Whose bright idea was it to turn over a new leaf and form new habits on 1st January? New Year's resolutions seem to have been designed to just make us feel bad when we can't keep them! How about being kind to ourselves, taking the first couple of months easy instead and gently picking out a few new crafts and hobbies that we'd like to try in 2020. Here is our selection of what will be hot over the next 12 10 months - give some (or all) of them a go!



Perhaps the most important, fundamental trend is the new PANTONE colour of the year, 19-4052 Classic Blue.

“Suggestive of the sky at dusk, the reassuring qualities of the thought-provoking Classic Blue highlight our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

Other trending colours from elsewhere in the worlds of paint and fabric include more blues such as Naval and Chinese Porcelain, and greens such as Chartreuse, Back to Nature, and Enchanted. 

Bring this gorgeous classic blue colour into your life on one of our natural dying courses: woad or indigo dyeing create the most delicious blue hues...

PANTONE 19-4052PANTONE 19-4052


Stained glass

Stained glass tops the list of trendiest crafts of 2020.

Even the most modest piece of stained glass can transform the light of a room as the sun shines through it, bringing colour and energy into your home.

Check out our huge selection of stained glass courses that explore a range of styles with plenty to choose from all over the country. Feeling confident? You could try a make-your-own kits – they're readily available online and from craft and hobby shops.

Stained glassStained glass



Pottery, ceramics and clay are all the rage at the moment, perhaps thanks to the return of 'The Great Pottery Throwdown' on Channel 4, after an absence of three years.

It's a fun, forgiving and relaxing craft, and it's so satisfying to be able to eat your morning cereal from a bowl you made yourself, even if it is a little wonky and 'unique'.

Take a look at our range of ceramics courses including pottery throwing, sculpting, clay modelling, glazing and firing.




Art therapy

Adult colouring books and painting-by-numbers have seen a huge resurgence recently. They're simple and fun activities that help you relax and be creative, decluttering the mind as you concentrate on one task, putting negative thoughts out of your mind. Apparently Kate Middleton is a fan, Prince William recently admitting that she loves Johanna Basford's 'Secret Garden' colouring book.
And obviously those modest hobbies are just the tip of the art iceberg; the opportunities to enjoy yourself and express your artistic self are almost endless.

Through creating art you can better understand yourself and others, explore your feelings, and cope with stress and traumatic experiences.

It even helps enhance your cognitive abilities. Pick something local from our long list of art courses and don't ask, “Am I talented?”, just give it a go.

Adult colouring booksAdult colouring books



Woodworking is a hobby as old as time but bang on trend, perhaps because of its eco-credentials; it's sustainable, local, handmade, and there's no plastic! As well as being enjoyable woodworking is also really useful; you can create all sorts of things from spoons and toys to furniture and even timber-framed buildings.

Once you start working with your hands you very quickly become addicted to the sense of creative satisfaction it gives, and soothed by the focus and calming nature of the work.

No matter what your experience, there's something amongst our wide variety of woodworking courses for you to try.




Whether you make wall hangings, cushion covers or greeting cards, embroidery is a skill you will not regret learning.

Monograms, motifs and cute little details are everywhere these days, and are a quick and easy way to update your wardrobe. If you fancy joining in with this trend, take up embroidery and personalise every item of clothing you own!

Embroidery is not only fun but it also helps you do your bit for the environment; rather than buy new, upcycle, refresh, give new life to something you already own. 

Browse through our embroidery courses and dive headfirst into this satisfying craft.




Soap making

Last year UK sales of soap bars increased by nearly 3% as consumers cut down on unnecessary packaging.

Soap making is a popular and ancient craft but one that is very significant now as we all try to avoid plastic and harmful chemicals.

Learn how to make your own soap on one of these great soap making courses and casually leave your handiwork in your guest bathroom for ultimate eco cool-points.



And many more!

There are countless more trending crafts and hobbies that everyone is talking about. And whilst it's nice to know what's hot this year, how fashionable what you love doing or fancy trying isn't really that important; what's important is that you enjoy yourself and that it makes you feel good. Maybe whilst connecting with like-minded people on an enjoyable workshop. Have a browse through the 100s of craft options available - something new is bound to take your fancy!

Here's to a year of happy crafting!

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