Metal clay and silver clay jewellery craft kits

Metal and silver clay was developed in Japan and took the jewellery world by storm in the early 90s. Since then, silver and metal clay jewellers have proliferated and there are workshops all across the UK that will show you the techniques. Metal Clay is sometimes referred to as Art Clay Silver or Precious Metal Clay, but the process is the same. Fired in a kiln, with a torch, or in a home stove, metal clay jewellery allows crafters to create beautiful and intricate work - in a relatively short time!
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Silver Clay Jewellery - Intermediate - Learn at Home in Your Own Time
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Silver Clay Jewellery - Beginner - Learn at Home in Your Own Time
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Pewter Casting - Beginner - At Home In Your Own Time
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Make at Home -silver clay fingerprint kit
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Thumbprint Signet Ring Kit
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Fine silver jewellery making kit using silver clay
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Keepsake silver fingerprint pendant making kit
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