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Photography courses

Take a course or workshop in photography and you will never look back. You will probably be too busy looking through a lens, taking or editing your beautiful pictures and photographing all of your friends, hobbies, pets and family! A photography course could be just what you need to improve your business; helping you create attractive images for marketing. Learning how to take good photos is a skill you will carry through life, wherever you go. Every future holiday, family event, beautiful landscape, all enhanced by your ability with the camera.

Anthony Blake is an award winning landscape and commercial photographer. Whether you are a beginner or experienced photographer, each workshop is tailored to the individual and the areas of photography you want to concentrate on. Based in Dorset, a 1-2-1 tuition day is an ideal opportunity to take your photography to another level. Anthony has an unrivalled knowledge of the best places to shoot on location. Come and enjoy an amazing experience in an amazing...
This course aims to help you understand the cultural and historical context of art and develop your observational skills using drawing, annotation and photography. Once you have completed the course you’ll be able to work with a systematic structure for analysing, researching and recording information that can be applied to any art form. The course enables you to observe acutely, appreciate and analyse works of art through the study of a written text. The course...
Pembrokeshire - Next course on 22nd October 2019
A course designed to get the most out of the spectacular Pembrokeshire landscape and natural history. We hope to visit a number of different locations shooting not only fantastic landscapes but also plant life and animal life. Prior photographic knowledge is useful to get the most out of the course but advice and guidance will be given along the way. Each day we will head to different locations for short walks and of course lots...
Port Talbot - Next course on 25th October 2019
Take two days out in the stunning natural landscapes of Wales to develop your photography skills. Based at Margam Discovery Centre. This weekend will give participants all the skills and knowledge required for successful nature and landscape photography. This course will look at all aspects of nature photography including close-up and landscape work. With the autumn in full flow we will be getting close to fungi, experimenting with the camera and making the most of...
The Creative Arts Open Degree provides a unique opportunity for OCA students to fulfil their creative potential through studying two disciplines in depth to degree level. The development of a new level six programme for this degree gives a real opportunity to grow in its ability to merge two separate disciplines and create one final body of work, contextualise this work and develop an understanding of a professional practice. Degree aims To widen access to...
The OCA BA (Hons) Photography degree programme is unique in that it assumes no prior knowledge beyond the basic operations of a camera. It is modular in concept and delivery and the student is free to choose from the available units at each level to suit their own interests and aspirations. Thus it is possible that, with tutorial guidance, each individual student can tailor their course to their apparent and developing talents, their creative and...
Glen Coe is a perfect destination for capturing water on camera, visit some of the most beautiful lochs, rivers, waterfalls and coastline in the Scottish Highlands; it provides endless opportunities to capture various waters from different surroundings. Mountains, including Ben Nevis, will be our daily background with the occasional castle and a good chance to see red deer and eagles. Whether you are a beginner or expert your leader will guide to the best locations...
This unit represents the culmination of skills, synthesis of ideas and critical responses to your combined creative arts activity. You will develop your two distinctive creative paths as a single artistic form that will begin the portfolio of work that you will complete upon graduation. You will be assigned a relevant specialised tutor that will help you to negotiate the unique interdisciplinary activity that you are engaged with. Your tutor will provide guidance and advice...
Dorset - Next course on 28th February 2020
This two-day workshop is ideal for those who would like to improve their photography skills and capture the essence of autumn at Sculpture by the Lakes. Time will be spent photographing in the gardens and around the lakes, learning and practicing the art of producing well-composed atmospheric images. You will learn how to make the most of the mellow light to enrich vistas, plant portraits and abstract details and textures. We will take a closer...
Cambridgeshire - Next course on 13th May 2019
Expand your current knowledge of DSLR photography with this course for Improvers. Develop further understanding of photographic skills such as portraiture, food, high speed, nightscape and landscape photography. Learn to take high quality professional photographs.