BBC's Make! Craft Britain


A brand new BBC Four series will focus on crafts and creative tutors in the UK, as beginners get to grips with new skills… exciting news for us here at!

“Britain is a nation of crafters and BBC Four’s new documentary series, MAKE! Craft Britain celebrates the explosion in the number of craft classes and workshops all over Britain and the new popularity that craft is enjoying. Everywhere people are discovering the simple pleasure of learning a new skill and the enormous sense of pride and wellbeing that craft can bring as creativity is unleashed and hands are put to use.”

Inspired to have a go? Browse for workshops near you on! You can find talented tutors teaching all of the creative techniques featured on the show, from the most ancient such as Rug-making and Letterpress, to the most modern like silver clay jewellery, to traditional crafts enjoying a new lease of life, mosaics, embroidery and knitting.

The 3-part series is on Wednesdays at 9pm and starts 21st March 2018.

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