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Knitting courses

Knitting courses, classes, groups and workshops taught all across the UK. Socks, jumpers, scarves and hats, you'll be the envy of your friends and in high demand from Mums-to-be! There has been a resurgence of interest in knitting in recent years and once you start, you'll see why... it's great fun! Knitting teachers up and down the country are introducing a new generation to the joys of this craft. Do you want to learn how to knit? Browse from our large selection of knitting courses and workshops and be introduced to patterns, yarns, needles and stitches - and to the delight of saying 'I made that'.

At The Crafting Place you can find crochet classes for everyone and all abilities. Lots of people book one to one lessons to learn from scratch or to cover a specific technique or pattern. The lessons are £15 per hour and have the benefits of going at your own pace and covering exactly what you want. During the year we run a couple of sessions of beginner lessons that run for 8 hours over 4...
Have you ever wanted to learn to crochet, or maybe brush up on an old skill? You have come to the right place. My crochet workshops are designed to inspire and ignite creativity, from beginner classes through to teaching advanced students. Wherever your skills lie there will be something for you. Classes vary from teaching the complete beginner, to days teaching the art of the granny square (and there are many, many beautiful designs out...
Highlands - Next course on 17th October 2019
A workshop designing colour work motifs to fit a predetermined space, knitting stranded colour work in the round, creating and finishing steeks. Using your own sources of inspiration you will learn how to design stranded colour work motifs within a shaped template – either triangular bunting flags or spherical baubles. You will cast on and start to knit your design, modifying it if necessary. If you choose to knit bunting, creating and finishing steeks will...
Dorset - Next course on 7th September 2019
Taking inspiration from nature, learn how to interpret leaves and flowers into design motifs for hand knitting. After a tour of Sculpture by the Lakes you will graph out your design and then use Sasha’s intarsia technique to knit a swatch. This will then be developed using applications such as repeats, half drops, alternative colour ways and use of alternative yarns and textures. Expand your knowledge and understanding of hand knit design and processes for...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 19th August 2019
The aim of this course is to encourage you to think creatively about using a domestic knitting machine and to show you how to exploit the equipment to create new, innovative garments. Many people rely on working from other people’s knitting patterns, as they do not have the skills to write their own patterns. This can mean you feel compelled to buy expensive new yarn rather than being able to use up the mountain of...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 4th July 2019
This course offers intensive instruction on domestic knitting machines. It’ll introduce you to thinking creatively about using a machine at home or at work, and how to exploit the equipment to produce a range of samples. The course will focus on producing work with a contemporary perspective. It’s ideal for people just starting out or in a need of a refresher. You might be returning to machine knitting after a break, or a student/graduate looking...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 29th July 2019
This course introduces a variety of methods to help you produce unique fabrics that display a range of properties whilst exploring the use of colour, textured structures and stitch manipulation. It’s ideal for students and practitioners who have a basic understanding of machine knitting and who wish to develop their textile design skills or experimental skills as part of a textile art practice. This course uses Dubied handflat double-bed knitting machines, which can create a...
Derbyshire - Next course on 19th June 2019
I am PTLLS qualified and have been knitting and crocheting for over 35 years. I am passionate about sharing my skills and helping others to learn. During the three hour session we will learn the basics of crocheting including how to do chain stitch, double and treble crochet. If time allows we may even progress to a granny square.
Derbyshire - Next course on 7th June 2019
I am PTLLS qualified and have been knitting and crocheting for over 35 years. I am passionate about sharing my skills and helping others to learn. During the three hour session we will learn the basics of knitting including how to cast on using the thumb method, knit stitch and purl stitch as well as how to cast off.
Tunisian crochet is an intriguing combination of knitting and crochet, which is a fun alternative to both, and easy to pick up. Join this afternoon workshop to learn the basic technique and begin a straightforward project - either a cosy cowl or a cushion cover in one of two stitch patterns. Suitable for complete beginners, although some previous knowledge of knitting or crochet would probably help. A £10 deposit is required to secure your place,...