and sold each class is taught by a different leading film industry professional What will you achieve? Upon completion of the Producer’s Foundation Certificate, students will have acquired the skills, knowledge and confidence to then undertake their first producing projects. About this class You’ve found a script, scoured fringe theatres for hot but undiscovered talent, you have assembled a crew, but all you now need is the money. This 5-evening film Producers Foundation Certificate answers specific questions in key areas of producing, and explores the opportunities producers have today to develop, finance, budget and market a film, as well as deal with legal and business affairs. During each class you’ll learn skills essential to getting your movie made. To receive a certificate, attend all 5 evenings and save. You can also purchase individual topic evenings. Who should attend the Producers Foundation? Writers, directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, cinema lovers — anyone with an interest in how movies are made and who seek a basic introduction to the filmmaking process. What, exactly is a producer? Producers have control over almost every aspect of a film’s production. They bring together and/or authorise the production team, including the director, director of photography, production designer and major cast members. The producer’s primary responsibility is to build an environment where the film’s cast and crew can thrive. They guide the film from conception to distribution and beyond. Week 1: Creating a Business Plan Once you’ve found that terrific script and settled on a director to bring it to life, you need to prepare a plan for how you will get the money you need to make the film. This class will explore the essentials you will need to present your project to both industry and private investors. Choosing and approaching investors Structuring a business plan Preparing sales estimates and income streams Profit participation Week 2: Marketing and Selling Your Film It is crucial for producers to know from the outset who the target audience for a film is, and how to market it to them. This class will cover how to create and execute an effective marketing and PR plan specific to any particular film, including utilising the trade and consumer press and film festivals to turn your film into this year’s cult classic. You will also learn how to approach film festivals and film markets with a strong press kit, which will enhance the commercial potential of your film. The class will also include a segment on using social media to create buzz and generate interest in your film with tutor demonstration. Writing an effective synopsis and getting high-quality photos Writing press releases Film festivals explained The role of film markets How sales agents work Creating the marketing assets you need to sell your film Week 3: Budgeting and Scheduling A professional budget and schedule are arguably the most important parts of any film business plan. Simply put, a film budget is a list of all the stuff and people you need to make your film, and a schedule is when and where you need it. If you get the budget wrong, your film will stall half-finished without cash. Get the schedule wrong and your film will suffer – either from loss of quality or remain unfinished because you have run out of time (and budget). This class explains how scripts are analysed in order to produce a realistic budget and schedule. Script breakdown Assessing prices Union vs. non-union Creating a feasible schedule Week 4: Basic Legal Contracts Once your film is finished and ready to be sold, you will have to show the “chain of title” to any prospective film buyer. If you fail to do this you will never be able to sell your film. This class is designed to answer fundamental questions about the rights attaching to a film and its component parts and the contracts required to acquire, clear and protect those rights. View it as health insurance for filmmakers! This evening crash course explains: Explains copyright and the rights of creatives and performers Explains the key elements of a contract Provides practical guidance on negotiating film contracts Demystifies commonly used legal terminology Week 5: Movie Money This class will run through the basic financing tools available for any business — not just the film business— and provides students will the tools to plan the finance for your film. These tax-efficient finance structures make the UK one of the most attractive places in Europe to raise money for film production. Tax-efficient finance vehicles Enterprise Investment Schemes Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) Profit participation Please note: This course will not discuss current film finance structures. About the tutors The Producer’s Foundation Certificate is presented with a mix of lecture-style and demonstration with opportunities for students to ask the tutor questions.

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5 evening classes Creating a Business Plan | | Marketing and Selling | Basic Legal Contracts| Movie Money | Budgeting and Scheduling You will finish your course with a certification: Producer’s Foundation Certificate

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