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Basketry courses

The weaving of unspun vegetable fibres into a basket is an ancient traditional craft practised across the world. The fibres that can be utilised are reeds, willow, pine straw, animal hair, hide or even baleen from the jaw of a whale. Baskets may be simple and quick to make or highly decorative, they may be all-purpose carriers or designed for a specific function. Sometimes the woven basket may have a religious or spiritual function or it may just be good to put the firewood in. Why not learn how to make a fun and functional basket or a decorative artefact for your garden - you can be as creative as you like once you have mastered the basic principles. Our course providers are all experts and willing to share their skills with students of all abilities - so have a go at basketry and make a special gift that is both beautiful and practical.

Come to this exciting new workshop at Usk Castle in June where we will create some colourful and artistic rope weave bowls. An attractive and decorative technique that many work-shoppers have been keen to try recently. We will start the day at 10am with a coffee and informal natter and then get started with the bases. The upsett and rope weave will then ensue, we will break off for lunch about 1pm and continue the...
Shropshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Make a beautiful basket from hazel in this two day course. You will employ very old techniques developed over generations to split the hazel into thin flexible strips that are used to weave the basket. This course is a masterclass in green hazel working that will leave you with a huge respect for the humble tree as well as a wonderful basket that will look like no other around. These baskets are rarely seen but...
Somerset - Next course on 25th April 2019
Make a Willow Animal sculpture of your choice. Whilst learning Sculpting Techniques you will create a 3D interpretation of your chosen animal. It's great to come along with an ideal of the animal you would like to create. Willow artist and experienced tutor Sarah Le Breton will teach you sculpting techniques and how to maintain your finished creations, enabling your work to add charm to your garden for years to come. All Willow Sculpture Days...
Suffolk - Next course on 20th May 2019
Learn to weave a small round willow basket suitable for fruit, bread or whatever you can imagine! You will begin by splitting sticks and use a pairing weave to create a round base. Side stakes are then added and the sides woven. A simple border finishes off the top.
Derbyshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Join expert, Eddie Glew for this all-absorbing workshop in basketry. On day one you will weave a small round basket using traditional English and French techniques. The second day offers the chance to make a round/oval basket with a handle or another item of your choice. Alternatively you may decide to construct a large log basket or similar over the 2 days. This course is designed for all abilities from the complete novice to experienced...
Surrey RH5 6QQ - Next course on 11th May 2019
Come for a full day and weave a wooden base to create some a beautiful woven round basket with or without a wooden handle. Learning trac borders, three rod wale and either a traditional or spiral border your basket will be functional and stylish. This basket workshop is ideal for beginners and we also cover where to source the materials and how to prepare them for use.
North Yorkshire
You will create a willow animal sculpture, choose the workshop you fancy ranging from pigs, deer, rabbit, pheasant, sheep and more similar to that in the pictures. These workshops are held in my 22ft Yurt which is a short walk from the car park over grass. You will learn how to create sculptures that will look at home in your garden. I also run workshops at Beningbrough Hall, The Yorkshire Arboretum, the Blacksmith Shop Crafts...
Kent - Next course on 19th May 2019
Based at our ancient woodland camp in Kent, this 1 day course has been put together for anyone who would like to learn how to make cordage and containers from the materials supplied to us by mother nature, such as nettles and various barks. Anyone with an interest in the natural world or craft will leave with a new found respect for the versatility of many common plants and trees. This 1 day course looks...
Northumberland - Next course on 23rd July 2019
Join us to learn new skills at The Sill. This July you can work with experienced basket makers Ruth Thompson and Liz Beech to make your very own willow basket. You will use willow harvested from Northumberland and will learn styles such as three rod waling, English randing and French randing.
Worcestershire - Next course on 28th April 2019
You can make a multi-coloured round shopping basket on this one day course. Learn ancient weaving techniques and take home your own creation. Jon and Becky are both qualified teachers and have been teaching basket making for 25 years. We have taught many hundreds of people to make their own coloured willow baskets using locally grown and Somerset willows. Other courses are also available. If you are a beginner and you want to make a...