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Gilding is the art of applying a very thin coating of gold, known as 'gold leaf', to solid surfaces such as metal (most common), wood, porcelain, or stone. A gilded object can be described as "gilt" and this decorative art requires a specialist technique.
Embellishing gold-leaf with your paintings by Claudia Hahn
Embellishing gold-leaf with your paintings by Claudia Hahn
Hampshire - Next course on 22nd August 2019
Inspired by the decorative works of the golden age of illustration and the Arts and Crafts movement, this course will show you how to include gold and metal leaf with your paintings. It can be used very versatile, either to highlight small areas of your paintings, or bring glow to the complete background. Gold and metal leaf is a stunning and decorative way to bring a surprising new element and shine to your work. Participants are asked to bring their own work to embellish it with gold or metal-leaf. Gold...
Gilding nature: an introduction to gilding techniques with Jo Mabbutt at Sculpture by the Lakes
Gilding nature: an introduction to gilding techniques with Jo Mabbutt at Sculpture by the Lakes
Dorset - Next course on 17th October 2019
Learn the spectacular techniques for gilding flowers, leaves and seed heads from your garden and the wild - not only pressed, flat and dried but also fresh and three-dimensional. In this one-day course you will be introduced to some gilding materials and learn the techniques to gild with real metal leaf on a variety of leaves, flowers, seed heads, etc. from your garden. Starting to gild on flat/pressed leaves and flowers, you will move onto the more challenging three-dimensional items - dried pods, seed heads, cones, bark, coloured stems, etc....
Gilding Restoration Course
Gilding Restoration Course
This is a 5 day course in Giltwood Frame and Object Restoration. The course is suitable for anyone wishing to master basic gilding techniques and restore items sympathetically that are worn and damaged. This course is suitable for beginners. No previous experience is ever assumed. During the 5 days the following topics will be covered:- Investigation, plan, cleaning and making basic repairs by casting, modelling or carving. Gesso and putty repairs. Gesso smoothing, application of bole and water gilding. Oil gilding, toning and distressing to match in repairs. The course...
Letter Carving and Gilding
Bronze AWARD
Letter Carving and Gilding
Letter carving is a joyful way to spend time, and a great skill to acquire. Over a weekend we will learn a range of techniques, and everyone will get a chance to carve a name plate for their house, bedroom or office door. We start the weekend with some basic chisel techniques before talking about letter shapes and layout. Quite quickly we'll move into working on an individual carving on a piece of Oak. At the end of the weekend, our resident expert in gilding and finishing techniques will teach...

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