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Clay Sculpture courses

Clay sculpture courses, classes and workshops taught by independent ceramic artists all across the UK.

Greater London - Next course on 24th April 2019
All day 5 week Life & Portrait clay sculpture workshop focussing on one model and one pose: 1st term Portrait head; 2nd term Standing pose; 3rd term life sculpture with option of some costume and props. Choice of composition within pose. Develop observation skills, individual expression, clay modelling and clay preparation techniques for firing. Suitable for all levels, including beginners. New and returning students work alongside each other in a mutually supportive workshop environment. Learners...
Greater London - Next course on 5th May 2020
Three day course working from same life model and pose linked with term life courses. Make Life sculptures in clay developing observation, modelling and creative approach. All levels welcome including beginners. May 5th - 19th, 2019. Some extra material charges apply By the end of the course you will be able to Beginners will learn how to: Measure the figure to make life-size, scaled-down and, occasionally, scaled-up sculptures Beginners will learn about the different types...
West Yorkshire - Next course on 25th May 2019
Life Casting with Rebecca Truman . Life casting is a beautiful craft which captures the personality of the individual. Cast hands, faces, ears or feet depending on a willing model, who can either be other workshop members or models brought along who participants wish to cast. Choose whether to do hands individually, holding hands with a friend or we can put family groups together. Please get in touch for details or bookings.
Cumbria - Next course on 30th July 2019
Spend a day learning the principles of Life Head Sculpture in Clay with professional Sculptor, Damien Rochford. Using a life size bust created by Damien you will start the day by adding clay to a pre-prepared armature that Damien has made for each student for the class. As the layers are built up you will learn the principles of the process, using various techniques where necessary in terms of scaling and support. This course is...
Greater London - Next course on 4th June 2019
Learn to model portrait & full pose clay life sculptures. Working from a variety of life models and poses, develop observation skills, individual expression, clay modelling and clay preparation techniques for firing. Suitable for all levels, including beginners. Extra charge for materials used over and above the allocated material course fee. By the end of the course you will be able to Beginners will learn how to: To measure the figure to make life-size or...
Learn how to make a clay sculpture of a chicken Make a life-sized or larger Chicken constructed with the help of some simple moulds and a range of hand building techniques. Then add colour to your sculpture using slips and underglazes before it is fired to stoneware. No experience with clay is necessary for this task. Peter will provide all the materials, tools and information. You can turn any of our courses into a short...
Greater London - Next course on 10th May 2019
Create masks & wearable body sculptural piece whilst exploring the meeting point between performance art & sculpture. You will be using readily available materials such as paper, textiles, wire, plaster bandage and wood with sculptural processes of life casting, modelling and construction. You will explore the concepts around performativity using sculptural forms as vehicle to transform your body & express ideas visually. In order to ensure that you make the best possible progress on your...
London - Next course on 6th July 2019
Description Discover the art of pewter casting using the ancient ‘lost wax method’ in this 4 session course. Make a sculpture from wax or clay to cast in pewter. Explore and experiment with new sculpture techniques. What is Pewter? It’s a silver coloured metal alloy containing over 90% tin with copper and bismuth to strengthen it. Traditionally it would contain lead but the pewter we use is lead free so it’s less toxic to melt...
London - Next course on 25th August 2019
This two day course covers the fundamental principles of plaster mould making. This is an exciting two-day intensive course focusing on plaster casting from waste moulds to plaster piece moulds, to eventually casting a sculpture and looking at finishing options. The course will cover the following: You will learn mould making and how to cast in different materials, enabling you to create a finished piece from your casts. As the group will be working on...
Do you fancy a creative day out at our studio, based at the idyllic setting of Riverside Organic farm? We are situated in a very old barn, on a beautiful working organic farm in the middle of Cheshire countryside. Situated approx 8 miles from J18 of the M6. Make your own polymer clay Fairy house jar.... During this session you will be shown all the basics of using polymer clay to create a little house...