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The BA (Hons) Moving Image Open degree assumes very little prior knowledge beyond the basic camera operations and editing techniques. Technically, it is built upon the relatively recent advances in digital video that have grown out of still photography using a DSLR camera and the now affordable editing applications that are widely available. The OCA BA (Hons) Moving Image degree offers a broad range of exploration possibilities and aims to equip the student with a...
You can not be a journalist just like that. Knowing your subject at the fingertips is essential, but you still need to know how to introduce it to catch the audience attention ! Act'in teaches you to play with the camera by working on your body language and your voice! To all future reporters, or for all those people are dreaming of being Dan Walker during a couple hours, we are waiting for you! To...
The Sustaining Your Practice unit represents the culmination of the final level of study, where you will amalgamate the practical project that you started in Creative Arts 3: Body of Work and your contextual and theoretical research conducted in Creative Arts 3: Research. You will use Sustaining Your Practice to finalise and resolve the presentation of your major project and deliver it to a public audience, selecting a form (e.g. publication, installation/exhibition, screening) as appropriate...
This workshop is great for a group of adults or a birthday party for slightly older children with an interest in fantasy. Participants attend 'magic school' for a day, and enjoy a variety of different activities, from how to make a wand with its own personal properties, creating fantastic potions and other fantasy props to creating realistic-looking face prosthetics and costumes. They can also learn to duel with a wand like the actors in Harry...
This unit will investigate the blurred lines that exist between fact and fiction as presented through the moving image. From cinematic fictional drama to documentary film to artist’s film and video, it will help you to develop visual and conceptual research strategies and investigate diverse ways to gather and manipulate audio/visual material in order to create meaning. The unit is a practical one but is also concerned with furthering an awareness of creative techniques and...
Cinema is arguably the most important and influential cultural phenomenon of the last 120 years. It is not just entertainment but a reflection on the myriad diverse wonders of story-telling, social observation and comment in a world that has been transformed by a swathe of new technologies in the last century and more. How and why has film become so important over a relatively short period? Is it because it is both a passive and...
This unit will equip you with the fundamental skills in the conceptualisation, production and editing of narrative digital video sequences. Through a series of projects and assignments, you will be guided through the key aspects of video production, to enable you to realise your own moving image works. You will use ideas of ‘identity’ and ‘place’ as an exploratory conceptual ground for developing an awareness of different forms of storytelling. You will be introduced to...
South Yorkshire
In this unit, you will explore historical and contemporary strategies (a combination of technical, visual and conceptual methodologies) from this expanding field. You will exploit the temporal specificity of the moving image, as well as considering the moral and ethical concerns of its dissemination. You will be encouraged to employ experimental and creative approaches in order to develop a reflexive practice that involves the development of your own ideas into compelling moving image artefacts. This...
London - Next course on 17th January 2019
Look at and learn about art in a variety of locations around London. Each term begins at the Centre. n.b. Course fees do not include occasional entry charges. Who is this course for Look at and discuss art in a variety of public art galleries, exhibition spaces, commercial galleries and museums around London. The focus of this course is on Contemporary art; however, sessions sometimes explore art from earlier periods and movements within the 20th...