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When we talk about crafting, we naturally think about phrases such as 'handmade,' 'upcycling,' 'creativity,' but there has been a crafting revolution recently, and words such as 'sustainability,' 'eco-friendly,' and 'wellbeing' are quickly becoming synonymous with craft. 

With the climate and biodiversity crisis among the most important issues leaders from the G7 countries will try to deal with at this week’s summit in Cornwall, our crafters and designers are considering how they can become more sustainable. They are considering how they can ethically source their raw materials and how they can ultimately have less of an impact on the planet. As crafters, we are ‘future proofing’ for the next generation.

We have noticed this trend amongst our eco-conscious crafting community, and their workshops, kits and finished items have been popular choices amongst our student population.


Naturally dyed yarns


If you would like to learn how to naturally dye yarns, make your own fibres from local nettles, create your own natural skin care range, or simply get some inspiration about how you can become a more sustainable crafter, read on to discover some of our top sustainability workshops, craft kits and gifts for all skill sets and budgets. 


Top selection of eco workshops:

Making wax wraps

The Little Craftery, Sussex £24

Wax wraps are a natural, reuseable and eco-friendly alternative to cling film, and they're easy and fun to make too!

Learn more and book online here>



Handmade recycled paper

The Little Craftery, Sussex £28

Give your old bills and unwanted papers a new lease of life, and turn them into brand new, beautiful papers to use in other craft projects.

Learn more and book online here>



Sustainable cleaning products

My Slow Experience- Online £35

Join the team live online to develop a zero waste goal for your kitchen. Make your own house cleaning products with natural ingredients!

Learn more and book online here>



Diploma in natural soap making 

Roxana- Online £60

An online workshop that teaches you to make fabulous soap from luxurious, natural ingredients (shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter).

Learn more and order online here>



Seaside cottage sculpture

The Seals Whiskers, Yorkshire £65

Creat your own coastal scene from recycled materials during this relaxing day of creativity with supportive, inspiring tuition. 

Learn more and book online here>



Nettle fibre workshop

BeeKayMakes, Surrey £72.50

Did you know you can make cordage, yarn & cloth from our local nettles? ...and no nettles won't sting after being harvested :D

Learn more and book online here>



Recycling old broken crockery

Sue Goode, Somerset £75

This is an introductory workshop to learn how to recycle vintage ceramics into beautiful one of a kind jewellery and home/garden art.

Learn more and book online here>



Make a natural health chest

Rowan Mconegal, Herefordshire £95

Grow your own medicine! Learn how to assemble a personal medicine chest, for maintaining health and wellbeing.

Learn more and book online here>



Candle-making workshop

Old Bexley Soap Co, Kent £120

Candle making is a very therapeutic way to escape from daily stresses, perfect for wellbeing and this workshop uses eco-friendly soy wax.

Learn more and book online here>



Introduction to natural dyeing

Elka, Hampshire £130

The fabulous Ellie will teach you the basic principles and practice of natural dyeing using everyday kitchen and sustainable foraged dyestuffs.

Learn more and book online here>



Top selection of eco gifts and kits

Eco herb and vegetable markers

Gifted Crafts Company- gift £12.50

These charming labels compliment any garden. In a window box or border, the green house, indoors or out.

Learn more and order online here>



Beeswax rolled candle kit

Rowhill Candles - kit £14.99

In the comfort of your own home this kit is an introduction to basic, rolled, beeswax candle making. No melting, so no mess!

Learn more and order online here>



Soy wax melt making kit

Hiltingbury Holistics- kit £31.95

With this kit you can make 12 large wax melt tarts with natural soy wax, two different fragrances and dried botanicals.

Learn more and order online here>



Botanical napkin printing 

Mapp of London- kit £40

Using botanicals from the garden or local park, create your own unique printed napkins from the comfort of your own home.

Learn more and order online here> 



Rag rug kit

Jenni's Rag Rugs- kit £40

Full instructions to prog pieces of recycled fabric into hessian backing with a drawn design using a 'bodger' rag rug tool. 

Learn more and order online here>



Inspired to try a sustainable craft?

If you are conscious of your impact on the environment and would enjoy learning how to be more sustainable in your creativity it might be the time for you to try an eco-friendly workshops or craft kits

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