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Clay Sculpture courses

Clay sculpture courses, classes and workshops taught by independent ceramic artists all across the UK.

Gloucestershire - Next course on 25th February 2019
During this course we will discover how we can collect and develop images to create our own flower sculpture. We will examine the bold strong shapes painted by O'Keeffe and delve into the inspiring colours used by Blackadder and employ sketch books to collect ideas. Using an unusually strong stoneware clay we will take step by step approach to build a knowledge of modelling techniques. From transferring texture, to using mould forms, each technique will...
Suffolk - Next course on 21st February 2019
Clay workshop aimed at children in school years 5-8. Design and make a bespoke name plaque using the slab technique . Outcomes will be slip decorated and glazed.
This workshop will teach you some basic clay hand building techniques and skills, enabling you to build your very own mug...or two...or three! Under guidance you will produce mug forms then create and attach handles and add decorative finishes to personalise your work. You can turn any of our courses into a short break by staying in our on site accommodation. When you book a residential package you will get discounted accommodation in our stylish...
This course has been designed predominately for those with little or no ceramic experience and will guide you through the basic methods of hand building and construction. We will cover slab building, pinching ,coiling as well as using simple moulds and formers. The course will also introduce you to the ceramic processes from understanding the various types of clays, to firing and glazing. Participants may wish to develop their own ideas or follow other suggested...
These workshops are designed to give beginners a rounded experience of hand building techniques from preparing clay to understanding different techniques in creating pinch pots, coil work and slab building. Participants will also explore various surface decoration techniques and glazing for their ceramic pieces. No previous experience is needed.
Essex - Next course on 16th March 2019
Learn to sculpt with clay at a one day sculpture workshop at Old Bank Studios in Harwich. With Trevor’s experience and guidance you will work using modern, air drying clay which is impregnated with nylon fibre, giving a strong stable finish. You will explore the use of a simple armature (the internal support for your sculpture) and a range of techniques for building and finishing in clay. Finally you will learn about acrylic finishes that...
This course aims to explore how the face has been portrayed and the many styles used by artists. From Gainsborough to Modigliani we will delve into history to inspire our own head sculptures. We will explore the proportions of the head and learn simple sculpting techniques so that all participants will achieve their own small scale portrait sculpture. You do not require experience to access this course just curiosity and a desire to sculpt in...
Oxfordshire - Next course on 28th March 2019
TWO DAY WORKSHOP In this inspiring and captivating workshop Barry will introduce you to the exciting world of sculpture! The Human Form Level 1 Barry will bring a portrait sculpture of a person for each student to copy in clay. Day 1 The morning will begin with making templates out of card and taking dimensions using callipers and steel rules. The afternoon will be spent beginning modelling the head on a pre-made armature in clay...
Devon - Next course on 24th March 2019
Making silver jewellery doesn’t have to be difficult… if you can roll out pastry, use a biscuit cutter or a craft knife you can use metal clay! * Easy * Social * Fun * Eco-friendly * In this class you’ll have a basic introduction to the material, tools and processes, followed by some time to practice and finalise your design before getting started on “the real thing”. You will then create your piece and it...
Exploring Artists and Art History can offer a wealth of joy and inspiration from examining Art in its historical context to the motivations and materials used by all of these wonderful creative people. This course gives us a brief look and understanding of the Russian Artist Wassilly Kandinsky and the opportunity to use his paintings and colour palette as a spring board to inspire our own ceramic vessel forms. The format ensures this course is...