The Bridgerton effect ?


It's not just 'The Ton' abuzz with the latest Regency drama, Bridgerton. The CraftCourses team (and 82 million other households) have fallen in love with with the storyline, setting and seriously gorgeous... acting.

So we have done us all a little favour by looking at the craft courses available to help our lives be a little more... Bridgerton. 

Why not pour a little glass of ratafia, dust off that pianoforte and take a little look at the artistic delights on offer to you this social season ?



Paint like Benedict

Is Bridgerton the closest thing to X-rated costume drama? Of corset it is!  

Although we may not be able to promise the same...ahem... environment, we can promise a friendly and inspriring four week art course with the lovely Louise Adams at Stockton Brook Studios

Louise will encourage and guide you during these online classes, which is a great way to meet people with similar interests and benefit from a creative community. Every week, you’ll receive your own society papers (ok, a newsletter) with inspiration, project ideas and a gallery of the work created at your weekly art classes.


Art classes at Stockton Brook Studios


Embroider like Daphne

This delightful applique/embroidery kit from Julie Brand at Tigley Textiles, includes everything you need to make a beautifully layered garden border.

With illustrations, photographs of finished pieces, suggestions for embroidery stitches and stage by stage instructions of how to add layers successfully, you will have everything you need to design and create your own layout. A butler, a mansion from the 1800's and a duke are... regrettably... optional extras.


Embroider with Julie Brand at Tigley Textiles


Arrange flowers fit for a Bridgerton

So we might not all be receiving expensive tulips from a Duke, or growing swathes of wisteria on the front of our London town houses, but with this four week online flower arranging class from Julie Davies, you will be provided with the confidence to choose and arrange flowers fit for a queen, from the comfort of your own home.

From a selection of written instructions, photo tutorials and videos you will find the "happy" place for your flowers,  understand the visual value of your flowers for different events and learn several styles of arrangement.

Now if that doesn't give Lady Whistledown something to gossip about when she is next secretly over for tea, then we don't know what will!


Flower arranging at Julie Davies flower workshops


Write like Lady Whistledown

Last but not least, gentle reader, surely the most important skill to obtain this social season is the art of penmanship. How else will you impart the news of your creative activities to your nearest and dearest (and instagram)?

So, join Merrie Haig at Merrie & Bright Calligraphy for her Online Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy course which can be completed at your own pace, with a beginner’s supply kit posted to you, and a Facebook support group throughout.


Practice penmanship at Merrie & Bright Calligraphy


Now we must leave you to your social arrangements ... and press replay on this most exquisite series.


Yours Truly, 

The CraftCourses team ?



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