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On July 19th 2021, for many parts of the UK, Covid-19 restrictions eased and the doors of opportunity felt open again for the first time in over a year. For our course providers and makers it was a sigh of relief, a time to reflect, but also a good time to get excited about taking bookings and welcoming people back through their workshop doors. 


At CraftCourses we took this date as an opportunity to review the top 10 crafting trends for 2021, so far. We want to celebrate them with you and share the top workshops and kits from each category.


#1 Blacksmithing and bladesmithing



Dating back to 1500BC this traditional craft has seen a modern revolution with the release of 'Forged in Fire' on Sky television. The craft has appealed to all age groups, and although considered to be a largely male dominated craft, also appeals highly to both genders. We have tutors from forges across the UK that promote their workshops with us, you can create anything from a Viking blade to a fire poker, a floral metal sculpture for your garden to a restaurant quality chef's knife. 


Blacksmithing introduction

Trading Places


Work a length of steel bar into your own unique hook or candle holder.


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Blacksmithing and metal craft

Fransham Forge


Join Nigel and his awesome team for a full day's tuition in basic forging!


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Axe making course

Highfield forge


Join Andy and his team to make an axe from a folded piece of mild steel!


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Hand forged Viking knife

Anvil Forge


Make a Viking, one-piece knife, a great piece for beginners to work on.


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Bladesmithing experience day

Clarke Knives 


A family run forge with bags of enthusiasm and brilliant results! 


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Taster day in North Yorkshire

A W Artist Blacksmiths


Over 400 5-star reviews for this amazing workshop!!


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Forge a knife

Kerr Forge


"Will it cut?" Lets find out! Have your 'Forged in Fire' experience.


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Basic blacksmithing

Bearded Pig Forge


Join Spike to learn about the beautiful craft of blacksmithing.


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Sword making

Phoenix Forge


Learn the ancient art of sword making, tuition from Master Blacksmith William


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#2 Pottery throwing


Somewhere between 6000 and 4000BC (quite a range) we know the first potters wheel was formed. With the help of incredibly inspiring teachers across the UK, and Keith Brymer Jones on 'The Great Pottery Throw Downwe all have a new found love of pottery throwing and ceramics. You can create simple eating and drinking vessels, astonishing works of art and larger functional pieces like bathroom sinks, with this addictive craft. 


2 hour taster session

Pat Southwood


A fab introductory workshop, makes a lovely gift idea! 


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Pottery and decorating for two

Marina Randall Ceramics


Have that real 'Ghost' experience.


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Pottery and ceramics classes

Loveheart Workshops


A fab 4-week workshop!


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Beginners one-to-one

Blended Monkey


A fab course with amazing tutors! Platinum tutors!


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#3 Glassblowing and glass art



Positively modern in comparison, glassblowing was invented by Syrian craftsmen in the area of Sidon, Aleppo, Hama, and Palmyra in the 1st century BC, where blown vessels for everyday and luxury use were produced commercially and exported to all parts of the Roman Empire.


This artform has remained popular with CraftCourses since our inception but has increased in popularity since the television show 'Blown Away' on Netflix. 


Glassblowing taster

Chew Valley HandMade Glass


A unique workshop taught by two skilled glass makers.


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Glassblowing private session

Creative Vibe


An introduction into the world of glassblowing for beginners.


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Fused glass kit

North Norfolk Stained Glass

Delivered to home

A kit delivered to your home and fired back with the tutor. 


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#4 Wood turning



The origin of turning dates to around 1300 B.C. when the Egyptians first developed a two-person lathe. We think the craft has remained popular as it is so hands-on and uses such natural materials and processes. We are proud of the work our wood turners do to teach future generations this essential skill. 


Wood turning with Colin Simpson

Devon Wood Crafts


Over 60 5-star reviews, suitable for all levels


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Introduction to wood turning

Gregory Moreton RPT


A 2-day workshop giving you a fab introduction.


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Beginners 1-2-1 workshop

Blended Monkey


A perfect workshop and a gorgeous lunch provided.


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#5 Willow basketry



This one really is an oldie!! The weaving of baskets is as old as the history of man. Traces of baskets have been found in the Egyptian pyramids, either as a lining to ceramic vessels or as carriers of food and goods. 



