Craft workshop ideas for older children (and young ones too!)


With school holidays always around the corner you may be wondering how much time in front of a screen is too much and what alternatives are out there, that they really will enjoy (we’ve all heard the groans in response to suggesting going for a walk!). Digital technology is great, but balance is key.

One solution, which can really engage and benefit children (even on rainy days) is participation in creative activities. Learning to create and make in craft classes and workshops should not be reserved for creative play sessions for toddlers, arts and crafts can be fantastic for older children too.



Art classes are a great way for children to socialise and interact with their friends, and make new friends with similar interests as well. The subject of creative activities can vary hugely so there is bound to be something suitable to each child’s unique tastes, not only that but the format for the crafting can vary from individual expression through to collaborative projects, all of which help with emotional and social development, as well as fine-tuning motor skills.


Participation in making sessions can help to build confidence and reduce stress, but finding the right workshop or course is key - it is pointless forcing a child to take part in activities they don’t enjoy; the right craft and class structure can be important.


We have a huge range of craft courses that are suitable for older children– you can search our site for teen-friendly courses by selecting this filter in the advanced search option. Plus, we have a whole section dedicated to workshops for kids, which can be searched accordingly to location (using a postcode is best), accessibility, skill level and more. Taking part in a craft workshop together as a family can be a fantastic bonding experience too and we would highly recommend seeking out creative activities to do together when you go on holiday too.



With the May bank holiday and half term fast approaching we have picked out 5 of the best creative workshops for kids during this holiday:

Youth Art & Illustration

25 May 2019

Forgan Arts Centre, Dundee

This is a wonderful illustrative portrait painting workshop for adults and young people alike.
Talented tutor Yvonne Stewart will teach you to use gouache in this 4 hour workshop (10am – 2pm) to create a portrait of a person or an animal or pet. Gouache is a type of paint that shares characteristics of both watercolour and acrylic. Here you will learn the basics of painting with this media and be taught portrait painting techniques, then apply your skills in creating a final portrait.



Kids Glass Fusing

29 May 2019

Be A Garden Maker, North Yorkshire

A great holiday activity – spend the morning (10am – 12.30pm) creating fantastic glass fused items. This is a fantastic event specifically designed for children who will get to make a light catcher and cards that they can be really proud of. Angela, who runs Settle Glass Studio, will show demonstrate how to add and stick glass, let you make your own and then will take it away to fuse for collection later.
Suitable for children 7 and over. Must be accompanied by a non-paying adult.



Parent and child blacksmithing

31 May 2019

Anvil Forge, Berkshire

This a very special experience day for all the juniors who want to have a go at metalwork. The class is tailored towards 8years+ who take part with an accompanying adult. The options of what to make are fairly open and are discussed before attending the class – they are designed with the child and their aspirations in mind. A truly awesome day out.



Realistic and Adorable Needle Felt Animals & Pets

1 June 2019

All Things Felt & Beautiful, Warwickshire

This child and teen friendly workshop is suitable for complete beginners and those with some experience alike. You’ll learn to make a beautiful and realistic model, which might be a beloved pet or favourite animal, whatever you choose you’ll be amazed at what you create - even if you’ve never felted before!





Children’s mosaic class with Carol King

1 June 2019

Alford Craft Market Centre, Lincolnshire

This children’s mosaic workshop with Carol King of Mayfly Mosaics runs from 2.30 – 4pm. Your child will create their mosaic using child friendly bright coloured tiles and buttons, so reassuringly there is no cutting involved. Suitable for ages 6 to 16 years. 



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