Basket making for beginners

Jon the basket


Learn ancient weaving techniques and take home your own creation.


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2 day basket course

Creative with Nature

West Yorkshire

Join the team in Todmorden for this amazing workshop.


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Zarzo basket making



Used originally in Northern Spain for draining cheese.


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#6 Resin art


Natural resins have been used for a long time, with earliest evidence dating back to Ancient Greece. The more modern chemical and epoxy resins are relatively new (in comparison with the crafts above.) It took a chemist from the 1930s to discover the chemical reaction needed to create epoxy resin. The artistic effects that are achieveable with epoxy resin are astounding and it continues to be a popular choice with our students across the UK.


Beginners epoxy resin

Friendly Forces Construction

Greater London

A fabulous workshop with expert tuition from a great team.


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Introduction to resin art

Eunice J. Friend


A hands-on introduction to creating your own resin art.


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Resin art daffodil

Inion Arts

Craft kit

Receive all you need to create your own resin daffodil- free P&P


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#7 Welding




We can trace welding back to 1881. This high-octane craft has soared in popularity over the past 12 months, as people look to change their careers, or simply add this essential skill to their creative repertoire so they can fix their own cars or make their own metal crafted items. 


An introduction to welding

Julian Wadsworth


Gives the beginner a good grounding in welding theory and practice.


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One day welding course

Allied Welding School


Stunning reviews- an insight into the vast world of both Arc & MIG welding.


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Creative metalwork and welding 

WTF Workshops


Design your own project and go home with your original sculpture.


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#8 Upcycling



The term 'upcycle' was first coined in 1994. Whilst it has exhisted in many guises throughout history, upcycling has been reborn with programmes such as, 'Money for Nothing' and 'The Repair Shop' receiving high viewing figures. With the expansion of online marketplaces and a renewed passion for recycling and reusing, furniture upcycling and repurposing is becoming a popular pastime. 



Upcycling with pallets

Black Paw Upcycle Project


A very popular workshop, take home your creations! 


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Furniture upcycling

Tread Softly


Go through the process of upcycling a piece of furniture from start to finish.


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Upcycling workshop

Done Up North

West Yorkshire 

Learn how to upcycle furniture with a cool, new, modern look.


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#9 Dry stone walling



Stone walls have been built by farmers for more than three millennia across England, Scotland and Wales. The earliest examples date to around 1600 BC, during the Bronze Age. Of all the crafts to make it to the top ten trends of 2021, this seems like the most surprising. It is a super rewarding craft and you get a real sense of achievement, knowing your work will protect the land for years to come. We wonder if it's rise in popularity has been as a result of the recent Covid-19 lockdown? People are certainly more keen to get outdoors and mix with like-minded individuals, in a gorgeous setting. Check out our top courses below.



Two day dry stone walling

Dry Stone Walling Association


Take down and rebuild a section of dry stone wall. Great reviews.


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Dry stone walling for beginners

Landmark Walling


2 day workshop with locally sourced lunch.


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2 day taster dry stone walling

Dry Stone Walling Association

North Wales- Conwy

It is held in the beautiful landscape of the Sychannt Pass near Conwy.


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#10 Macramé & textiles 



The origin of macramé is generally attributed to Arabic weavers during the 13th century, using decorative knots to finish the loose ends of hand-woven textiles. However, decorative knot-tying can also be traced back to third-century China on ceremonial textiles and wall hangings.

We have noticed a boom in textile crafts! As well as macramé, we have seen a rise in crochet, knitting, embroidery and sewing workshops. These crafts have also been easily adapted to be available as online workshops, kits and virtual classes. Top macramé and textile listings below. 



Plant hanger kit

Heather Orr

Craft kit with online tuition

From the comfort of your home create a plant hanger using macramé.


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5 feather macramé wall hanging


Craft kit and illustrated instructions

We just love the vintage boho vibe this gives your room!


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Beginners crochet & kit

Oh So Pretty & Clever

Live online tuition + kit

Suitable for complete beginners who have never crocheted before.


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Wow! That was a history lesson!

Who knew these traditional crafts originated such a long time ago??! They still hold a firm position with you, as top craft trends for 2021 and we can't see any signs of their popularity slowing down. 


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